Viaje a mi Cuidad Zamboanga, Philippines

Zamboanga City once entitled as “The City of Flowers” in my college days however after years have gone by it turns out to be “Asia’s Latin City” 

After the great experience exploring the Queen City of South. it’s time to go back to the place where I truly feel safe, the place where I founded, molded, evolved and loved, the place where I called home.

Zamboanga City

zamboanga city

As we always sing Zamboanga Hermosa a Chavacano song it says there “Orgullo de Mindanao” which literally mean the Pride of Mindanao Region. It is a colorful, historical, interesting, Spanish style, scenic, and most of all the people itself are different from other Filipinos around the country.

zamboanga city philippines

Our Dialect “Chavacano”

Chavacano “un poquito español” the dialect called in the city, it’s a mix of largely Spanish words and Filipino, and Cebuano or Visaya.

Among 175 dialects in the country, this one is the most unusual, unique and stylish dialect spoken by the citizens which passed from old generations through new ones and still being spread and keep by its people.

palm trees

There are various tourists spots hidden in this marvelous Municipal some are just discovered recently or shall I say appreciated recently, although others were actually discovered by the people themselves.

Classic beautiful spots are:

  • Fort Pilar,
  • Santa Cruz Island,
  • Pasonanca Park,
  • Paseo del Mar,
  • Plaza del Pilar, Rizal and City Hall,
  • Plaza Pershing,
  • Mount Pulong Bato,
  • Cathedral of Immaculate Concepcion,


Some are recently discovered in year 2010 and beyond like

  • Marloquet Falls,
  • Butterfly Garden,
  • Limpapa Bridge,
  • Parola in Limpapa,
  • Grassland in Lantawan,
  • Dulian Falls in Bungiao,
  • Hermosa Falls in Anuling,
  • Tinuy-an Falls,
  • Lumbangan Falls and many more.

My Plans in Zamboanga City


Let’s move on to my short visit, I love to visit all these places. unfortunately, even a Zamboangueño like me hasn’t explored yet some of the most beautiful spots found here.

With my limited time, my first priority is to spend the most time with my family and the rest nothing rest actually.

I didn’t have much time, so I rigidly use every single second to fulfill and satisfy my duty as a daughter and sister to my family, the best way is? road trips and outings.

zamboanga mall restaurant

First was visiting KCC mall in Zamboanga, my first time it was enormous same as those  I can see in Cebu and Manila containing different restaurants, supermarkets, branded stores and etc.

My family’s favorite thing to do? is to eat so here’s our first target for that day.

Puerto Vila of Patalon, Zamboanga


patalon resrot

Puerto Villa Beach Resort was our next on our list. A  family bonding and at the same time profiting the lovely breeze of the sea and to relax after a nonstop travel throughout the week.

View of the Beach


The Neighboring Resort

resort in zamboanga

resort in zamboanga

With the neighboring resort just beside it was really interesting, I got to take some good pictures out of it.

The sun was rising, the temperature was high but the ocean’s charm overflows them all.

Despite being far from the city center this zone has a lot of visitors, a more or less 1 hour and a half trip would lead you to a hidden resort in Barangay Patalon, Zamboanga City.

The Highlight

resort in zamboanga

The sunset is pretty amazing here it’s breathless, you’ll surely be blown away by its spectacular gaze of colors.

The trendy feature of the sunset that you’ll normally see in films or in T.V. this one has exceptionally cross the bord of perfection.

the sunset

The day was overwhelming, watching the sunset, having my favorite foods cooked by my mom, being with my siblings seeing them enjoying the ambiance, laughing and smiling, it was the perfect day for me.

Fort Pilar Shrine

port pilar

The Philippines was under Spain’s colonization for more than 300 years, this shrine is one of their doings.

In the history, Fort Pilar was originally built as military defense fortress by Spanish colonial government in Zamboanga City.

After some time a relief of Our Lady of Pillar was placed above the eastern wall of the fort.

According to people, Virgin Mary appeared twice in the area. the first when a soldier seen her at the gate of the city and ask her to stop but by the time the soldier saw her face he fell down on his knees.

Secondly, after a strong earthquake hit the city. Virgin Mary has appeared standing straight with her right-hand raise protecting from an incoming tsunami in Zamboanga.

One of the most famous site today many people would always visit here to pray, attend the mass, light candles, and praise Our Lady of Pillar who never fails to protect and guide its people and the city.

Paseo Del Mar

paseo del mar

Who would not pass by to this corner after praying and lighting candles in Fort Pilar.  it was already late that we have decided to eat our dinner here at Paseo.

The stunning streets lights and of course the view of the sea here are the most wanted plus the food. I remember before I used to come here with my friends and eat Tempura, Isaw, and Nicker Bucker.

Leaving this place with a satisfied stomach, we must hurry to go home and sleep for the next trip that we’ll take.

A trip that I will endure for 2 hours going to Barangay Limpapa on the next day.

On the Road

on the road

6 o’clock in the morning and we are heading to see the known Limpapa Bridge and Parola in Patalon.

As I’ve seen the photos of my brother. it gives me the pulse to see in it with own eyes if how splendid those places are. We planned to stop by the bridge first since its easier to get access to avoid the heavy sun at noon.

Limpapa Bridge


limpapa bridge

Lately, an explosion on social media about Limpapa Bridge was definitely not to ignore. it has captured a lot of attention to locals as well as tourists on the internet.

Boosted by all these blissful shout outs of videos and photos today has become one of the talks about a spot in City.

This bridge at Barangay Limpapa west coast area border of Zamboanga City from Del Norte (North)

limpapa city

There’s not much information about this bridge, as I’ve heard it’s a simple bridge which called by people from the barangay “Rol-Pa Bridge” not sure if the city municipal made it already official.

Getting to this place is very easy if you live in the city center it’s around 2 hours of travel or more depending on the weight of the road traffic.

If you live in the west area its more rapid and light since your driving straight roads until you arrive at the crossing point where the military team is on duty to check vehicles who enter and exit the city.

View under the Bridge

under the bridge

animals in zc animals in zc

It’s time for breakfast after a long ride and taking many pictures as we can in the bridge.

As we went on the down part of it with our small family size vehicle. we stumbled into this more unexpected seascape that it offers, I didn’t expect that the highlight of the area lies underneath.

Amazing view

bahay kubo

Imagine yourself having a breakfast with this picturesque view, your day will absolutely be complete.

It’s around 9:30 am we ate and continue to roam around explore a little the vicinity, hoping to see more great and interesting side of it.

amazing view

Five minutes walk from the bridge is a residential area on the seaside. fishermen and children were there getting ready for their day to start.

We walk on further we found out this cottages and bangka (native canoe) encircling the place.

 The Bangka (native canoe)

asia zamboanga

The heat of the sun is getting more and more violent so after the short exploration.

We went back to the car and continue to the next destination, which is just a few minutes drive away from the opposite direction.

view from the bangka

zamboanga  me in the patalon

A couple of minutes after our departure from the bridge. We stumble into this recommended spot by my brother,

it’s an actual beach hidden from bushes and grass on the roadside. an anonymous sea-side with an exceptional glimpse of the curve shape of the island.

Parola of Patalon


parola   parola

15-20 minutes of walk from the roadside to this so-called Parola or Lighthouse which is now among the busiest places that locals and tourists visit.

To penetrate to this site you need to be physically and psychologically ready for its ups and downs land formation that you must undergo.

The passage was a bit scary if you have fear of heights it’s not advisable for you. however, if you reach the top of the hill it’s all worth it. You’ll see a wonderful panorama sight of the west coast.

The Famous Panorama View

The Famous Panorama View

The Famous Panorama View 2

We climbed up on the top of the lighthouse, and there much higher and vivid view of this magnificent west coast surroundings.

I cannot help myself not to say “wow” on this one, maybe it’s not the same panorama features from European countries but hey this one is raw and found in the far land of The Philippines.

Panorama View

Panorama View 2

palm trees

Relaxing and enjoying the moment was our goal while having our lunch in the corner cottages beside Parola.

Went to a drive-thru from Jollibee for breakfast and lunch in the morning, not those healthy kinds of stuff but the quickest way to be on the road from 6:00 am.

Strongly recommended for the tourist, though the way to this site has a range of difficulty. Just make sure you’ll bring your sports shoes with you and wear proper attire as you needed to climb hills.

Don’t forget the sun cream to protect your skin from the heavy heat of the sun.

GrassLand  of  Lantawan


grassland 2

In the morning we rushed up bringing our motorcycles heading at the scene. it wasn’t that far more or less 10 minutes of drive and you’ll arrive in the upper part of Lantawan.

At 6:15 am we were late for the sunrise and at that moment we were ready to challenge ourselves for another hill to surmount.

grassland 3

Soaring the almost vertical passage going the top, at last, we made it and get to profit the weather its surroundings and well, of course, the hallmark of this place its landscape and outlook of the whole city of Zamboanga.


Exploring the spot I would say that this is notably one of the places that I would consider as next to Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

The outline of the hills around the vicinity is much likely that of Bohol’s. Perhaps not that bounteous as I can see less 10 hills from where I was standing.

I recommend you to come and visit this spot this one will surely fascinate and allure your eyes. Very easy to reach from those who live near Lantawan and for those who are in the City it’s just a drive away from your place.

My Super Power Poses

super power

super power 2

super power 3

We continue to run, play, and jumping out of joy up to our out most effort till we run out of energy. Since it’s my last day being with my family the day has yet to begin and we will surely bond and value every single second that we are together.

The day has come that I need to go back to Cebu for my flight and I will truly miss this experience. I wish I could just stop the time and live with them. Nevertheless, life must go on, we need to accept and move on and continue our regular daily lives.

If you like to see more of the beautiful and stunning neighboring cities of Zamboanga? You can check out Top 10 Places to Visit in the Southern Philippines.


The venture of my visit was incredibly great, what I’ve learned from featuring this newcomers tourists spots is definitely a challenge. Since not a lot of information spread about those sites.

It’s one of the hardest thing especially Limpapa Bridge, Parola of Patalon and Grass Land. I have to be honest that I did dig out some research on sites. However, there’s not pretty much historical linings on this ones.

I’m lucky that I have my brother and his fiancée who know more about the west coast area of the City.

Personal Suggestion

Personally, I think the city’s government should put an attention to this new tourists attractions spots. These are very important for it could help uplift the city’s reputation. They must probably start on improving the area and make it more convivial and accessible to all visitors.

Tours and Travel company could add this sites to their lists with the help of the government. The City of Zamboanga will positively stand out from all the cities of the Philippines.

Summing up points on my visited areas. I can say its all worth it even if it’s not that much improved yet but as they all say “It’s with whom you are with that counts”

For those foreigners who want to make a tour in the city. Please be guided that you advised asking more information if it’s safe for you to travel alone.

If you know someone who lives here then it’s better, if not you can always call the tourist information of Zamboanga City they will always be available to help and help you for your future visit HERE

Verdict : 8.5/10

PS: Photos taken by me and my siblings with my phone. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading this article and follow me on my next adventure “22 hours and 10 minutes of travel time” experience with Emirates going back to Paris, France.

Viaje a mi Ciudad Zamboanga, Philippines

zamboanga city

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  1. vinneve says:

    Amazing natures! I have cousins there relocated because of work but I have never been there, hence I haven’t seen them for such a long time now!

    • It’s a actually a really cool city, people speak like semi Spanish dialect. Really close to Spain’s castellano 😄 you should visit one day I’ll show you around

  2. It’s a actually a really cool city, people speak like semi Spanish dialect. Really close to Spain’s castellano 😄 you should visit one day I’ll show you around

  3. thank you so much Tony 🙂

  4. Thank you for introducing us to this lovely city and its environment. Y gracias para visitar Beauty Along the Road. 🙂

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