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Take a tour at Metz Torii Geek Convention in France

Metz Torii has launched another Geek Convention this year after its successful event last year 2017. Garnering 13,000 visitors, this years’ event happened last May 26th-27th in Metz, France and tons of people came to celebrate and reunited again for another...

Facts vs MIA

MadeInAsia VS F.A.C.T.S. Who is better?

F.A.C.T.S. and MadeInAsia, We all know these two events are not just the well-known and biggest in terms of Comic and Animé Events in Belgium.Both are Internationally known for its activities offered and thousands of people don’t want to miss this....


MadeInAsia (MIA) Happenings Part 2

Here I am again continuing to post some of my gathered pictures from the most awaited convention MadeInAsia, not just in the capital city Brussels but also in the whole country of Belgium. As I have posted my photos on an...

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