How to survive 22 hours and 10 minutes flight travel time

The second time flying with Emirates, since I took a flight ticket for back and from France to Philippines. I made it sure to get only one company airlines to avoid further problems with baggage and other stuffs.

At the Airport

waiting my flight

For the record it’s the second longest of all the travel escapades that I’ve done so far, the last one was 2014.

A flight from Paris to Manila then Manila to Cebu, finally Cebu to Zamboanga however this time, the travel begins from Cebu City to Clark Pampanga and Clark to Dubai lastly, Dubai to Paris.

At noon time I checked out from the hotel with a friend and drop her off to another hotel that she must check in for that day.

After I’ve got to go straight to the Cebu’s Airport for my flight. scheduled at 5:20 pm scheduled to arrive at 1:10 am in Dubai then DXB 4:10 am to CDG 9:30 am this will be a long haul flight.

Arriving as early as possible at the Airport is my goal.

It doesn’t really matter how much time I still need to wait for the counter to be open for check in, the most essential for me that moment is to arrive at the airport at any cost.

Considering the weight of the road traffic condition  in the city we never know what might happen that day.


As expected when I arrived the Emirates counter wasn’t open to serve yet. I had to wait 30 minutes until they started to open for check-in luggage.

It was my turn to endorsed by luggage at the counter kinda bit worried cause it weighted 29 kg when I took the flight from Zamboanga and that day I did some shopping around.

Crossing my fingers that It might not go over than 30 kg I was totally sudden when it indicates 30.1 kg a huge success.

My Worries

I didn’t have any problems after that except with the travel tax of 1,620 pesos that I thought. I should pay but after the officer gave me a certificate of exemption so it was a great relief.

Carrying less than 5,000 pesos before leaving the country might let you feel uneasy wondering if its enough for all the fees that you might meet to pay.

for more information about fees at the airport visit Travel Tax Regulation

Proceeding to another counter for the terminal fee I paid 750 pesos, applicable only for international flights except if you are traveling from Manila and Boracay Caticlan terminal fee included in your flight ticket.

Duty Free Shops

duty free products

duty free products 2

Finally, after passing through security control and immigration I can breathe normally, strolling in some duty-free shops around.

I notice something strange prices were really unbelievable, for 3 packs of Jules Destrooper biscuits it cost 42 dollars already a huge difference of price compare to Europe’s normal price.

Well, of course, these imported products cost more. I wasn’t enormously attracted by perfumes or creams I went to the supermarkets directly gazing the chocolates and pastries display.

My Ginger Calamansi Juice

calamansi juice     calamansi juice

Feeling hungry that very moment its time for a little break and relax mode with this Ginger Calamansi Juice from Tubo (sugar cane) kiosk.

Waiting for my flight

waiting for my flight mode

The moment where you seat and suppose to be relaxed and just think nothing at all only to be attentive on the announcement regarding with your flight, it’s the waiting mode.

It’s funny to think that there were 2 women foreigners beside me talking about some hilarious topic in French with their accent from Quebec.

I didn’t control my self but to laugh with them ignoring the fact that I did understand what they were saying. I just look at them back and smiled pretending to browse my phone.

On the plane

flight    flight

Embarking on the plane I was lucky to be one of the first batches to enter.

I got to arrange my small carry on baggage on the designated compartment and I have all the places for me just waiting for the rest of the passenger to board in.

Choosing my Movie

choosing the movie

My favorite part of the trip has begun, actually the most difficult choice of all.

To choose what movie to watch but then I contain myself and rather check some good country music from Rascal Flatts until we arrived at Clark Airport.

Other passengers started to disembark and the rest who are going to Dubai is still on the plane.

The purpose of this stop is normally to fetch up some passengers from Clark who is going to Dubai as well.

The services team to clean and arrange the other siege on the plane, spraying all over to disinfect the plane.

While waiting for the rest of the passengers to come aboard.

I notice this wonderful image at the ceiling of the plane it was clear like the real sky at night filled with twinkling stars and took some photos.

The fantastic ceiling view

flight    flight

The flight starts


When the plane took off I immediately started my movie marathon. to start with its one of those anime films that I really wanted to watch over and over “Children who chase lost voices from deep below” from the year 2011 by Makoto Shinkai one of my favorite anime directors.

anime chasing chasing the child

Later at night dinner is served with beef and rice plus beef salad, red wine, bread, dessert, cheese, biscuits, and water typical meal.

My Meal

diner air    photo food

Few hours had passed and we are now landed at Dubai Airport almost 2:00 am, unfortunately, due to the transfer via bus from the landing area to the airport took us 45 minutes.

An enormous loss of time, a supposed to be 3 hours of waiting time evaporated like water at 3:15 am exactly

I arrived at the assigned gate after nonstop of walking and waited 10 minutes to pass through control (passport and visa)

Embarking the second plane

Finally embarking the plane for the second time after all the stress and lack of sleep. I finally get to be relaxed, next thing I know I woke up for a snack.

I actually slept when the plane hasn’t taken off yet. The ride from the bus at Dubai gave me an extreme headache luckily after a short sleep I recovered and felt normal again.

My Snack & Meal

air snack snack on plane

Feeling hungry, tuna bread, apple juice, and tea served as a snack. it was not that heavy not that light but enough for my petit appetite, an hour later they serve us breakfast.

I stood up and stretch my legs, arms, hips, head, and feet ignoring other passengers perspective.

Charging my phone at the same time starting to watch a movie, its 3 Idiots an Indian film that I chose to be entertained.

The two other passengers beside me are very kind, I think I’m really lucky cause they didn’t annoy me that much. maybe once or twice just to go to the toilet and that’s it.

Paris Airport

at paris airport

As the film ends my flight has ended also, the time to disembark and prepare for another ride for home. At last, I survived this trip alive and kicking. “Welcome Back to Europe” murmuring myself.

My Personal Tips to Survive a Long Flight

  • Deviate your mind – this comply you to be occupied intellectually since the flight will be boring for some long hours. try to make yourself on work like playing games, watching movies, listening to music, reading magazines or book, coloring books, writing.
  • Bring your sleeping gears – one way to be able to sleep comfortably is to feel at ease like at home so bring your kinds of stuff. with you earplugs, eye mask, neck pillow, compression socks. 15-19 hours of flight.
  • Stretch and Walk around – It helps your blood to regularly circulate to keep your body energize and avoid blood clots.
  • Eat and hydrate – Regular water intake will keep your skin normal and muscles not becoming stiff and cramping. Eating the meal before landing is very important, it will help your body adjust to the new time zone.
  • Drink Tea – I have personally read this from Reader’s Digest that tea can help your body relax, your stomach in great condition, and to be energized.
  • Have a conversation – Allow you to get to know with your co-passengers and occupied through making conversation with them.
  • Sleep –  Will help you feel at peace and meditate and it’s a time killer. it can cure jet lags of your earlier flight.


Evaluating my experience, it wasn’t bad at all and I’m very pleased arriving at home safely. I would say a 7.5/10

I hope you enjoy the article and join me on my other adventures in the future. if you wish to book an international flight Emirates is one of those airlines that I can recommend visiting their site for promotions and sale.

How to survive 22 hours and 10 minutes flight travel time

how to survive

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17 Responses

  1. roni lacson says:

    i remembered the days when i used to travel 2 or 3 times going back and forth manila to saudi arabia, in the 80’s – 2000’s, some are pleasant some are not but i discovered to enjoy my flight i experimented connection flights in different airlines instead of going straight point to point, and the bonus is to enjoy the country where you have your connection flight and leave the next day… it is just like touring the asian and the gulf countries… with minimal expenses

  2. sofeebella says:

    Wow, that long!! 😆 Now I have a clearer idea of how long cebu to Italy would be if I go there. The longest flight I had was only 4 (cebu to Narita Japan )..🤐

  3. vinneve says:

    My first and hopefully the last terrible long flight was from New Zealand to Switzerland with transit in Bangkok for 2hrs. In total it was 24hrs or more and I feel like I am trapped and in jail. I feel suffocated and seems in panic at times that I want to get off the plane! never felt like this before as I love flying. Anyway, my little boy keeps me sane and he was a happy chappy boy satisfied watching tv and eating. My mistake for not having an overnight or stop over and only transit. It doesn’t help that the airline or somehow the route it’s taking was so bumpy for more than an hour and stop and continues that it felt like hell for me and my stomach. I learned my lesson and if there’s next time I will have a stopover on the way to go to the other side of the World.

    • Stopover is sometimes annoying but it can help you atleast take a break from the uncomfty place in the plane. But yeah it has disadvantage also however for me I prefer to have 1 stopover, 3 or more might be too much 😣

  4. lcdorkin says:

    Great tips! I love travelling so much but I hate long-haul flights – it is really a catch 22!

  5. Thank you for this excellent advice. I hope to never be on a trip this long but if I am, I’ll know what to do. 🙂

  6. dunelight says:

    Wow…stars on the ceiling…pretty cool.

  7. I also love Makoto Shinkai and watched Kimi no Na Wa on the plain from Manila to Amsterdam. Definitely helped make the long flight more enjoyable.

  8. Dubai is one of best place for Tourists. Its not only about skyscapers but its all about fun and luxury life. We have listed best tour packages for you.

  1. September 24, 2017

    […] I remember my flight with Emirates back from Cebu to Dubai, that was hauled of waiting. The said flight with the estimated duration of 1 hour and 25 […]

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