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Welcome back, travelers! It’s my most awaited month of the year September! Today let’s welcome another travel blogger to feature for our Guest Post Blog Series. Our featured blogger will share us his favorite places especially Top 5 of the Best Cities to tour in Italy.

Top 5 best cities to tour in italy

My name is Simone, I have a wife and two kids. As I said, I travel a lot, I like it and I like Italy. And I wanna share it with you, I wanna be helpful to you.

Start with my complete and awesome travel guides, they cover everything from the moment you get off the plane, airport transfers, recommended hotels, monuments, and museums to see, beaches, mountains, little villages, and all those little things that only an Italian could know.

I travel all the time, and I have seen enough to write a book, but books are not my thing, that’s where is born the idea of Lovin Italy.

On Simone’s Blog – Lovin Italy, you will find helpful tips, guides, recommendations, and other useful things whilst on your travels. Simone covers more of cities in Italy.

He has traveled almost all the cities in Italy including Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Cinque Terre, and many more. Let us all discover his Top 5 Best Cities to tour in Italy!

5. Orvieto

Best Places to tour in Italy Orvieto

There is a city in Italy that is almost exactly located in the center of the peninsula. This position is ideal for a stop, especially if you are traveling by car or by camper.

If other than this favorable position, we also add the fact that the city is a true “jewel”, that’s what makes Orvieto enters in the list of the Italian cities to visit.

It’s a city that satisfies everybody, who looks for one weekend of relax, who wants to bathe in the culture, who wants to taste good food and good wine, who wants to entertain their children in an unusual and adventurous way (I’ll explain soon).

One of the aspects that have most fascinated me of Orvieto is the fact that is a city with two souls, one out in the open and one hidden.

The first one clearly appears to the eyes of the visitor: a set city “up there” on its cliff of tuff. Walking through its roads and entering its shops, it is clear the care and the love with which the Orvietani live their city.



I recommend you to visit the center, to admire the squares, the roads, the buildings, and don’t lose to visit the Cathedral. The panorama from Torre del Moro and the descent in the famous Well of St. Patrician.

The second soul of the city, the one hidden, can be discovered participating at “a visit of the Orvieto Underground”. It exists, in fact, a suggestive “underground city”. Dug casually during the centuries by the ancient inhabitants in the depths of the tuff cliff and now resurfaced after a landslide in the ’70.

Now, thanks to the commitment and the devotion of the speleologists. It is possible to visit this unique wonder, that will leave amazed adults and children.

4. Trieste


A city with thousand faces, that space from the elegance of the imperial buildings to reach the veracious soul of the harbor. I have loved this place and I cannot wait to return visit it.

The city is small and well-connected, in one day you can see all the important attractions. Starting from one of the symbols of this town, the mythical Square dell’Unità d’Italia, the only Italian square directly leaned out on the sea.

Just in front of this splendid square, another connection with the sea is the Audacious Dock. This marvelous passage, suspended between water and earth, gives the welcome to all the visitors, making them immediately feel at home.


Another connection between the Adriatic sea and the city of Trieste is located just a few footsteps, the Canal Grande. The elegant channel is now one of the symbols of the city both for its beauty and its multiculturalism, hosting on its banks an Orthodox and a Catholic church.

Trieste is not only sea and harbor atmospheres, the city contains a millennial history. The imposing San Giusto Castel. From here, the sight is magnificent, that worth the whole trip. Close to the fortitude, is located the Cathedral of St. Giusto with its elegant mosaics.

Last but not less important, this city is the paradise for who loves the literature: here have lived artists of a certain caliber as Saba, Italo Svevo, and James Joyce. Trieste has honored these two great writers with two separate statues.

3. Lecco

Lecco and Como lake

Lecco without a second thought! Especially when the temperatures go down and you’ll enjoy that air that brings new beginnings and new energies.

Lecco, by itself, is a town that deserves a lot, set among the rock of the mountain as a precious stone. The lakefront is one of my preferred, with all those small boats and the marvelous sight on the mountains.

When you’ll visit the city, buy a tasty ice cream at the Gelateria d’Autore, take a seat on the benches that lean out on the lake, at the shade of the trees, and contemplate the happiness.

At this point, you will have recovered the energies for the following day, when you can decide if you prefer a mountain walk, or go in the exploration of the other towns on the lake.

This is the thing that I love more about this zone, there are a lot of alternatives. When the sky is clear, you can choose one of the numerous walks that will allow you to reach points in which you can have a very beautiful view of the whole lake and the surrounding mountains.

I like a lot to wander for the numerous suburbs on the water, one more beautiful than the other. Among them, Bellagio, Bellano, Menaggio, Varenna.

Just a quick search on Google to decide what you like most, no other choice than go!

2. Trento


Where to go and thing to see in Italy on a weekend?
Well, places? So much that is difficult to make a choice. I have chosen Trento and its outskirts. Trentino is a stupendous region in all the seasons, even if I prefer the warm seasons when you can walk and enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

Trento is a livable small town, very clean and orderly. The historical center is as I like it: totally pedestrian, therefore, you can leave the car and lose you among its streets.

First stop of this walk it is surely the Square of the Cathedral and the splendid Fountain of Neptune, undisputed center of the city due to all the buildings that surround the square, besides the Cathedral and the Civic Tower, the symbol of the city of Trento.

Departing from the square, all the historical center is to visit, between wide and tight roads, beautiful shops and so many buildings.



The road that has struck more me is Via Belenzani, the street of the chocolate. Just in this small street, there are the most ancient and characteristic chocolateries of Trento, it is mandatory, therefore, a stop here.

Even if it is difficult to leave the historical center, above all if there is beautiful weather, I recommend to visit other two places: the Castle of Buonconsiglio, of medieval origin, it represents one of the most interesting buildings, and the Doss Trento, a small hill overlying the city recognizable from the Mausoleum of Caesar Battisti (formed by 16 columns arranged in a circle).

Trento is a stupendous city in all the seasons and easy to visit during a weekend, therefore, put it on your bucket list!

1. Turin

turin city

Nicknamed the Magic City, Turin surprises and satisfies the senses.

The architecture. Here the great architectures of the past cohabit with those realized for the XX Olympic Games of 2006 and the Baroque style that shows off without nothing to envy the other famous capitals.

Starting from Piazza Castello, with Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Reale; or you can contemplate the Chapel of the Sacred Shroud, with the Dome of the Guarini, destroyed in the fire of 1997.

And, then, the Church of St. Lorenzo and the Sanctuary of La Consolata, true jewels of the sacred art. You’ll finally discover the Palazzo Liberty in the Crocetta zone.

Music! You can spend an evening with the works of the Teatro Regio, or at the Auditorium Rai “Arthur Toscanini” in Turin, the center of the National Symphonic Orchestra of the RAI, with events of high-level. The RAI (or URI Unione Broadcast Italian) was born in Turin from a Regal Decree.

The history. Indescribable the emotion in front of the Palatine Door, the principal archaeological testimony of the Roman epoch of Turin, as well as one of the Urbiche’s doors of the I century B.C. better preserved to the world.

But the history in Turin also passes through its underground among the cold and damp walls of the Galleries of Pietro Micca, where the hero died making explode the gallery to block the French troops.



The perfume of the roasted coffee. Turin is the city of the coffee, who doesn’t know Lavazza?! ( a big Italian Brand). Just out of town, around Settimo, the air is soaked with an intense and unmistakable roast odor.

The tradition of the coffee goes back to 1700, you can discover it with the circuit of the historical Coffees.

Another must stop is for taste the specialties of the subalpine “small confectionery”: Amaretti, Anisini, Baci di Dama, Bignole, Brute Bön, Canestrelli, Marron Glacés, Meringhe, Nocciolini, Savoiardi, Torcetti.

Not to mention the chocolate delights: Gianduiotti, Praline, Cri Cri, Bicerin, the warm Zabaione or the historical Vermouth such as the Cinzano, Martin and Punt and Mes.

The mystery! Enigmatic city, Turin succeeds in entangling our sense of the “unknown.” Among curiosity, truths (and some hoax) are numerous the monuments that bring esoteric symbols, almost evoking mysterious energies.

Guest Blogger


Thank you again to our guest blogger Mr. Simone for sharing his Top 5 Best Cities to tour in Italy including his recommendations, tips, and guides.

Follow his adventures via his social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blog: Lovin Italy

Top 5 Best Cities to tour in Italy – Lovin Italy

Top 5 Best Cities to tour in Italy   Top 5 Best Cities to tour in Italy
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