Top 13 Cities to Travel to in Europe according to Travel Bloggers

Europe has one of the eligible standards as elegant, historical, and fascinating places to visit in the world. Every person dreams to visit Europe one day. Today we will hear out Top 13 Cities to Travel to in Europe according to Bloggers.

Top 13 Best Cities to travel to in europe

Yes! Top 13 from thousands of cities that Europe can offer to its travelers. There must be a credible reason behind why these cities are bloggers choice to visit.

Let’s all find out these top cities to travel to in Europe chosen by our beloved travel bloggers.

Berlin, Germany – Stories by Soumya

Stories by Soumya

Berlin, a city applauded for its liberal and cool atmosphere, unimaginable historical antecedents, and a vibrant food culture is definitely my favorite city in the whole of Europe.

This particular city went through a tumultuous past and bears interesting, sometimes chilling, remains of it. The East Side Gallery which is the only surviving section of the Berlin Wall. A Book Burning Square and a Holocaust Memorial are must-sees for any history lover.

It is also home to more than 180 museums and 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites making it the cultural capital of Germany. If you are a foodie, then there is no better place than the German capital. Berlin is the country’s leading fine dining destination with a total of 21 Michelin starred restaurants.

Additionally, it has a growing international food scene and is the most vegan-friendly place in Europe. And if this does not motivate you enough. Why not take a trip to the elegant Palaces of Sanssouci in Potsdam or the pretty riverside city of Dresden, all within a day’s reach from Berlin.

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Bratislava, Slovakia – Career Gappers

Bratislava Old Town Hall

Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital, is a city of rich cultural depth and historical intrigue. One of four capitals standing on the Danube river, it is at the core of Central Europe, and the crossroads of the empires of old.

The city’s beating heart is the charming Old Town, a maze of narrow, cobbled streets full of color and activity. Here, between the walls of buildings like the Old Town Hall, St Martin’s Cathedral and the National Theatre, is where magical stories of Slovakia’s past come to life.

The reason we have such a special affection for Bratislava, however, is its irresistible food and drink culture. Slovakia’s cuisine is hearty and satisfying, and there’s no better place to indulge than in one of the capital city’s many eateries.

Soups of garlic and sheep’s cheese, smoked sausages, potato pancakes, dumplings, pickled cabbage – all washed down with a local craft beer or fruit liquor. Best of all, perhaps, is the city’s legendary homemade ice cream. What’s not to love?

Read more at Alex Trembath’s Blog: Career Gappers, Instagram, and Pinterest account.

Brighton, United Kingdom – The Globetrotter GP

The Globetrotter GP

Brighton is my favorite city in Europe because it’s lively, friendly, quirky, creative, modern and yet traditional all at the same time. It’s a city which draws young people, creative people and those who are just young at heart.

There are so many things to do in Brighton that you are bound to have a brilliant trip here. Brighton always dares to be different and so you can guarantee to find plenty of activities to reflect the cities personality from laughter classes to city scavenger hunts!

Visiting Brighton really gives you an insight into the quintessential British culture. The pebbled stone beaches dotted with striped deck chairs, the traditional English pier complete with fun fair and penny arcade.

The multitude of fish and chips shops along the seafront, the bright-colored stripey beach huts slightly battered by the elements. Regardless of whether you visit for.

The impressive vintage shopping scene or the many brilliant restaurants and quirky bars or just to spend the day at the seaside, you are sure to have a brilliant time in Brighton!

Read more at Leanne’s Blog: The Globetrotter GP, Facebook, and Pinterest account.

Brussels, Belgium – A Packed Life

Porte de Hal, Brussels

A city of many and copious charms, Brussels also repays prolonged exploration. Firstly there are its many well-known and much-visited attractions. Such as the futuristic Atomium and its associated tiny international village.

Then you have the glories of Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Grand Place, and it will catch you in thrall with all those magnificent historic buildings and their stories of medieval guilds, city defenses and even a house that got promoted when its Duke became a King.

Visit the Comic Strip walk to enjoy the best of the city’s street art in the home of Tintin. There’s gastronomic Brussels: all fragrant with moules (mussels), frites (Belgian fries), waffles, chocolate and the most magnificent dedication to the art of the brewer.

Explore a little further afield, and you’ll find Brussels as experienced by its residents. Travel a mere ten minutes on the Metro to Saint-Gilles, and you’ll be “where the world meets in Brussels”.

Don’t forget to visit Porte de Hal, the last remaining city gate, complete with a magnificent rampart walk to give you views that will leave you breathless. Neighborhood after neighborhood, Brussels gives up yet more treasures to the traveler.

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Calabria, Italy – Cathy Travelling

Calabria final

Tropea, on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Calabria Italy is a seaside town with delightful surprises wherever you look and whatever you do. At night stunning street lights create a magical feel to this seaside town.

Views of magnificent sunsets from Lookout Villetta make you want to stay until the sun has long set. A walk along cobblestone streets take you to views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the famous beach of Tropea and the Church on the Island known as Sanctuary of Santa Maria Dell’ Isola.

One hundred and twenty-five steps take you to the beach where you can walk along the Lungomare enjoying the warmth, quietness, and views. Hearing the bells toll is both beautiful and moving.

Tropea is famous for onions, pizza and tartufi (ice-cream). You too could enjoy three tartufi in two days! You are sure to find that Tropea is more spectacular than you could imagine.

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Dublin, Ireland – Endless Travel Journey

Dublin final

Dublin is the capital and the largest city in Ireland, located in the east coast of the country at the mouth of the River Liffey. This city carries a long history which dated by to the 7th century AD with the first establishment of Celtic-speaking people.

Enjoy an afternoon walk or nightlife at the most happening street of Temple Bar. It is filled with Irish pubs, bars, and restaurants that served a variety of Irish as well as international dishes. Locals also set up small stalls at the street market on the weekends, selling hand-made jewelry, clothing, home displays, and souvenirs.

Dublin has a number of beautiful gardens and parks, a perfect place to relax and enjoy many recreational activities. My favorite park is Phoenix Park. The largest enclosed recreational space in Europe with an area of 707 hectares.

It is home to a herd of 550 deer, other mammals, various bird species, and 351 plant species. The notable landmarks and attractions within its compound are Ashtown Castle, Ashtown Visitor Center, Dublin Zoo, Aras a Uachtarain. (residence of Ireland’s President) and the United States Ambassador’s residence.

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Krakow, Poland – My Footprints Around The Globe

My Footprints Around The Globe

Krakow is certainly a hidden gem in Europe. The city is rich in history, culture, and a perfect blend of old and modern times. The crowds are young, the nights are lively and happening, Polish cuisine is delicious.

The Main Square of Krakow is the perfect melting pot of the city. Where you will find beautiful,centuries-old architecture, horse carriages, lots of cafes and restaurants.

Krakow is located near the border of the Czech Republic which is known for its well preserved medieval core and Jewish quarter. It is one of the most culturally and politically significant cities in the country. Its major attractions include the Wawel Castle. The city’s history dates back to at least the 7th century!

It was also Poland’s former capital for almost 5 centuries. The Wawel Castle represents nearly all European architectural styles of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

I truly believe Krakow is going to be the next happening city of Europe due to its rich culture, history and how affordable it is!

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Lisbon, Portugal – Claire Imaginarium 

Claire Imaginarium

With great weather almost all year-long, beaches only a stone throw away and an amazing food scene. Lisbon is definitely one of the loveliest European capitals.

The city isn’t huge but it definitely has the feel of a cosmopolitan metropole. Here tourists, students, digital nomads, and locals hang out in harmony enjoying a glass of vinho verde or a pastel de nata on one of the many terraces.

Its architecture makes the city even more charming with the beautiful azulejos houses with their colorful tiles. The many street art frescos and, of course, the grand palaces and cathedrals.

It is also a very affordable place which makes it the perfect destination for sun seekers, foodies, and nomads.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia – Bye Myself

Ljubljana - Slovenia

Stop – in the Name of Love: LJUBLJANA
When already the city’s name derives from Ljubljana – beloved – then it shouldn’t shock you to fall in instant and eternal love with Ljubljana the moment you enter Slovenia’s small and cozy capital.

Many of these Eastern European cities that were behind the iron curtain for decades have this special vibe to them; this unbound energy of a fresh start, of being wild and daring.

Ljubljana is romantically at the foot of a medieval fortress from the 11th century and preserves incredible baroque architecture along the romantic Ljubljana river.

At the turn of the 19th century, innovative architect Jože Plecnik added some of the most ingenious buildings and structures to his hometown.

Being historically intertwined with Italy, Austria, Germany, and other European countries, Ljubljana can actually be considered the heart of the continent.

Read more at Renata’s Blog: Bye Myself, Facebook, and Pinterest account.

London, United Kingdom – Digital Travel Guru

London United Kingdom

International cities have always been a key point of attraction for people. This is especially true for European cities for their sheer beauty. One of the most well-known cities on the planet has to be London.

It offers the visitor a huge selection of things to do and see and ranks as one of the top cities to visit.

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is situated in the Southeast of Great Britain just by the River Thames. London is nothing new as the city was established in Roman times.

People are mainly attracted by the culture and heritage of the city. From festivals, the multi-cultural vibe of the city, restaurants, nightlife, sightseeing there is so much to London.

London will definitely be able to offer you something to suit your interests. Below we have highlighted just a few please you can visit in this wonderful city.
Some of the Key Sites: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, Kew Gardens Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s, The Shard, Kensington Palace, South Bank Trafalgar Square, Albert Memorial and The Houses of Parliament.

More Tourist Attractions Include The Tower Bridge, Southwark Cathedral, Tower of London, Regents Park, Millennium Bridge Walk, London Dungeons, Cutty Sark, and Madame Tussauds.

So, here are some of the ways that you can enjoy in London. We hope that you will have a good time in the lovely city.

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Prague, Czech Republic – The Wandering Core


Talking about the best cities in Europe, I choose no other than the magical Prague. For the fairytale-like charm, the splash of colors on every building and the vigor at every square makes Prague my favorite city on the continent.

Amid all this beauty is another thing which goes unnoticed – the people. I’ve met some of the best people in Prague; humble & welcoming to almost make me feel like home.

The inviting culture, the unique architecture with seamless red rooftops makes the Czech capital picture perfect. With a deep history, this city from Eastern Europe charmed me and makes me want to head out there every time I think of it.

Spending as low as 2 days in Prague made me fall in love with the city, and I believe Prague makes this impression on all.

Read more at Shivani’s Blog: The Wandering Core, Facebook, and Instagram account.

Rome, Italy – A stroll around the World 


“I would have never imagined that a place like Rome could ever exist in this world.”

With these words full of wonder, a friend referred about her recent journey to the Italian Capital. Visiting Rome is something everybody should do at least once in his lifetime to get a sense of the extraordinary roots of the Western World.

According to the tradition the city of Rome was founded on the 21st of April of 753 BC. On the Palatine Hill but, as a famous motto says, it wasn’t built in a day.

Strolling around Rome is like traveling through millennial in a unique scenario. Ruins on the ancient past, Middle Ages buildings, masterworks from Renascence and Baroque placed at every corner will put you in awe.

Rome is an exceptional place like no others in this world, and you would never miss the chance to see it.

Read more at Federica’s Blog: A stroll around the world, Facebook, and Instagram account.

Stockholm, Sweden – The Outcast Journey


Medieval and packed with history, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is located in Sweden’s east coast, where the freshwater Lake Mälaren flows out into the Baltic Sea. And is one of the most populous cities in Northern Europe.

What I really like about this city is that you will never run out of options to do around this beautiful place. First is to explore the historic old town, or known as the “Gamla Stan”, and wander along its cobbled lanes.

You’ll find plenty of churches and museums, including Vasa and Nobel Museum, Stortorget – the oldest square in town, and the nearest attractions like the Drottningholm Palace. You can only have some fun Stockholm’s amusement park with over 20 exciting rides.

In terms of quality of life, Stockholm also outranked neighbor cities based on sociocultural environment, medical and health considerations, schools and education, public services and transportation, and other factors.

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Do you agree on Bloggers’ Choice of Top 13 Cities to Travel to in Europe? 

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Top 13 Cities to Travel to in Europe

Best City in Europe


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