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What a lovely day to continue our epic “Cosplayer Interview Series” we have received tons of feedback, especially positive ones. We are happy to feature different types, styles, genre, and techniques of various cosplayers around the world. It’s so much fun to see authenticity of every cosplayer. For this day I’ll be presenting, a World of Warcraft Cosplayer from Ukraine.

This one is quite interesting to know more since she is one of those cosplayers who have already established their own Cosplayer page and even YouTube tutorials. She has a real talent of crafting which brought her a bunch of awards and even presented on the official page of Blizzard Entertainment during conventions.

Her name is Hanna, originally from Ukraine and currently living in Russia with her husband, a cosplayer as well. This duo makes a perfect match. However, for today we will feature Hanna and learn more about her story of Cosplay.

World of Warcraft Cosplayer, Feyische Cosplay

Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas Windrunner by Sei Cosplay

Cosplay Discovery

Many years ago I visited cosplay convention and saw many people in costumes.

They have inspired me and I tried to make my first costume.

First Convention

My first convention was in 2012. I cosplayed Chell from Portal 2. It was my first cosplay experiment and it was terrible!


I prefer crafting, not sewing But every costume combines craft and sewing.

First was Chell from Portal 2. Since 2012 I made 15 costumes.

Definition of Cosplayer

Warcraft Cosplayer

Draeneiwarrior by Arwenphoto

I love to make beautiful things! And increasing my skills – crafting, sewing, painting, making props with LEDs, etc. Cosplay is a very interesting hobby.
Because of cosplay, I met my husband and many friends. Maybe it is not the only hobby, it’s very important part of my life.

Worst Experience

Maybe the worst was in 2015 when I made Razor cosplay from Dota 2.

I didn’t see anything in that helmet and had a panic attack at stage.


Magna Aegwynn

Magna Aegwynn by Eva Davidova

When I started cosplaying I didn’t know about many cosplayers. But now I like to watch Kamui videos. And follow many cosplayers in social media. I have many cosplayer-friends from Russia, we met on conventions.


I have many rewards, but biggest – this year I won Saint-Petersburg Epic Con. (Trip to New York Comic Con)

Advice to give

Evolution of 2012-2017

Evolution of Feyische 2012-2017

First of all – never give up! My first costume was low quality, but I tried again and again to make something really good and beautiful.

You can make anything! In my cosplay practice I have a lot of experiments But if you don’t like experiments – watch tutorials of making, painting and crafting.


Next con is Paris Comic Con and one convention in Russia.



Feyische Cosplay, Hanna

I want to personally thank you, Hanna, for your effort, I know it has been difficult for your schedules and yet you still gave me the time to make this interview.

Bravo!! for your crafting/props making talent I’m very impressed with your works!

I love that you aren’t afraid of showing your amateur photos of cosplay, the first that you have made up to the last. The evolution in 5 years has indeed ameliorated your crafting.

As you said “Never give up!” this will unquestionably inspire and motivate our future Cosplayers Generation.

Thank you so much “Дякую!” and I’m sure a lot of projects more will come. We’ll support you all the way!

Let’s support Feyische Cosplay, follow her social media accounts:

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, DEVIAN ART, YOUTUBE, and for those who want to lend a hand to Hanna for her future projects to come you can help her on PATREON and become one of her Patrons

Watch more of her story here: 



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13 Responses

  1. Aditi says:

    Wow.. this cosplayer’s costumes are brilliant, as are the graphics associated with it. It’s nice to see how they meet up at different events and expand their base. A lot of hard-work, indeed, but as she says – never give up! Cheers!!

  2. Helene Choo says:

    She looks like straight out of a videogame in all of the photos! It’s so surreal:D I’m sure she puts so much effort into the cosplays! So cool that she met her husband from cosplaying as well, and that they can share this passion.

  3. Tyra says:

    You are so right, this is like a whole new level. It was nice to see her evolution as a cosplayer, And the fact that she studied and learned a lot. I admire her passion. I don’t even have the words to describe how kick ass these costumes are..and her HAIR,omg. I feel like a little kid about to tell my mom I want to be a cosplayer when I grow up. Hehe.

  4. Travelquartz says:

    Wow , awesome ! The costume and get up looks like straight from the movie Avatar or Hollywood or video games. Such a perfection and passion. Add to it the hard work of being on the stage and performing. these artists are really talented. I absolutely loved the hair color of Feyische Cosplay, Hanna , I wish I get my hair colored like that someday , so cooool/

  5. Ajay chander says:

    You look like a real video game character and its very awesome, superb and lovely dress.

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