World of Geek 2018 at Mouscron, Belgium – Recap

World of Geek 2018 was held last May 19-20th at Centr’Expo in Mouscron, Belgium. Another interesting yet a small gathering of all geeks, anime, manga lovers, and people who love the same horizon. The guest lists were pretty interesting too. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this should be one of your ideal Con.

Among other conventions that are held every month World of Geek was one of those events that have attracted me the most. Though there were another Con held the same time nearby, my partner and I decided to go here for the first time.

Accordingly, this is also the first edition of the World of Geek convention.

WofG cover

One of our main purpose in every event is the limited items and collections that are sold on the spot. (Well, this time there were some new collections that just came out and available online US site) Not to think that buying online would cause you extra charge on freight but it feels better when you buy items and you see them in real.

On the other hand, it’s my chance to meet new cosplayers from Belgium or other countries. This is the exciting part is! I would like to show you some of the happenings in this pleasant convention, the cosplayers, the event itself, as well as a quick review to help improve this event.

The Venue

world of geek venue

After our last Convention at LuxCon last April, this month will be very exciting to visit another convention within the country.

We drove from Marche-en-Famene a Walloon municipality in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. It took us 2 hours to get to the venue of the World of Geek event. Compare to other farther conventions that we have attended, this wasn’t a hassle anyway.

at the venue of world of geek

Arriving in the afternoon wasn’t a good choice cause the parking area was full. Apparently, there were about 4,300 visitors who came to attend the event. It wasn’t bad for a first edition, right?

Getting in the venue, there was already a bunch of people wandering inside. The first thing that we did actually is to visit a Funko Pop shop just to buy the new items that we are longing for (not mentioning, it’s the Overwatch collection).

The venue indeed was spacious enough for its visitors. The shops weren’t too close to each other, people could walk freely.

The Shops/Stalls

Venue of World of Geek

There were some shops that are new to me or I wasn’t familiar with to start off with this interesting name of the shop called “Wistitee” it reminds me of my niece who loves to say this word whenever I take pictures of her.

Wistitee shop

Wistitee has a wide range of apparel collections. If you love to design shirts or you love art and you have a geeky mind? this is a great opportunity for you. Submit your designs to their website and who knows your design might be chosen.

Visit and shop online at Wistitee

Funko Pop

funko pop

One of the surprising parts that you’ll notice at World of Geek venue is the amount of Funko Pop stalls all over the place. I guess this Con has on of the biggest in terms of the number of Pop collections that you’ll ever see.

funko pop stalls

pop stalls

Vinyl Pop, Pocket Pop, Marvel characters, Disney, Movies, Games, Anime and a lot more. Even those that are always out of stock in every convention that we go we have found it here. My OnePiece item as well (finally, I got mine! Yehey!)

Other Shops

Kpop shopK-Pop shop (Korean-Pop items)

other shopsGeeky Shirts (Based on Movies, Marvels, Series, etc.) 

Anime Shops

anime shops

Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much of Anime shop present in the event. I have seen one or two only, Hopefully, I can see more in the next edition. It would be more fun to see various collections of posters and accessories especially cosplay costumes to buy too.

anime stalls

The happy bag/Surprise bag is truly one of those you can get for a good price. If you are lucky you can get some cool stuff inside. I hope to buy next time with my preference of design bag (it should be a “My Hero Acadamia” cover for sure)

Artists and their Masterpieces


You’ll meet many great artists at the convention. Mostly authors, writers, painters, sketcher, and many more. All of these items are made by themselves!


I think the best thing ever in a convention is to see some collections of artworks from the creator themselves. It gives you more pleasure to appreciate and eventually buying their works since you know how much effort and passion their put on every art craft that they make.



guest area

Just in a corner, I bumped into this area where guests are interviewed. I took a quick snap of photos and on the other side, I saw the guest area adjacent to the main stage. At that time some hosts were interviewing a guest (which I’m not very familiar with) I think he was a YouTube star (YouTuber).

guest list

At the main fan signing corner, I just saw one of the actors of Game of Thrones. Julian Glover playing the supporting role of Grand Maester Pycelle. Richard Brake is also present at the event.

Just Dance

Just Dance

World of Geek features “Just Dance” a one of a kind activity that only this event has. Hopefully, other Belgian conventions will have this too. It is one of the most popular virtual dance activities for kids and even adults.

Just dance

If dancing is your talent? then you should try this one! Nothing to be ashamed of, just shake it and enjoy!

Other Features

harry potter rideExperience the ride of your life with the Harry Potter famous Car

Back to the futureGet a ride and go back to the future




Since they’re not a lot of people around, some of the activities were available most of them are computer games and games with 3D VR. The stands look really cool! by the way, the guy here is playing Duck Season (it should be really fun!)

world of gamesPlay your favorite arcade games!

Board Games

board games WOG

“Jeux de Société” or mostly known as board games are available as well in World of Geek. There are tons of variety of games to try, if you’re a board game expert this corner is perfect for you.

kids areaBring your kids here and let them play!

saber activities

Learn how to use light saber properly. Enroll to LS4U school to follow lessons about Saber mastery courses and technical lessons  on how to build your own sword from recycled materials.

Visit their page here for more information: LS4U


Sonya CosplaySonya of Heroes of the Storm by Pep’s Cosplay

Tira of RingbladeTira of Ringblade (Soulcalibur) by Greenie Cosplay 2.1 

Upon walking around the main stage, I noticed a stand where cosplayers where in place for a photo shoot. There were 3 or more cosplayers gathering together with their enormous props and gears.

I hesitated at first to approach them since they were busy with the photographer. After a while, the moment came when they have finished shooting and I slipped through the crowd and ask to take photos of them.

Dovahkiin Skyrim CosplayDovahkiin of Skyrim by Let Me Live Cosplay


Honestly, they are fabulous cosplayers! Even if I was just taking photos with my phone they actually gave their best poses ever. Unfortunately, I haven’t brought my camera with me. It would’ve been better with a DSLR (quality wise) but for now, I’m really thankful to get some great photos of these cosplayers.

Other Cosplayers

Verdict: 8/10

Indeed World of Geek was a great and fun event for adults and kids. The place wasn’t too crowded and spacious enough for the visitors to wander around. Activity area caught a lot of points for me, however, when we got into the venue we didn’t receive any information about the schedules of the event.

I also think that there are too much Funko Pop boutiques than Anime/Manga shops, even Cosplay stuff (costumes, props, accessories, etc.) wasn’t that much.

They should invite more cosplayers and cosplayers from other countries or popular cosplayers for fan signing.

Anyway, these are all my opinion only. On the other hand, I would like to thank the organizers of this event (World of Geek) It was a success! Congratulations on your first edition and more editions to come.

Thank you to all the cosplayers who worked really hard, thanks for being so patient and passionate! Hoping to see you guys at the next convention!

Visit World of Geek Facebook Page for more updates on their next event.

World of Geek 2018 at Mouscron, Belgium – Recap

World of Geek

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