Top 12 Ideal Gifts for your Traveller Friends this 2021

The year 2020 wasn’t prolific as much as other years for travellers. That’s why I made this Top 12 Ideal gifts for your traveller lover buddy, friends, love ones, or your partner. We, travelers, yearn the hope for this coming 2021, for the traveler community and industry to rise again.

Tackling what happened this 2020 isn’t even unexpected nor imaginable. The travel business has become of the most affected. However, “on baisse pas les bras,” as we say in French, we will not give up” There’s still a big hope that this year 2021 will be better for everyone.

 Top 12 Ideal Gifts for your Traveller Friend

Enough with the drama, and let’s start with what I think the Top 12 ideal gifts you should offer to your traveler friends this 2021.

And what are your expectations for this coming year of the Ox? Do you believe that it’ll be a prosperous one? Of course right?

Top 12 Traveller Patterned Keychains 

Ideal gift Traveller Patterned Keychains

First on my shortlist is the traveller patterned keychains. It’s usefulness to travellers made me add it as one of the ideal gifts for next year.
It’s definitely perfect for your everyday chapstick, cash, jewelry, USBs (as you can see on my photo)

It can also serve as a pocket for your camera cards, lipsticks & more. Plus, it can easily attach to a set of keys, purse, luggage, or backpack.

Looking closely at its pattern gives you that summer/spring vibes with the colors of flowers. There are some other patterns that you might like, for example, the Solid Chapstick/Cash Keychains.

Therefore, I recommend you to have one of these cuties!
Feel free to check WowsoZen’s shop use LEXIEANIMETRAVEL and get 15% off. And browse other items that might be precise as an ideal gift to your traveller buddy.

Top 11 Customized Star Map

Top 11 Customized Star Map

You would probably ask why the customized star map? Well, as a traveller myself, I would certainly want to have my own star map.
It is one of those ideal gifts that I would want to give to my traveller buddies too.

With the star map, you can see how exactly the stars were placed when you were born. You can also add a customized message like mine. I wrote down, “The greatest pleasure of life is Love” so thoughtful right?

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful gift to give to your friends and especially traveller friends this 2021.
Check Star Map’s Shop use LEXIEANIMETRAVEL and get 20% off. Make your star map and send it to anyone!

Top 10 Dash Camera

ideal gifts Top 10 Dash Camera

This next top list of my ideal gifts is the dual-screen Dash Camera from Shishuo. As travellers/road trippers, my Hubs and I, always bring our GPS and Dash camera.
It’s one of the essential things to bring! We never know what will happen on the road!

Dash Camera is very popular in Korea and Russia for it can provide a piece of evidence in case of a car accident or car vandalism during unattended car parking.

Thus, a Dash Cam would always be useful for travellers out there!
Check out my blog post review of the Shishuo Dash Camera, to learn more about its advantages and many more.

Top 9 Luxury Ladies Watch

Top 9 Luxury Ladies Watch

You would say I am out of my mind adding this luxury ladies’ watch on the list. Maybe yes! Haha.
Do you know that when women travel? We love to wear chicky and luxury things and pose to get an outrageous photo.

Study shows that more and more women are into Instagrammable pose, so, that’s why this one is on the list. Simple as that!

What do you think? Do you have a traveller friend who loves to wear luxurious and fashionable accessories for their Instagram posts? I’m sure you have.

Check out MEGIR website and browse your elegant ladies’ watch!

Top 8 Customized Socks 

ideal gifts customized socks

Next in line, would be these cutie pair of customized socks from Printsfield. I chose it because it can be an ideal gift as a souvenir from a travel experience.

Browsing at Printsfield shop, you can choose your pattern. There are hearts theme, face mash, and many more. With my choice, I chose the photos from my travel to Portugal. It’s one of the most memorable moments of my life, and I want to treasure it.

I’m sure your traveller friend would want a pair of these. Feel free to check Printsfield and customize your socks!

Top 7 Traveller Showerless Pack

Busy Beauty

Talking about essentials, then we have this showerless traveller pack from Busy Beauty. Definitely one of those ideal gifts for 2021!
It is very convenient and easy to use products made especially for travellers!

Imagine traveling with dry shampoo, body wipes, deodorant wipes, dry conditioner, and shave gel. No need for water!

They are vegan, paraben-free, aluminum-free, and cruelty-free, and plus they are all travel size packed

Check Busy Beauty’s shop use FRESHFAST and get 20% off. Get your travel pack showerless collection for your next travel adventure!

Top 6 Black Snail Repair Traveller Kit

Black Snail Travel Kit

We are now down to my top 6 ideal gifts for 2021. And as you all know I’ve recently review Ipurple’s Black Snail Repair traveller kit, I would like to add it to my list as well.
There’s no doubt that this kit has its advantage for travellers, especially for women. I have briefly explained from my vlog that traveling can also be a hassle and stressful.

With this Black Snail Repair kit, traveller’s skin would be in heaven. The huge benefit of it is an anti-aging skincare regime that combines a facial cream and emulsion with a hydro-gel mask and toner, all powered by secretions from Korean Black Snails that are ten times larger and produce richer mucin than generic snails.

I bet your traveller friends would like this product! So grab your Black Snail Repair Traveller kit at IPurple Shop.

Top 5 Wooden Watches

ideal gifts wooden watches

Another product that I deeply wanted to recommend is the wood watches from Jord. There are tons of models of wooden watches out there but I would like you to look into this brand.

Why? It simply because I have the experience working with them, and I’m very proud of it.

Jord is a determined and promising brand, where you can get a full pack of services after-sales.
I also made a review of Jord’s products. And I considered them as one of the unique wooden watches in the world.

Pick your wooden watch for men or women at Jord Shop or check out my review product Jord Watch for Him or Her.

Top 4 Traveller Backpack 

Traveller Backpack

On my top 4 list of ideal gifts, I chose the traveller backpack from American Shield. It’s light, convenient, and most likely prototypical for travellers.

For almost 10 years of travelling, backpack change a lot about my perception of short/city trips. Before we used to bring luggage with us, but now, it’s all changed thanks to the American Shield traveller backpack.

It’s not necessarily to be a nomad or a backpacker to bring a backpack with you. Using a backpack as an alternative for your overweight luggage is much handier.

Hence, you should get one for your traveller buddy or love ones. I’m inviting you to read my post about American Shield Casual Backpack for Travellers use LEXIEANIME20 and get 20% off or, you can visit the American Shield website for more details.

Top 3 Traveller Sleep Mask 

Sleep mask

For our Top 3 ideal gifts for 2021, I will introduce you to new traveller accessories on my list. It’s no other than the Traveller Sleep Mask from Aroma Season.

Recently, I started to do product testing of sleep masks from Aroma Season. And I’m certainly enchanted by the usefulness of its products.
These sleep mask can be easily brought with you while travelling, and can be used where ever you are, either on the bus or plane.

Sleep masks have a 3D design that has a nose bridge and leave no pressure on your eyes. It is also very soft and comfortable with low-rebound memory foam and Lycra material. With these sleep masks, you can get sound sleep or nap everywhere!

Perfect for our Traveller friends, agree?
Check out Aroma Season for more details of sleep masks.

Top 2 Lens Kit

Lens Kit

Selecting the top 2 and top 1 is the hardest part. Finally, I’m settled with my choice. Our top 2 is the Lens kit from Bomgogo!
It’s been years now since I began using Lens Kit whilst on my travel.

It’s super helpful and super easy to use. Juggling as a photographer and Vlogger at the same time is difficult.

Thanks to the help of Lens kit, I can take videos and photos effortlessly.

My favorite lens from the kit is the 125 Angle lens, which you can get a good partition of the landscape in High Quality. There’s the Macro Lens which I pretty enjoyed using it! A whole discovery of photography using the phone! It’s superb!

For most travellers, this accessory is pretty known already. So if you are not a traveller but want to give a gift to your traveller friend? Then your problem is solved!

Check my review of Lens Kit from Bomgogo use LEXIEANIME and get 18% off. Check Bomgogo Shop for more details.

Top 1 Lens Ball

Top 1 Lens Ball ideal gifts

Finally, we’re down to the top 1! I am super delighted to name it as the best ideal gift for travellers this 2021. Regardless of your passion is travelling or photography. A Lens ball is one of the essential things that you should have in your traveller backpack!

I honestly bring Lens ball with me whenever I travel (short trips or vacation). It gives me that out of the world perspective of my photos whenever I take them.

You can see my other photos taken with Lens Ball on my Instagram account, and you’ll see another flavor, another characteristic of the landscape.

It’s really exciting to use and so worthy to have during your travels. Therefore, the Lens kit deserves the Top 1 on this list!

Check out Lens Ball shop and get one for you or your travel buddy!


What do you think about my Top 12 Ideal Gifts for your Traveller Friends this 2021?
Would you pick any of these gifts? Which one?
Or, Are you a Traveller? Which one would you want to have as a gift for 2021? 

Top 12 Ideal Gifts for your Traveller Friends this 2021

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