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My Second Blogger Award of the year

Essentially, I would love to give the most thankful message that I could to the blogger who nominated me to received this Blogger Award. My second this year as a novice blogger (so true). I still have “loads of rice to...

Music inspiration

Music a fragment of My life’s Inspiration

Definition of Music? this word may vary on cultural, social, religious, and significance to each person who defines it.  However, generally speaking, Music is an art, composed of rhythm, melody, and harmony which can have a range of dynamics and its...

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My First Blogger Challenge of the Year

As the song from Green Day says “Wake me up when September ends”, The season of Autumn comes with the changes of the colors and temperature of our surroundings. Before Nature turns into somber, animal and trees undergo hibernation, it’s the...

nature park

Nature, The Genesis of Inspirations

Nature as we all know it’s the environment that surrounds us everywhere we go, in the forest,  mountains,  lakes,  rivers,  ponds, water resources, the air the we breath, the flowers, trees, even animals, the sun the moon the stars and the earth these are all covered...

bloggers award

My first Blogger Recognition Award

One day I woke up getting some great news found in my Facebook account inbox. I can officially say I have received my first Blogger Recognition Award afer months of blogging. Thanks to first Urvi’s Travel Journal and T and A...

crochet yarns

Sisters do Talk When it Comes to Hardship

There’s always a significant special bond in between sisters that no one see the pile of its connection. Sisters have various powers to feel and to anticipate future determination of ones faith. Travelling alone makes you feel tenaciously capable and responsible...

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