A Half Day Travel Guide – Things to do in Gozo Island, Malta

Everyone is buckling their seatbelts as they start the car engine to enter the ship that leads to Gozo Island. It begins early in the morning at 6:00 am, the ferry pulls, and says goodbye from the quay of Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal.

On the other hand, we have just woke up in the morning and eat our buffet breakfast. Some people have already started their day visiting Gozo. There would be some exploring, learning, and discovery to experience in this second largest island in the archipelago.

Today we will give you some tips, tricks, and hacks on how to spend your half day, of course, this includes the Things to do in Gozo.

Things to do in Gozo. 

Gozo is just a 35-minute ferry hop from the mainland of Malta, less developed, more rural, but it’s an escape from the bustling modern life of Malta. Gozo offers the finest sights that most of the active people love to do. Clifftop hiking, biking mountains, kayaking, diving, and many more.

When it comes to its food, they focus on fresh local produce and briny-fresh seafood. This indeed a perfect nutrients for your body after completing all your desired activities.

How to reach Gozo Island 

how to reach gozo

Going to Gozo Island either with a car or commuting would much more likely the same. Well, in terms of transportation I mean. All you have you to do is to take the earliest ferry possible from Cirkewwa (at the Northern most tip of the main island Malta)

In terms of fares, there’s a bit of difference between Maltese residents and tourists or passengers with car or passenger alone.
Standard Passenger Fare: € 4.65
(This fare applies for all passengers, except Gozitan permanent residents and holders of Karta Anzjan)
Car and Driver Standard Fare: € 15.70
(This fare applies for car + driver, except Gozitan permanent residents and holders of Karta Anzjan)

Traveling by car would be easier just type on your car’s GPS the address of Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal and drive until there. Super easy! Don’t forget to ask when you arrived at the terminal. You have to get the Gozo ferry-boat, which is from the Gozo Channel Line. 

When boarding the ferry with your car, you will not pay anything yet. Apparently, you only have to pay when you’re getting back from Gozo-Malta main island.

Things to do in Gozo

Things to do in Gozo

This whole guide based on our experience that’s why it is a half day travel guide about things to do in Gozo island. We went to Gozo with our car rented and board it into the ferry with us.

We started our day about 10 am in the morning and directly went to Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal after our breakfast. Since there were too many cars that are queuing at the ferry terminal, we didn’t have a choice but to wait for our turn. It took us 10-15 minutes of waiting, then finally, it’s our turn to drive to the car inside the ferry.

There are zillions of things to do or places to visit in Gozo. Some of the famous ones are Victoria’s Citadella, Xewkija, Ta’ Pinu, Xlendi, Marsalforn, Ggantija Temples, Ramla Bay and many more.  

Refresh yourself with the breezy air of Rambla Bay

Rambla Bay

Out of all the Bays in Gozo that we could have visited we chose the Ramla Bay. Located at the bottom of a rich and fertile valley on the northern side of the island of Gozo.

When we were on the ferry, one of the tourist officers there gave me a pamphlet of Hop On – Hop Off city sightseeing guide, and there I saw the Ramla Bay on the list.


It was a 15-minute drive from Gozo Ferry Terminal. I don’t really know what urged us to visit this place but we were very excited to see one of the beaches in Gozo, and this one seems promising.

beach in malta

One thing I’m amazingly proud of is that we have chosen a beach without any tourist/people around. The beach was all ours, and we just have a quick stroll and enjoy that solemn moment.

Don’t miss the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ggantija Temples

your tour guide

After our sweet stroll in Ramla Bay, next in line was to visit the UNESCO world heritage site in Gozo which is the Ggantija Temples. I have posted an article about our tour here you can check it out: Your Tour Guide to Ggantija Temples 

Again, for those who did not know Ggantija Temples chosen to be one of UNESCO heritage site because of its gigantic bronze age structures.

Visiting this place was super cool, you’ll learn a lot of things about history, art, and science. If you are a history lover, this one fits perfectly for you.

Take a tour at Ta’ Kola Windmill

Take a tour at Ta’ Kola Windmill

Ta’ Kola Windmill found in ix-Xagħra same place where Ggantija Temples are only 5 minutes walk from there. I would definitely include this on the list, even it was part of the ticket to visit my hubby, and I didn’t hesitate to visit this place.

Considering that it is one of the few surviving windmills on the Maltese Islands dating back to the Knights’ Period. And it was also my first time to visit a windmill in Europe. Well, a real one not just a decoration.


At the interior part of the windmill, the ground floor is the workshop place filled with a vast array of historic tools, some of which manufactured by the owners of the mill.

windmill in malta

One of the interesting parts of this place is that knowing that this windmill where the miller and his family lived before.

Now, recreated using traditional furniture and Gozitan crafts. It also features the miller’s dining room, bedrooms, and kitchen equipped with traditional utensils and cooking ware and many more.

Offer a prayer at the Basilica of Ta’ Pinu 

Ta' Pinu

As a traditional gest of every voyage that I take, it has always been the classic part. Offering a small prayer to each church that I’m visiting. Wherever and whenever it is my Filipino blood runs through my veins that keeps telling me to have faith in every road you take.

Ta pinu basilica

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu close to Għarb is not only beautiful to behold but also worth viewing for its surroundings and for the treasure that lies within.

As we go inside, there’s a large room literally full of memoirs such as letters or things left there by those who received a miracle.


These actually remind me of my visit to the Simala Chuch in Cebu, Philippines where people go there to pray and ask for a miracle. And when they have received it, they will leave a sort of memoirs to let other people know that they have indeed received the miracle after praying in this place.

If you’re curious about Simala Church, you can also read my post about Exploring Cebu, The Queen City of South. 

Be Surprised by the beauty of Gozo’s Dwejra Bay

Gozo's Dwejra Bay

The last on our list of things to do in Gozo is to visit the most popular place of the Island. Apart from being featured in the series of Game of Thrones on Episode 1. Dwejra Bay has become one of the top destinations of visitors.

Are you a Game of Thrones Fan? read about the Top 7 Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Malta 

Dwejra Bay offers many highlighted spots to see like the Azure Window (remains), Blue Hole, Fungus Rock, Dwejra Tower, Inland Sea Divesite, Kappella Sant’ Anna, and of course the panorama view of the Bay.

Fungus Rock

Dwejra Bay

This particular part of Dwejra Bay is where you can see the Fungus Rock known in Maltese as Hagret il-General (the General’s Rock).

It is a 65-meter high rock 60 meters away from mainland completely encircled with water and at the mouth of a splendid bay beside the Azur Window.

fungus rock

I absolutely suggest you visit this place if you are in Gozo, having a tour in Gozo without going here would be like not seeing the best of Gozo’s features.

Dwejra Inland Sea

Dwejra Inland Sea

Just before stepping into the coast of Dwejra Bay my attention caught by this amazing nature work. The Dwejra Inland Sea a lagoon of seawater on the island of Gozo linked to the Mediterranean Sea through an opening formed by a narrow natural arch.

sea lagoon

Accordingly, this formed where a geological fault in the limestone had created a sea cave, and the roof then collapsed. If you love to dive, you can Dwejra inland sea caters Diving when conditions are perfect. Meaning when the water is crystal clear mostly in summer.

Other landscape that you should check out 

Azure Window remains

Azure Window Remains

Dwejra Tower

Dwejra Tower


Bridge in Dwejra

Which one is your favorite? For me, I would say all. These are all interesting things to do in Gozo. I would unquestionably come back! Wanting to ask questions about Public transportation in Gozo? The bus system on the island is known to be rather inefficient, so I would suggest hiring a car.

Hop on hop off buses are also very convenient especially if you want to see the main attractions in a short time. The buses stop at all the major attractions. Headphones are available to listen to the descriptions of the sights in 8 different languages.

You’ll find the tour bus waiting when you get off the ferry. Just hop on the bus and purchase your ticket on the bus itself. A day ticket for adults costs €15 and children pay €9.

Looking for accommodations in Gozo Island here are some of the best deals of Agoda for you.

If you have any other more questions, don’t hesitate to contact or email me. See you in my next blog post!

Things to do in Gozo Island, Malta

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