World of Warcraft Cosplay by Shadowborder, Germany

Welcome to the month of love, February. This month we’re opening our Cosplayer Interview Series with a special cosplay work from one of those impressive cosplayers around Germany. He has probably the craziest but the best idea of gender bend cosplay from the World of Warcraft Sindragosa.

I’m absolutely 100% sure that his works will please you all. From his Barbarian Cosplay to his Anubis one to this greatest work out from the above which I chose to present today.

Let’s give him the honor to present himself, one of the rising cosplay stars in Germany, Fynn aka Shadowborder Cosplay! 

Once again, thank you so much Mr. Fynn for sharing us every detail of your story, thanks for sharing your tips and guides. Lastly, you’re amazing and we’ll be looking forward to your future projects! 

World of Warcraft Sindragosa

My name is Fynn and I’m from Kassel in Germany. the home of Cosplay Con named Connichi. I also went to Roleplay Convention Dokomi and Gamescom.

I see myself private more into the tattoo, vegan and being stupid but act smart. Cause that’s what my friends all are. Okay maybe they are smart and I’m the stupid one. Haha.

It was in 2009 (i was 15) I was with a good friend and she was a big Japan fan who was always doing Japanese schoolgirl with cute bags and school uniform to crazy visual hairstyle and she brings me an in touch with cosplay.

I was really fascinated but can’t imagine to do it cause I was really introvert. Then a couple of month after that, we had Connichi in Kassel and visit it.

When I first saw that colorful and new fantastic world I just had no words for that. I was like every child always wishing to be a part of Ghibli Studio Movies, Harry Potter and Dragon Ball. The first time It really felt like I would belong to this must do that.

First Convention and Experiences

My first Convention in Cosplay? oh man. On a Friday in 2010, I realized its Connichi, I start pulling out all old clothes and fabric over lefts out of every chest and closet and build with a lot of every glue I can find in the house a Len Cosplay from Vocaloid. Next day I put it on and went with friends to the convention.

Some people recognize me as Len and I met some new friends from all around Germany (with some of them I’m still in contact) and I would say. It really changed my life. I start being passionate about that and for the tolerance. I always had these self-esteem problems but with all these people who loved the same things that I loved gave me a big push of being a part of something really big and lovely.

The most memorable moment of the convention was being at Gamescom on the blizzard stage. I’m so in love with the artworks and games of the blizzard I started playing games like World of Warcraft as a child so this was a big thing for me and a point where I always wanted to be. The farthest travel for a convention wasn’t so far just about 300km.

I just start visiting other conventions than Connichi in December 2016 cause it was always enough for me to go just to Connichi but then I really put all my courage together and finally start making Cosplays not just for one convention.


The first thing I ever have sewn by myself was just normal harem pants and a basic shirt for ”under armor” but now I’m at the point where I really try hard to get into good sewing skills but it’s just my 3rd cosplay where I do sewing parts.

Most of the time I work with worbla , I’m a messy cosplayer so I start in my workshop and after a while of crafting. Started to use the whole flat for making a cosplay. I craft with worbla in the living room, sewing in the kitchen and cut out fabric and stuff in the bedroom haha

Sewing is definitely at the moment one of the most difficult parts and I was always running away for it cause i just want to be good at worbla which was always easier for me cause I was directly in love with material.

I have made:

1st. Len from Vocaloid
2nd Len in white magnet from Vocaloid
3rd Ninja in Red Hwang Armor from Metin2
4th Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter
5th Anubis in own character design I just do the helmet like the one from Stargate.
6th Barbarian from Diablo 3
7th Shaman from Metin2
The 8th Male Human form of Sindragosa by the Zach Fischer artwork from World of Warcraft
9th my current project Male Wizard from concept art Diablo3

At the moment I would say my favorite cosplay is the wizard cause I wanted to build him since a saw the artwork the first time in 2015
but at the same time i have to say I truly love my Sindragosa . But he is heavy to wear and it hurt to put the helmet .. but he is worth it ! Haha.

Unforgettable Experience

Anubis photo by Thiefmaster

Anubis photo by Thiefmaster

The worst thing ever happened to me connected to a situation on a Con… so I met this girl at a con she was such a strange person but after she was telling me a long story about her life I was really sorry for her and we start being good friends.

But she was always talking bad about other ”friends” of her.. so i always had the feeling that she is talking about me behind my back.. so my partner and I moved together with her.. don’t ask me why (haha) there was this feeling of mistrust all the time but I ignored it. So we had the flat together and She starts trashing up the full house and after we said that we all need to find compromises.

She went away for days came back and told us she is moving away.. and we find out lots of heavy stories that she was telling about me and my partner. It was very sad but a good experience. That’s not the whole story, cause the whole story is too long and creepy now haha!

Definition of Cosplayer

Anubis photo from Connichi Con

Anubis photo from Connichi Con

It means just the world to me. it changed my way of seeing things, it gets me out of bed, it brings me up and down, and controls my life in a way I ever want it to be.

The first time I have a feeling of being apart from something that includes love passion craft art and becomes someone. In life, not everything will be alright, you cannot just choose who you want to be or choose the power you need sometimes.

But in Cosplay, you can. I saw myself as an artist since I can think and many times people make me feel bad cause I was different and gave me the feeling that being a weirdo is something bad. but now I know that it’s not a weakness. It’s actually my biggest gift!


Barbarian photo by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography

Barbarian photo by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography

Svetlana aka Kama Cosplay, she was the first person who showed me the other side of cosplay. For me, she was like a Cosplay Elite. Laura aka Inasté she is just wonderful and I’m so happy that we become friends after meeting at a Convention.

The next person for that interview I think it’s Enrico Sequi. I’m sure he has something really good to tell and build this awesome Malthael from Diablo 3!



Barbarian photo by A.Z.Production Cosplay Photography

My biggest dream is to be known as a helpful Cosplayer, the nice and smart person who is there for everyone in the cosplay scene.
I want to travel for Cosplay and do this as my job.

To give panels and judge on contests, meet awesome cosplayers all around the world. to be happy and loved for the most wonderful thing on earth a fantasy world that comes to life for cosplay and for everyone who thinks being different is a bad thing.

I will always give everything to my fans, supporters, and followers!

Piece of Advice

The first and most important thing is… take yourself time doing a cosplay. You don’t need to be fast you just need to make yourself happy with doing it.

Don’t compare to other cosplayers who are old fishes in business you need to practice. Don’t let yourself down and don’t be a dick to others.. try to help where you can and be nice to other cosplayers, photographs and even to just watchers.. we are sitting in the same boat!

Open Message

Shadowborder Cosplay

Shadowborder Cosplay

This year  2018 I’ll be at Epiccon, PolyManga, Dokomi, and Connichi. These are the convention dates I already planned. I’m more spontaneous with planning Conventions

I think that everybody is born for a reason.. to search the reason that he exists. I think that my reason to exist is to show others that they could be anything they want to be.

So Shadowborder cosplay is a heart project. I just love what I do and hope I can inspire people to find out what they’re born for and what they love to do. And that you only have one life and life only give you chances .. chances you have to take and turn them into the great experience. Do what you love and you will love everything in a way you never now before.

Follow my Instagram and Facebook, I make regular updates of my projects and tell about my upcoming events and Cosplays. You guys can follow me as well on my YouTube channel, you can find a video tutorial. In future, I will make more video and make cosplay videos.

World of Warcraft Cosplay by Shadowborder, Germany

Shadowborder Cosplay Pinterest

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