Winx Club Cosplay Elene, Norway

Continuing our Cosplayer Interview Series, today we are gonna welcome one of the cosplayers from Norway. With her successful and elegant Aurora Winx Club cosplay. A young woman who loves who started her journey to become a cosplayer and a teacher at the same time.

This is a good opportunity for us to discover about cosplayers from another country like Norway. I’m sure you’ll all be surprised and adore her wonderful cosplay life story. I would like to thank again to Ms. Elene for sharing your story with us.

Let’s welcome again Ereneru Cosplay!

Winx Club Cosplay

Aurora Winx Club

Aurora Winx Club photo by Sodar Cosplay

My name is Elene Nygard. I live in Arendal, Norway. I have attended almost 30 conventions around Norway and one in Sweden (yay!)

The day I started to make a collage, I saw a 1:1 sized Hatsune Miku statue-thing, and I think it looked cute, and I had no idea what she was. So I started googling and ended up on pictures of people cosplaying Hatsune Miku.

I read up on it and finally bought a costume for myself. After some years of buying costumes, I tried to make my stuff. And I just continued making cosplays after that.

Death Night photo by Jorgen Lindalen

Death Night photo by Jorgen Lindalen

My first convention, I was cosplaying Hatsune Miku and I looked like far from the original, but I had fun, so it doesn’t matter haha! I also got a lot of new friends from every con I went to so I just kept going.

I have gone to almost 30 conventions now From 2011 – 2017.

But I have come a long way since 2011. the farthest I have traveled for a con was like 12 hours. From Norway to a place in Sweden for Närcon summer. I really wanna go to cons out of my country more, but I just don’t have the money.



Bastemon photo by Reflective photography

The first costume I have made by myself and sewed by myself is Aldor Regalia from the World of Warcraft. The skirt is the only thing that is sewn on that cosplay, but I’m hell a proud of it!

It’s really hard to make patterns and to make the clothes fit. Personally don’t really like sewing, it’s really difficult I guess.

I really enjoy making armors and props though. I have made like 10-11 cosplay costume and my favorite maybe Aldor or Caitlyn because people seemed to like them.

Unforgettable Experience


Aldor Regalia photo by Nils Katla

I worked at a Lan. I was in cosplay that day but had to take it off, I felt horrible that day. My boyfriend was going back to the military and I was on the edge of crying all weekend.

When he had to leave I didn’t know what to do. I was crying and I couldn’t stop.

I told someone from the crew that I was going with my bf to the train station to say goodbye, but when he had left I still couldn’t stop crying so I asked the crew if I could take a break and come again tomorrow. (no, I wasn’t paid to work here)

later, someone from the cosplay crew called me and said “where are you? I need you here now.”

so I wiped my tears and came back. When I came back I’m told that they didn’t trust me to do my job so I had to pack my stuff and leave at once.

Apparently, I said that I was leaving for a bit to the wrong person. so my “boss” was really mad about that. so she was yelling at me being a bad person while I sat there crying.

That was my worst con experience. I will never forget that. It was the worst day of my life.

Definition of Cosplayer

Ereneru photo by Cosplay Studio

Aphrodite Majestrix Smite photo by Cosplay Studio

I love making things that I can use, so being able to wear what I make and then attend a con to show it to others is like perfect for me!

It’s really fun to finally be done making that costume and being able to wear your own creation! it’s the best feeling. it also helps me get new friends! Haven’t it been for cosplay, then I would probably be all alone now.

My Achievement so far? Well, I was really happy when I entered 2 compos and won 1st in one and 2nd in the other! That was really fun! and also really want to have cosplayed as a fulltime job. I’m trying to make that via Patreon, but it’s really hard.

I look up to Jessica Nigri, Kamui, Danielle, Rawarhii, Tine Marie and many more!

Piece of Advice

Caitlyn photo

Caitlyn photo by JL Cosplay Studio and Reflective Photography

We have all been there, just try your best and if you fail you will learn a lot from it. But there are a lot of tutorials online that will be really helpful. I just do stuff and hope it will tear out okay haha, it’s just a costume, it’s just fun!

Practice makes perfect!

Open Message

Cosplayer Ereneru

I usually attend cons near Arendal. Like Animanga, Agderlan, or even some in Larvik or Oslo! Like at Animanga I’ll have a stand where I will be selling some prints and stuff or you can directly check my Print Store.

If you like my work, then you should check out my Patreon! Not only will it help me to make more costumes or traveling to cons, it will also be a lot of cool stuff to see there!

I‘m posting regularly on my YouTube Channel like bits, videos, cosplay pictures, tutorials, ‘making of’ videos, etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Winx Club Cosplay Elene, Norway

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