Travel Tips, Things to bring while travelling by car

Many people ask me, am I traveling to other countries by plane only or by car also? What are the Travel tips I can share?

As a European residence, I do travel by car often considering the distance from Belgium to other neighboring countries like France, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, or even Italy.

Travel Tips while travelling by Car

Travel Tips you

My first travel by car was to this petit but reach country Luxembourg it’s only 2-3 hours drive from my City.

Here are the tips for those European residents like me who wanted to travel to other countries via car and take note its better if you make a list for this to make sure you won’t forget anything at all.

Make copies of your Vehicular Documents

Make copies of your vehicular documents

This is regarding your permit, vehicles permit and etc. including your passport and ID for Europeans only ID but for foreigners residence passport is a must when you travel outside the country that you live of course and bring your ID with you.

Bring duplicates of your Keys

Bring duplicates of your keys

(car key and house key) and definitely put them separately, we never know if you’ll lose your keys at least you still have a copy of it same as your ID’s and Permits.

Bring car Food, Water, Juices

travel tips

To keep you hydrated, for food this includes non oily stuff, biscuits, fruits or you can make pack sandwiches ahead and bring it with you.

However, if you’re a coffee addict like me you can also bring a thermos filled with hot water and coffee in a sachet or just hot coffee directly on your thermos.

For those who prefer to eat properly, you can always make a stop at some gas stations which have restaurants and make a pause and eat peacefully.

Bring your GPS, smart phone with GPS application

Travel Tips you(4)

If you don’t have it download it from apple store or play store for android users there are lots of GPS app that you can download. it’s very useful cause even though you don’t have any internet you can still use it offline. Don’t forget to bring your Chargers are the most important for those geeks who bring laptops and tablets with them, or those who use a lot of their phones chargers are really useful.

Blankets and Pillows or Head Pillows


For those who travel at night head pillows are essential especially when taking a break after 3-4 hours of driving but take note you must stop every 2 hours of driving.

When driving at night it’s better to take a nap for 30-40 minutes and take the stirring wheel again. I strongly recommend Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Dark Blue for those who always have pain while in the car, neck pillows are ideal.

I remembered the last time I went to a road trip to Austria from Belgium. It was a long haul road trip more than 15 hours, however, me and my partner (who’s driving) had the time to stop in Munich. On the other hand bringing head neck pillow is a need of every roadtrippers.

Bring First Aid Kit, Medicines

Travel Tips you(6)

Pain relievers, head aches, nicks, and for other pains that you might suffer. band-aids, creams, and sprays for anti mosquitos. Bring Emergency road kit as well is it the most important that you will use for when something might come unexpectedly. Don’t forget extra batteries, or power bank and flashlight.

Wipes, Toilet papers, Paper towels , Plastic Bags and Tissues.

Travel Tips you(7)

Is very important in case of spills we never know mostly for those who are traveling with kids. Always bring some extra clothes with you as sometimes we tend to become smelly after some time. Don’t forget your personal products for hygiene and etc.

Unlike other countries in Europe, the difficult one would be roadtripping in Asia where you are limited to used toilets on the road. You have to be ready when it is needed. Extra clothes are a must as well, we never know if one day you’ll spill drinks on your shirts or pants.

Never forget this thinks when you are traveling with kids. Out of all the list here, well, for family minded people these are pretty important. Imagine traveling on the road with kids for even 2 hours. It will surely be a mess without these things.

Travel Games, PS3, PS4 or other Gadgets

Travel Tips you(8)

Lastly, this one would be great for those who get bored really quick. I honestly do have my own things to occupy myself. I always do listen to music or read my manga online.

This is Travel Tips for you guys, one of my primary list to follow when I’m traveling by car. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to comment. tell me your Travel Tips list too I would love to know!

Travel Tips, Things to bring while Travelling by Car


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20 Responses

  1. anakharichu says:

    Very useful information , thanks!!

  2. tomascurran says:

    Cool info! Very informative! Thank you!

  3. Cassie says:

    Great tips, you provided great info

  4. Eric Gamble says:

    Not going to lie…Toilet Paper should be one of your #1 things! In America we tend to drive a lot and I cant tell you how many times we have had to pull over for an emergency bathroom stop. Even if you make it to a station with a bathroom, extra TP cant hurt as they can be not only disgusting but out of paper.
    Snacks and drinks can also help mitigate extra costs and for kids like me with no control can help be make better eating decisions cause I lose total control in the candy aisle of a gas station.

    • Alexine says:

      Agree with you, but it depends really on the traveler or where you are traveling. Like for example in Europe, it’s more convenient and accessible Toilets are everywhere on the road (I mean there’s always a stop corner for it) sometimes free sometimes you have to pay. However, in other countries, it’s not the same for sure. Plus traveling with kids have more responsibilities for sure.

  5. Sylvie says:

    Those are all great tips. As a driver, music is important to me, so I always carry my own ipod and/or CDS if I’m using my own car. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • Alexine says:

      Oh, that’s really a nice idea Sylvie, for me I got that on my phone. We store everything on the phone nowadays. But yeah for those oldies song CD’s would be great!

  6. HartWanders says:

    Traveling by car is in bucket list. Bookmarking this so for my future reference. Thank u!

  7. Although I didn’t do a roadtrip in Europe, I can totally agree with all the things listed here when I drove north of the Philippines for 10 days! Wipes or toilet papers are sooo important and neckpillows too!

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Christinewillgo, I could confirm that the difference is huge when it comes to road tripping in the Philippines than in Europe. But it’s really fun to do road trips in the Philippines of course.

  8. Ishani Nath says:

    Great article, lots of good suggestions. Even I have written a post on important things you need while a road trip. Loved reading your article.

  9. These are some helpful tips that I would have definitely overlooked! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cat Uy says:

    I’m doing all these things, glad we have the same things in common while traveling by car. It is important that we are prepared for anything that might come up on the road.

  1. September 2, 2017

    […] Travel Tips, Things to bring while travelling by car […]

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