Winter Road trip from Munich to Vienna

Last time I showed you our short stay at Holiday Inn hotel in Munich City, today I’ll continue my quest to show you guys more of our adventure whilst on road trip. This time it’s from Munich to Vienna, Austria.

Getting to Vienna will be a bit struggle if there will be a lot of snow on the road. Well, I hope not. Let me show you how splendid was it for me to spot those beautiful picturesque views on the road.

Road Trip Round 2

road trip

road trip round 2

We went check out from our hotel at almost noon. We headed to the city center to search the special Tea that my hubby needs to buy for his friend. It took us 15-20 minutes just to find that specific store in the center.

Finally, after that, we were off to the road for another road trip from Munich to our destination Vienna, Austria. I was so excited to see how the road is, considering the weather is frigidly icy.

on the road again


First thing first, before heading off on the road, don’t forget to check the weather whether it will snow or not (it’s a critical situation in Europe) if ever it really snows pretty hard. You could be stuck on the road for hours (seriously).

Next essential one would be, don’t forget to gas up before a long haul road trip haha. In our case, it’s more than 4 hours trip to reach Vienna. It’ll be 4:00 pm if everything will go through well.

The Beauty of Winter on the Road

pretty road

It’s pretty calm on the road

pretty road 2

great mountains

Photo of Mountains a Village

Being on road, most people would say it’s boring and annoying. But for me, it’s something precious, something intangible that you can’t forget for the rest of your life.

Luckily, that day we have our little baby Pachimari in the car to go with us. The road was different this time more and more snowy with whited colored mountains all over the place.

gas stop

While we were on break

while on the break

4 hours ride wasn’t that too long, it was kinda bit faster than expected. We were on our halfway our destination, We had a stop for a bathroom break. And their hubby found out that we need to buy another road ticket so we can pass through that frontier.

After 10 minutes we stumbled with this exquisite view of colorful pine trees and the white mountains. I really prefer this gaudy photos, they are truly precious.

colorful trees

Colorful Trees

Trees Photos

The Best Mountain Views

small village

A Small Village

I’m sure you will ask me how did I get this beautiful photos? Well, I did ask my hubby to open the window so I can take photos freely. We don’t have a luxury car who can open it roof automatically so I have to open and close the window feeling the breezy cold weather.


road mountains

Instagrammable Road Tripping Photos

greeny photos

greeny photos 3

Recently, I just posted one of these photos on Instagram and it’s appreciated by lots of people. I’m very thankful to know that we are not alone on the road having another cross-country travel. I imagine how many people out there traveling and blogging at the same time.

I’ve read about Nomads and it’s unbelievable how they can earn and travel non stop. There’s a lot of things going on in my head on that time what if I’ll be a Nomad one day just leave everything and get on the road for an endless exploration of the Globe.

greeny photos 2

Well, there’s so much opportunity out there waiting for all blogger to unlock it. Personally, the world of blogging has just begun. I might need tons of baskets of information to meet my goal.

Sometimes we all need to do is just be patient that’s it!

My Favorite Road Trip Shots

fave shots


whew! that’s a lot of reflection over there. I have to admit that road trips are often tricky it makes you open all 6 senses and just imagine things out from another horizon.

You might think I’m crazy (haha) Don’t worry I’m not talking alone in the car.  Oh I’m not for sure, It’s just my mind talking alone.

favorite shots

favorite shots 2

Anyone who won’t appreciate these beautiful photos is blind (just kidding) Well, I didn’t expect that the road trip to Vienna would be really interesting. This is one of a kind road trip that I never had, blending up my perceptions and having this outstanding views.

It just reminds me of Mont Blanc when we were in Geneva. Hopefully, I get to go there again one day and vanquish that one of the highest peaks in Switzerland.

Welcome to Vienna 


At last, after more than 5 hours drive we landed oh we arrived I mean in Vienna City. It was 5:49 pm when we reached our room at the hotel that we chose. It was all dark and freezing outside but, we need to go fill our stomach after the long ride.

chicken filet with potatoes      chicken filet

We went out after checking in and ask for the receptionist where we can find our ideal restaurant. Luckily we found one after just 50 meters walk. We ordered the special menu and got this giant piece of chicken filet with fries for him and plain potatoes for me.

Bon appétit for us!

I will surely have a good sleep after this almost a buffet dish.

Don’t forget to check out my next post about our tour in Vienna the city of Museums! 

cover Road trip  pinterest cover road trip

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