Suicide Squad Joker Cosplayer Micheal, Netherlands

Haven’t anyone watched Batman and Suicide Squad film? Surely you all have watched them both. The famous villain that everyone hated. Before up to present with its history of love with Harley Quinn which we all fell in love. Our next cosplayer to take part today is the Suicide Squad Joker Cosplayer from Netherlands. 

Others would say from Batman, however, we’re in new modern life now, Suicide Squad has more and more inspire millions of cosplayer to cosplay Harley Quinn. But Batman is still credible in all season. 

Our next cosplayer will explain you about his cosplay life, the discovery of cosplay and other details about him. His cosplay works are pretty much impressive. So let’s welcome him! Happy reading!

Suicide Squad Joker Arkham Ledger Cosplay

Suicide Squad

Joker photo by Phillostar

Hey there, my name is Michael Godani. I am 30 years old and live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am the 4th of 5 children in a Dutch/Italian family.

Started cosplaying in December 2016, during Dutch Comic Con X-mas edition. Since then I’ve slowly picked it up and try to go to as many conventions as my bank account lets me.

Cosplay Discovery

Well, I have been aware of cosplay for a few years, to be honest. Now, the funny story is that I still remember a chat I had with a friend of mine around March 2016.

He asked me if I was going to Dutch Comic Con and I simply replied that I wasn’t going to a place where all these idiots dress up.
I found it weird and I was NEVER EVER going to be attending an event like that…(Face palm!)

Now I was helping him out on a con in Amsterdam in August last year and got to meet a few cosplayers, which was great! One of them actually convinced me to try it sometime….and so I did!

First Convention


Joker photo by Phillostar

As I said, my first convention was the X-mas con in December 2016. I was a bit anxious, since I didn’t know what to expect and looking back at it, I’m kinda ashamed of how my makeup was looking, haha!

Though, I met a lot of new people and got a lot of feedback about my costume, Joker in a straitjacket. Also, the con itself was extremely cozy and it really had a warm feeling that I was enjoying a lot.

Since then I’ve also been to Belgium a few times, which is a bit odd when you compare it to the Netherlands. You can definitely notice the difference in culture, not in a bad way, but you still notice it.

Funny Moment

In Belgium, I’ve had one of my best times though. I went to Gent Comic-Con with a good friend of mine who was cosplaying Harley Quinn. We’ve fought and yelling at each other all day long. Now while we were walking around, a woman of a Belgium radio station stepped up to us and asked if she could interview us.

To give you a bit of an idea, I was walking around, tied up while Harley was holding my chains that were tie around me. She was wearing the Suicide Squad jail outfit.

The woman asked us some general questions first, our chars and where we were from etc. Then she asked us why we cosplay what we do…I took a quick look at Harley and I told the woman that we want to share with others what we do in the bedroom.

My Harley looked away and died of laughter almost while the radio woman was quite shocked and didn’t know what to say. So I continued to say that we should not ashamed of what we love to do in the bedroom. The poor journalist told us she had no more questions and walked away. HAHAHA!!


Joker with Harley

Joker with Harley photo by UWCosplay

I haven’t created my own costumes from scratch. My straitjacket has adjust by using dyed tea to it and adding blood/paint. It started out white and now looks as if I have been lock up for ages in Arkham.

I am trying to finish my punk joker jacket so that will be a lot of work and fun too.

Definition of Cosplayer

Well, to me it is an escape from reality. Let’s be honest now, cosplaying isn’t the most straightforward thing to do with your spare time or money.

I use it to relax and just to be another person when I am in costume. I believe that I have learned a lot about people since I cosplay, made a couple of very good friends and my current girlfriend.

Worst Experience

Joker with Harley photo

Joker with Harley photo by Jochem van Hoogstraten

Worst experience….I walk around with my ankles chained together. Yeah..the first time I walked around like that, I tried to run…..I went down hard.

My arms were tie up, I fell forward, almost facedown on the floor. Luckily I used my wrists to break the fall somehow but I had a couple of bruised ribs and a scar for life on my left wrist.


I don’t particularly look up to other cosplayers but I respect cosplayers with such as a physical disability. Like Elena Of Asgard, she is in a wheelchair and yet keeps going.

Also Sammyscosplay, who also is a friend of mine, she looks very cute and then recently she started to cosplay Penny wise (even though I cosplay the Joker, I just HATE clowns…) and scared the living hell out of me!


Joker with Harley 2

Joker with Harley photo by Stephan Janssen

I was shocked about a message I got on Instagram. I waved at a woman and evening she replied to a post saying

“You waved at me so I can die in peace now”.

I found that really adorable, funny and awkward at the same time, haha!

Piece of Advice

For amateur cosplayers? I am still a newbie myself I think, haha. Well, try to do what you like to do. Don’t be afraid to give your cosplay a bit of your own twist.

Also, when it comes to makeup, the YouTube tutorials are amazing, it is really helpful and other cosplayers are happy to help you with it (no matter how many followers they have).

Make sure to always have a chat with photographers and exchange details to receive the pictures taken so you can credit where credit is due. In the end, they are also a very important asset to this community.

Future Projects/Plans

In November I will be attending Dutch Comic Con Winter edition weekend and I will be at Dortmund Comic Con in December on the Saturday.

You can find me at my local Comic Shop too, CIA on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam. I am there a few times a week.

Those times still as Joker, but I am doing one of my favorite DC characters next year, LOBO!I will post my progress on Facebook and Instagram



Arkham Ledger Cosplay

Would love to thank again our Suicide Squad Cosplayer for making this interview. Thank you, Mr. Micheal, for sharing a part of your cosplay life. It’s absolutely fun and amazing to hear your stories especially that Interview in Belgium you had. 

What a great way to spend and outlook passion of cosplaying. We’ll surely support you and your future works. 

Thank you again “Dank u wel!” 

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  1. Alexiane Verdito says:

    I was surprised by the length of the article, it was really interesting to learn all this for me, as I am not an expert in Cosplay! I find your looks really nice and well done, the most impressive is that you keep your personal touch. Great Job!!

  2. wow such a good costume…kudos bro

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