Vienna Food Guide on a budget by the Geeks

As one of the essential part whilst on our travels, I have decided to make a separate post about it. A Vienna Food Guide by us (the geeks) to share about different cultural and local foods that we have met whilst on our travel in Vienna. 

Some people don’t really care about food tasting throughout their travels, some tend to eat the same food while traveling, some tries to discover and explore unique and delicious local foods. But for us, we juggle between.  

Vienna Food Guide

vienna food guide

Perhaps, you guys didn’t know yet about my hubby’s stomach special situation. I can’t say that it’s a handicap nor an advantage but in times we suffer from eating different foods or even different hours. 

In times like in our travels, it’s another huge challenge for us both. While in Vienna, our eating hours/habits were almost the same but there were times that he ate first or the other way around. 

Today I’ll be showing you our Food Tour Guide for those beginners like us! Well, for the rest of you I know you are thinking about searching on the web about Austrian Foods that you must check it out. Oh, I guess you need to if you want to take it from the geek like me, just go with the flow!

No need to buy those expensive foods rather enjoy your stay and be yourself! 

Day 1 at the Restaurant

chicken filet

Chicken Escalope with fries 

There were a bunch of foods that I’ve seen in this city. First was on Day 1 at the restaurant that we went on our first day in Vienna. We ate that enormous chicken escalope with fries from restaurant called Gasthaus – Cafe – Muller

The Chicken inside was tender and it was a true “delice” for us. I didn’t have the time to eat everything it was “copieux” as we always say for a generously portioned dish in French. 

chicken filet with potatoes

If you were at the same hotel as ours, I recommend you to come here and taste their dishes. The restaurant is not that far from the hotel, about 2-3 minutes walk only. Not only cheap but very accommodating don’t forget to ask the woman to translate the menu cause it was in German. 

The cost of this dish? guess how much? 12 euros only!

Another quick tip is that chicken escalope is like a Wiener Schnitzel but instead of meat, it’s the chicken version. The process of cooking of this two is the same only the meat differs. 

Day 2 at the Hotel

food in vienna

Würstel with rice, and bacon

Sausage or Würstel is one of the most popular food in Vienna. As for our buffet breakfast on Day 2 before starting our long tour in the city centre we have eaten this famous sausage with a complete package of fats, oh I mean a package of nutrition. 

The breakfast at our Hotel was really generous, including various types of Austrian foods and pastries as well. The rice was kinda special though, it was a bit different from the rest of the Asian rice that I often eat. And the bacon? just perfect! 

How much this cost? It’s free (hotel breakfast buffet)

Day 2 Christmas Markets

food at markets

Meraner Nüsse and Marzipan Nüsse

Arriving at our destination in Vienna City Centre, we have first visited the Rathaus, and there it’s covered with Christmas Markets. Tons of them! just kidding maybe a hundred or less.  

Meraner Nüsse is with a special mix of walnuts and chestnuts covered with dark chocolate, and the Marzipan Nüsse is with simply marzipan with the walnut on the top. 

christmas markets


Marzipankartoffel is with marzipan covered with cocoa powder, that sounds really good right? And those Christmas from chocolates are just adorable as they look like. 

Getting around was quite sportive, cause you have to walk in the aisle of foods on your left and right side. How fascinating is that? well, in the beginning, I was trying to control myself not to buy but in the end, the chicken did give up (I mean I gave up haha) 

chirstmas choco

Christmas Chocolates



Did you know which of these delightful deserts that the little chicken (me) gave up? Those Marzipan ones and that Meraner Nusse. If you read my first post about Vienna you’ll probably know it before I show. 

Food Guide Vienna’s Donuts


Erdbeerkrapfen or strawberry donuts

Wandering still at the city centre, we found some of these tasty donuts just waiting for us to taste it. Perhaps you’ll say Donuts are not very known in Austria, but believe it or not it is! especially in winter, this is one of the best fatty foods I mean delicious foods to take when you’re feeling cold. 


Colorful Donuts

Schoko-Vanille Donuts

Schoko-Vanille Donuts

There were super cute different donuts, including with Strawberries, Vanilla, Chocolates, and other flavors. You’ll be surprised at the price of a normal Krapfen is 1 euro per piece and these flavored ones are 1.50 euros per piece. 


So which one is your favorite? For me, as a fruit lover, I’ll go for strawberry flavor! Don’t forget to eat your donuts with “Kleiner Brauner” it’s definitely a good combination. 

The Famous Roasted Chestnuts and Potatoes


When you visit Vienna, don’t be surprised if you’ll see this small booths with roasted potatoes and chestnuts all over the place. Cause this city is famous for this kind of street food. 

Yes! Street food does exist in Vienna, nice right? I really thought that there is no street food in Europe and now for the first time I have found it in this city. How cool! 

grilled potatoes

My hubby bought some grilled potatoes, it’s like 2 euros for this cone. Happy for his mini-lunch, since he hasn’t eaten that much of the buffet breakfast. Well, I ate some too and it was delicious! 

Other Desserts


Oreos, Marshmallow, and Cookies


Mixed Fruits

Continuing to visit the city, we bumped into this deserts. At first, I was curious how do they sell these things, in the end, someone bought one and I saw they put some chocolate fondue on the top of this cup.


Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

The price of this cups? depending on what will you choose, it’s from 4-5 euros each. Not bad for this one, it’s not that expensive still. Considering that you’ll have a hot chocolate mix on it after.  

The Weihnachtspunsch and Schinkenfleckerl


Weihnachtspunsch or Christmas punch, There are many variations, but the two most common suggestions are Mulled Wine or Glühwein and the other one is mix of tea, spices, sugar, and spirits (mainly rum and brandy).

Christmas punch


The one that I bought was the second one, but it’s mix with mainly red fruits and spirits plus Rum. It was not that strong in terms of alcohol content. I find it good. I could compare it to the Hot Red Wine that we usually see in Brussels Christmas Markets. 



My partner bought this Schinkenfleckerl (pasta with Austrian ham) for his lunch on our day 3 in Vienna. The special pasta cost 7 euros, and my Wine cost around 10 euros including the mug. The good news? I kept the mug with me till we get home in Brussels and it’s still intact! Hooray! 

“Goulash Soup in bread”

“Goulash soup in bread”

Finally, on the last day of our visit to the city centre. I have finally bought this “Goulash soup in bread” I have seen this since in Rathaus, a lot of people buying it but I didn’t buy it that time. 

I’m patient (haha trying to be) But in the end, I bought one just to taste it. And the taste? It’s not that bad! it’s like a “potiron soup” or pumpkin soup inside this huge bread. 

I still have some to add supposedly but I forgot to take a pic of them, those two tarts that we ate at  Segafredo Café. The Apfelstrudel and Topfensstrudel, we were very hungry that time that I forget to take pictures (monster mode) that’s why. 

Other Foods you should try in Vienna

other foods

Leberkäse (Austrian spam)                                                                 Bosna (Grilled sausage stuffed in a hot dog bun)
Geröstete Knödel (Roasted dumplings)                                        Gansl (Goose)
Schweinsbraten (Roast Pork)                                                            Leberschoberlsuppe (Liver dumpling soup)
Briochekipfer (Brioche Croissant)                                                   Sachertore (Chocolate cake)
Linzer torte (Cake made up of nuts and jam)
And many more!

I hope you did enjoy our Food Guide on a budget, It was a fantastic tour for 3 whole days in Vienna! Watch out for the next post. It’ll still be about this wonderful City of Dreams! 

 vienna food guide pin

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35 Responses

  1. Rose says:

    The food experience alone makes this a fun trip. I do like fried chicken but after seeing all those desserts I got easily detracted. The ice cream cones were cute and donuts are always fun.

  2. Dana says:

    Wow! This look absolutely scrumptious! What a great idea to give tips on eating on a budget.

  3. I’ve been trying to plan out a trip to Vienna for years now! When I finally go, I’ll have to try out these different food places that you’ve listed here. They all look so delicious!

  4. Dee Clarke says:

    Trying new foods is one of my favourite things about travelling. I can see you agree. Looks like you found a lot of tasty treats.

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    You had me at donuts, WOW the food looks incredible, a definite foodies dream! It looks like you had an awesome time!

  6. Kansas Bonanno says:

    Everything in this post looks absolutely amazing, and I must try some of those donuts. The street markets looks they would be so much fun to visit.

  7. Drake Conan says:

    I never really thought about going to Vienna before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

  8. When i see posts like these it gives me the travel bug. What a beautiful place VIenna is and the food must be just as good too

  9. sian ryan says:

    The food looks delicous here, i love trying new food when I travel. Such a great way to explore the culture

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Sian, thanks! it’s really nice to taste new flavors of food plus the culture as well it is worth to explore such historical city. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Candice says:

    Oh my goodness all those sweets. I might be in Heaven! <3

  11. Rachel says:

    This post is so great. I would love to try the roasted chestnuts and also the street food.

  12. Easter Babe says:

    I love exploring and trying new foods when I travel. It looks like I’d love to visit the Christmas Market and the donut shop.

  13. Kylee says:

    We haven’t been to Vienna yet, ut I think we are going this summer, so thank you for the tips, we LOVE food!

  14. Gabby says:

    the food in Vienna looks just awesome! I feel like I would definitely need to walk a lot around the city though to work off some calories after all of those desserts!

  15. Have recently been to Vienna. I must say the food guide here is quite amazing. I loved trying all these Viennese delicacies.

  16. Shivani says:

    Wow this is an amazing guide, and I really wish I knew it when I traveled to Vienna, I tried some of it but not all, sadly. But those donuts look tempting!

  17. Cat Uy says:

    i heard that traveling viena is expensive but with this article, you give me ideas on how to visit this place on budget

    • Alexine says:

      That’s true Cat, I think every European country is a bit expensive except on some places like in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta and the rest. But Vienna is likely the same like in France or Germany.

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    […] Check our Vienna Food Guide on a Budget post! […]

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