Tracer Cosplayer Atalante Dash, Belgium

Today, I would like to feature some of the fresh cosplayers that are recently discovered. One of them is the next cosplayer that I will present to you. Her name is Atalante Dash Cosplay from Belgium a Tracer Cosplayer who have made some noticeable positive remarks to the public with her impeccable creation of Tracer Costume.

If you are a Tracer lover? you will surely admire her! Without further ado I’ll give her the stage and let you discover her more!

Overwatch Tracer Cosplayer Atalante Dash

I’m a young Belgian Cosplayer, who lives in the capital city Brussels, I attended already all the major conventions of the country in cosplay as well as a few smaller ones.

I have also mounted a group of the Overwatch game composed of 9 members at the moment and with which our goal aim for the group is to take part in competitions.

But when I look at us today, it is more a family than just coworkers cosplayers.

Cosplay Discovery

I love to draw since my childhood, drawing and sketching anime/cartoon characters. I look on online sites for models and sometimes about Cosplay.

When I saw Posters in the city (Cosplayer Cons) this has informed me and from then on I have some idea about what is it all about.

One day a friend invited me to join her in one of the conventions, and the moment I step my foot on the entrance, I emerged and felt like it was magical.

This started my passions and I felt in my universe. Now, how I got into it, it’s still like a cliché of cosplayers. I will always love to disguise myself.

When I went to Disneyland, I admired and I wanted to be in costumes that simple people embodied and believed to be real to us during our childhood and that’s what I like: embodied a character. Make it real!

First Convention

Tracer 2

Trace photo by FoxDirector

That was my first serious cosplay convention. Surprising right? Even though it was just a “draw” (finalized costume and gears), for me it wasn’t the best costume that I have done since it wasn’t last yet.

But in the end, it had so much of success than what I have expected. When people asked me for to pose for a picture it was the very first pose that I have made.

I’ve been surrounded by a circle of photographers people, I asked myself “What is happening? I can’t believe it” Haha. It was an amazing feeling! People were nice, I can’t even believe that it was real, as a child, as an adult and that’s where I felt it in my character and that I had reached my goal to be able to incarnate my purpose.

It was so funny and great to hear wherever I walked I could hear people saying “Oh my God she’s so cool” “it’s greatly done” “its Overwatch.”

When I was walking with my group I could stay less 3 minutes there are people again who ask photos of us and best of all it was my first competition with my team with a presentation together on stage.


tracer photo

Tracer photo by EuphroPhotography

It’s 8 years ago I did my very first costume with the help of my mother to make Mulan suit from (Mulan 2). I’ve always done the mixing between handmade and buying.

I loved and I still love the female characters powerful it was just perfect for a start. But the first handmade in full was difficult. I have from the start a lot of things (that breaks again sometimes), I wanted the best for this costume so I spend a lot above all by the fact again.

Looking for the tutorial where to buy the tools for the results that I wanted and given It’s the first, unlike other people who make the first costume as handmade or something simple.

It was suicidal for a novice to sketch and do all those big crafting. but I’m so eager and I wanted to make it no matter how catastrophic the result will be.

It was my first and the only costume I’m doing because I started last year and now I could say I’m already!

Definition of Cosplayer

A bunch of great kids who disguise (just kidding) Seriously, I think it’s a community where one can find everything with different ways of thinking: there are those who do it for fun and live for others.

Those who make it and stop doing it cause they stuck at the level of shyness or like others who want to revenge on bad days with admiring remarks and other compliments on the part of the public.

There are those who want to make it a passion to see if there’s possible a career and those who take it seriously with a lot of competition and each time the most impressive cosplays for the public. (These are those who have fun)

And finally, those who want to reach the top for the money and do their job and, no matter by what means they have spent.

In all three cases, we have to aim a good interaction with people or reaction from them, and it can risk a psychological effect to the person behind the costume.

Worst Experience

I think that it is during the Japan Expo in Paris. the paint colors from my shoes cracked and removed, I change a system at the level of the leggings that almost cut me and got a flow of blood to the feet.

It was extremely painful and unbearable but I have to bear with it in hours. The weather was nothing, it was sweltering and I was wearing a leather jacket with wool on the inside.


Tracer Casual

Tracer Casual by EuphroPhotography

There are plenty of cosplayers that I look with eyes full of stars. it can go to my model Tracer Cosplayer such as Amouranth for the holding and Stacey Roy for the play role to the more badass like Enaelle’s Art with its Widowmaker and the cosplayers of my group simply:

Lou Suzu who is my favorite Belgian Cosplayer, Bakka Cosplay for the best genderbend I’ve seen and Geremia EuroCosplay for her Pharaoh, Sakuraflor, which I think is the best. Best Ana and Pion Kim for Sombra.

If we get out of the Overwatch there are Ketrin Cosplay, Narga and Aoki cosplay, Kinpatsu-Cosplay and many others.

Piece of Advice

When you want to meet a goal, you can. If you really want to do it, you can do it. no matter how difficult it is, lack of money or time. It can take several years to make your costume 4 years or more.

If this is what you really want, you can get wherever you want. patient and don’t be afraid to start all over again after a failure.

Cosplaying is learning as all other passion one must fall to get up. The excuse of the “I do not know sewing” is known. there is internet now, online information could be achieved, your entourage, and with training, it could be done.

Know that most of the cosplayers around you will support you because “cosplay is for everyone”. So if you really want to just throw yourself because it should have nothing to stop someone from cosplaying.

Some people think that Cosplay is terrible, they don’t think like a cosplayer, unfortunately. It is not in the perspective that this done for everyone.

If you are afraid to take these negative comments then try to have confidence in yourself before you get there. you must know how to stay strong against criticism.


Ana Captain Amari

Ana Captain Amari by EuphroPhotography

All major Belgian conventions like Made In Asia, Retro Made In Asia, Gameforce, Facts and the French convention Japan Expo in Paris.


Tracer cosplay

Atalante Dash Cosplay

As a group, they actually won the award of “Coup de Jury” as a group. That’s so cool to know that even if you’re just a starting your first cosplay costume you can get a lot of attention from people. I bet Atalante Dash overwhelmed by all these praises and sweet words from her fans.

Thank you again for making this interview, and I’m looking forward to your future projects. Especially this last photo that you’ve given (Captain Amari) of overwatch.

More and more success to you! I know you will have a great future in Cosplay World! so just keep it up!

Don’t forget to support this fabulous Tracer Cosplayer Atalante Dash Cosplay on her accounts on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Dash Cosplay pinterest cover

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9 Responses

  1. Helene says:

    So coooool! I don’t know anything about Overwatch, so I can’t judge, but I loooove the cosplay, it’s so well-made and suits her:) She looks very cheeky:D Thanks for introducing the relatively newer cosplayers as well, they need just as much exposure (or even more):D

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Helene, that’s what I thought I’d love to feature them all. They just deserve to get into the spotlight. I bet you should try playing Overwatch too, you might like it, there’s a lot of girls playing online now.

  2. Aditi says:

    Amazing story about this Belgian cosplayer – looks so light-hearted and happy. Nice to gain inspiration from such people. Cheers!!

  3. Travelquartz says:

    very cool story- its so nice that her mother helped her initially in designing and all, so much positivity in her pictures, so nice that you are introducing such great talents to us!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Travelquartz, yea that’s true, it’s so nice to hear that parents do support their childs passion that’s why she gained more confidence to do her poses as a cosplayer.

  4. Regan says:

    Great Job. This girl REALLY has Tracer’s facial expression down. Really captures her personality. 🙂

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Regan, yes this girl is so adorable, that’s why she’s starting to become more and more popular. Don’t forget to check out here accountsn you’ll definitely like her works

  1. December 19, 2017

    […] have personally chosen her Overwatch hero cosplay work cause Tracer is one of those characters that I adore and rancor in the online game. Tracer’s great power? […]

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