Star Ocean, Night Elf, and Jasmine Cosplay by Nagy Wolffire, Spain

Happy Weekend everyone! we’re back on our Cosplayer Interview this week. It’s been a long time since we had a Spanish cosplayer featured. Today it’s gonna be a great cosplayer who works are from Star Ocean, World of Warcraft, Disney & Marvel characters, League of Legends, Hearthstone and many more.

Let us thank again Ms. Nagy for entrusting and sharing the wonderful story of her cosplay life. We wish your success and more projects to come!

Nagy Wolffire, Spain

Nagy Wolffire Ocean StarEthereal Queen of Star Ocean & Night Elf photo by Luis Filipe Photographer & Jasmine photo by Kiki Romero Photography

Hello. I’m Nagy Wolffire a Spanish cosplayer, dancer, and model. I’m from Salamanca, Spain. I assist to all the conventions in my country (Salon del Manga of Barcelona, Japan Weekend, Expotaku, etc) as a guest in many of them, and I organize other events as Salon Otaku of Salamanca. I founded an association of cosplay in my city called CoManPlay.

When I was 15 years old, I discovered Cosplay  I have watched a documentary film of a convention on tv and it called my attention immediately. Thanks to my brother, I come to my first convention and I made my first cosplay with my brother.

Cosplay Discovery & Conventions

Star OceanEthereal Queen of Star Ocean photo by Thélema Therion Cosplay 

The first convention I assisted was the Salon del Manga of Barcelona, where I wear two different cosplays, first one is the Hino of Naruto and another of Mai Shiranui of King of Fighters. It was one of the best conventions I’ve ever been because I went with many friends and I enjoyed my first event as a cosplayer.

I had two favorites memories: the first was in Valencia when I was through a bad time in my life, I reckoned on that day my friends carried me to the event and I had one of my best experiences in a long time.

The second was in Madrid when I won the National Yamato Cosplay Cup and I represented my country Spain in a worldwide event. It was in Brazil, and that it’s the farthest convention I assisted. It was awesome and I made a lot of friends from different countries.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

Ocean star Thélema Therion CosplayEthereal Queen of Star Ocean photo by Thélema Therion Cosplay 

My first sewed cosplay was Yukino Miyazawa of Kare Kano, a friend of my mother helped and taught me how to use a sewing machine. Because I was very young. It was difficult for me. It was the first time I sewed something, the result was good to be my first cosplay.

I have a total of 50 completed cosplays among them are:

Ezio Auditore (Assasins Creed Revelations)
Emma Frost (Marvel Avengers Alliance, Phoenix Five)
X-23 (Marvel)
Jasmin (Aladdin)
Beckoner of Evil (HearthStone- Blizzard Entertainment)
Pamela Isley (Batman-DC)
Cid Raines (Final Fantasy XIII)
Yaag Rosch (Final Fantasy XIII)
T-Elos (Xeno Saga)
Zealot (DC)
Fanwgirl (J.Cambell)

Unforgettable Experience

night elf druid. PHOTO & EDITION Kiki RomeroNight Elf of World of Warcraft photo by Kiki Romero Photography

The dummiest experience I had with the cosplays was with Morgana’s cosplay when a nun tried to “exorcise” me when I exit the metro, coming to a convention. It pursues me for a few minutes with the cross in the hand.


night elf photo Kiki Romero PhotographyNight Elf of World of Warcraft photo by Kiki Romero Photography

From all the international cosplayers, I’m a fan of Kamui, Leon Chiro, Yaya Han, Maul, and Hane. As for cosplayers in my country, I’m a fan of Saethewitch and Exerbrang. There is many more but I can’t tell you, everyone. I also have many cosplayers friends, thanks to the cosplay I met many people.

I would like to recommend Saethewitch for the next interview.

Definition of Cosplayer

Luis Filipe PhotographerPrincess Jasmine from Aladdin photo by Luis Filipe Photographer

The importance of being cosplayer it’s that you teach to and learn of others to make it. Thanks to that we can see how other enjoy our cosplays as an example when we visit the hospitalized children.

I love the cosplay because it taught me to make wonderful things and all I learned with the cosplay, it’s useful to make dance’s estuary to my work as a dancer.

Greatest Achievement

Princess Jasmine Kirtash Cross Cosplay & PhotoPrincess Jasmine from Aladdin photo byKirtash Cross Cosplay & Photo

Some of my achievements are:

Award to the best characterization of Heroes Manga 2017 (individual)
3rd Award Gumyparty 2016 (individual)
Finalist Yamato Cosplay Cup Brazil 2014 (individual)
First Award Yamato Cosplay Cup Spain 2014 (individual)
1st Award Free Cosplay Japan weekend 2013, (couples & groups)
1st Award Cosplay Expomanga 2013 (groups)
Especial mention of the jury World Cosplay Summit Spanish Final Salón del Manga Barcelona 2009 (couples)

Piece of Advice

sister BenedronSister Benedron of World of Warcraft photo by Compe Carrillo Fotógrafo

I’m not a perfect cosplayer, but I try to enjoy this hobby to the maximum. The advice I can give to aspiring cosplayers is that they have to learn slowly without stressing themselves and to try to be critical but without overwhelming themselves.

In terms of posing for photos, study the posture of the characters and the environment. Try to have a photographer that you can trust. And of course, to enjoy a team works together.

Open Message

Nagy Wolffire profilePhotos by Compe Carrillo Fotógrafo, Sergio Fernandez Santos, & Nagy Wolffire

This year I will assist to many events, as a guest in some of them and as cosplayer taking part in the competitions. At this moment I can’t tell you but I will communicate it in my social media.

You can follow me on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Deviantart account for more updates.

I would like to promote the cosplay association ComAnPlay and, soon, my Patreon (Nagy WolfFire) Watch out for that!

Check out our ComAnPlay’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & ImgToon account. 

Star Ocean, Night Elf, and Jasmine Cosplay by Nagy Wolffire, Spain

Nagy Wolffire

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