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Welcome to the month of July travelers from around the world. We’re back on our Guest Blogger Series. Next on our list of Guest Bloggers is popular for his long-term Solo and Budget travels. He will share about his Top 5 Favorite Popular Cities in the world.

Top 5 Popular Cities

Our Guest Blogger Amit started his quest for traveling since 2010 and explored 6 continents already. From Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America. One more continent to go for him to complete the list.

On his Blog – Forever Roaming the World, Amit shares his extraordinary voyages and his recommendations, tips, and travel hacks especially on traveling on a budget.

Let’s discover a branch of his odyssey and learn from his advice.

5. Bogotá, Colombia


I’m a sucker for falling in love…With countries/cities/towns and villages. Bogotá was another that I fell for. I was based in the historic but bohemian area of La Candelaria.

This vibrant part of the city is pressed up against the footholds of the Andes, the streets and lane-ways are full of street art, murals, street performers and just people having a good time and I felt right at home.

Of course, the bloody and violent history of this country still linger, Bogotá still holds some scares from some very fateful days in its past but this is a country and a city are making a new reputation, one of vibrancy and friendliness. I loved Bogata that much that I had to force myself to leave…Even then I came back and then had to force myself to leave one more.

I spent 2 months in Bogotá, there is so much to do here from seeing landmarks, eating amazing Colombian food, museums, day tours but for me, the highlight has to be the thing that Colombians are great at doing – Partying! Let’s just say there were some crazy nights in Bogotá.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico city
My love affair with Mexico started from the moment I landed in Mexico city! This city felt like it just welcomed me in with open arms and neither of us wanted to let go. I have to be honest though, Mexico city was so much more than I expected. I thought it would be one of those cities you arrive in, acclimatize, get my bearings and leave but boy was I wrong!

Mexico City is a large city, split into districts, I was actually based in the Zocalo area, which is close to downtown Mexico city close to so many historical sights. This city has it all for both locals and for tourists, it’s cosmopolitan and historic. The best way to describe it is a mesh of tradition and modern fused into a ball of energy.

Mexicans, in general, are so friendly but even in such a big city, the locals made me feel so welcome. When I arrived I could pretty much just say ‘olla’ and ‘gracias’ in Spanish but even with my lack of Spanish the locals still tried to be accommodating because I was trying to learn.

Some highlights of Mexico city have to be Templo Maya, Teotihuacan temples the Lucha Libre wrestling, getting a taste of Mayan and Aztec history – and of course the tacos!

3. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

What can I say about this place…Crazy, chaotic, vibrant, colourful…I could sit here all day running superlatives about this city!

Marrakech is fast becoming a superfusion of modernization and tradition steeped in history that can now be distinguished by New town and the historic Medina (old town) which is making it a hotbed for tourism. And, I loved it!

It was a city that from the moment I arrived I just got whisked into this crazy ball of energy, I don’t think I’ve ever been to one singular place where all my senses had been heightened at the same time; it just captivated me. So much goes on all around you, it felt like I needed eyes in the back of the head to capture it.

Marrakesh’s main appeal is within the walled city; the Medina. This is where all the real action is, the heartbeat of the city, and where I was based.
In the week that I spent here, I could walk in amongst the craziness of the souks and square and not get bored. Half the fun is trying to dodge the merchants, touts, vendors and snake charmers in the square then trying to navigate through the souks.

It’s hard to pick one highlight of Marrakech as the whole experience of this city was the highlight, I would definitely go back.

2. Queenstown, New Zealand


Queenstown is, in fact, a town, but I have to put it on my list. You know there are some places you visit and from the moment you step foot in you just know you belong there and Queenstown was exactly that for me.

I fell in love with the town that’s dubbed ‘Neverland’ by fellow backpackers.
Why is it dubbed ‘Neverland’? – Well once a backpacker arrives he never wants to leave – Put it this way, I ended up spending 6 months just in Queenstown during my year-long travels in New Zealand.

Queenstown is famous for 2 thingsBeing the adventure capital of the southern hemisphere and of course the only place on earth you can eat a Ferg burger. It doesn’t matter what time of year you travel to Queenstown, the beauty will captivate you, the town itself is nestled in the footholds of the remarkable’s and Cecil Peak.

The town is built around Lake Wakatipu which gives you stunning views of the mountains and lake all year around.

Queenstown is the place to be if you want your adrenaline jacked to its max, all year around there are activities like mountain biking, quad biking, bungee jumps, canyon swings, paragliding, mountain climbing, white water rafting, white water jet rides to name a few. Then, of course, you have winter when Queenstown becomes a hotbed for skiing and snowboarding.

My most memorable moments in Queenstown came when the sun went down, that’s when Queenstown really came alive. With all that adrenaline pumping through the veins. I’m sure you can imagine what it was like when the pubs, bars, and restaurants opened. Let’s just say the party never stopped in Queenstown.


To recommend just one thing in Queenstown is just impossible but there is something for everybody there. If you’re not an adrenaline junky don’t worry, you can relax in Spa’s and hot-springs.

If you do want your adrenaline spiked then choose your poison from the array of adventure sports. One thing not to be missed though; do try the famous Ferg burger. (there is a vegetarian option if you don’t eat meat.)

Top 1  – Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

I’ve gotta put Sydney as my number one because that’s where started; the birth of my backpacking life back in 2010. It became my base for my 2 years in Australia and to this day I consider Sydney feeling more like home than my actual hometown.

This cosmopolitan city is a coldrum of cultures and gave me so many unforgettable experiences, from the friends I made to see famous landmarks like the Sydney opera house the harbor bridge, the array of wonderful beaches.

But the most memorable thing that sticks in my head is, of course, being able to watch the famous New years eve fireworks display with my own eyes.

If Sydney is on the list for you I recommend that you take some time in the City, visit the rocks, darling harbor, Sydney harbor, the beaches (Bondi Beach is very overrated) and a few of the suburbs like New town or Surrey hills.

Guest Blogger

Amit Guest Blogger

Let’s thanks again our guest blogger Amit for sharing us your favorite popular cities and your experiences. Don’t forget to follow Amit’s adventures via his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Blog: Forever Roaming the World 

Top 5 Favorite Popular Cities – Forever Roaming the World

popular cities by Amit popular cities by Amit

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