Skyrim, Destiny2, and Scarecrow Cosplay by Nightmare Illusion, France

Happy weekend everyone! Today, we will welcome another cosplayer. He is from our neighboring country France. A praiseworthy cosplayer with his immense cosplayer creations of characters from online games and many more. Including those from Skyrim, Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, Batman Arkham Knight, and even from Deadpool movie.

Viewing his works you will truly be embedded with joy, he has one of the impressive progress in terms of cosplay costumes creations.

Let’s thank again this brilliant cosplayer Mr. Wesley for letting us share his story and experience on being a cosplayer. We wish you a great and successful career! We’ll be looking forward to your future projects.

Nightmare Illusion, France

Nightmare Illusion SkyrimPhotos by Alexgv – Cosplay PicsXavier Ferrandez

My name is Nightmare Illusion, I am French, taking part in many conventions in France such as the Magic of Monaco or the Japanese Expo of Paris or the Senyu of Epinal. I’m a member of the League of Replica!

I discovered cosplay by chance through going to the comic con Paris in 2012. I was 14 years old! but first and foremost since I was young, I’ve always dressed up! I love disguises, it’s really been a huge passion all along! and finally for the comic con Paris 2012.

I had asked my aunt to make me a Deadpool costume (because I was throwing away a big fan of the character at the time! even until today) and by going to dress up I discovered other people who had costumed there and they explained to me that it was cosplay! I got caught up in the game! and I loved it.

The next few months came I created my very first cosplay myself which was an iron man armor!

First Convention

Daedric Skyrim by Juke Geai Daedric Skyrim photo by Juke Geai

So my first convention was the comics con Paris 2012 and it really changed my life by the encounters I made that day. I met the people I work with today! it was just a bare association and now we are a group of people making high-level movie replicas! it became my second family.


Deadric skyrim photo by Juke GeaiDaedric Skyrim photo by Juke Geai

The very first costume I sewed was my fifth suit if I remember correctly. I had made the costume for the flash series (it was awful I never wore them) because I was doing my training in sewing and the apprenticeship was long.

As I went along, I became an expert in the field. I use many different materials! I work with wood, metal, leather, fabric, foam and my next step is fx makeup!

Favorite Cosplay 

Lothar, World of Warcraft photo by shashinstudioAnduin Lothar, World of Warcraft photo by Shashin Studio – Clément Samson

I have several favorite costumes! there’s my Daedric armor from Skyrim that allows me to evolve on social networks with whom I’ve had crazy experiences!

There’s my Deadpool suit with which I laughed a lot! and my Lothar costume with whom I made my very first shoot with my Shashin Studio Photographer! (Best photographer in the world)

Worst Experience

Lothar World of Warcraft photo by Shashin Studio - Clément SamsonLothar World of Warcraft photo by Shashin Studio – Clément Samson

I’ve only had a really good experience in the Cosplay World! the most unforgettable day was really the day I joined the League of Replica.


Scarecrow, Batman Arkhim Knight photo by Xavier FerrandezScarecrow, Batman Arkham Knight photo by Xavier Ferrandez

I am in admiration in front of 3 people in particular. Three friends that are really important to me.

Naythero Production, I admire this man he is my role model today! because this man makes me open my eyes many times on the world around me.
It is really thanks to him that I became the person I am today and what profession I chose to be (dress designer) he is an incredibly talented person who forges respect by his charisma and talent.

Replica Industry, He’s my mentor today! the one who teaches me everything I don’t know about technique! he’s like a second father to me because even though he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He doesn’t hesitate to put me back in my place when I’m wrong, this man is really everything! He’s not a cosplayer, he’s a costume designer. But working and his calm forges the utmost respect.

Leobane Cosplay, He’s clearly the person I really get along with the most! I really consider him the brother I didn’t get. I spend awesome moments as soon as I see him despite the distance that separates us!

He’s the one who teaches me everything you need to know about communicating on social networks! he makes costumes that are really adapted to his muscular body that makes it imposing and impressive in the field! He’s a really good person.

Definition of Cosplayer

Scarecrow, Batman Arkham Knight photo by PicsL PhotographyScarecrow, Batman Arkham Knight photo by PicsL Photography

Being a Cosplayer personally helps me in the construction of myself as a person. Before I was afraid of the crowd! Today I love to show myself, I love talking and meeting people and I love being on stage and cheering the crowd even more.

It has allowed me to discover my professional voice! it’s a big thing in my everyday life!

Piece of Advice

Warlock Destiny 2 photot by Alexgv - Cosplay PicsWarlock Destiny 2 photo by Alexgv – Cosplay Pics

For beginners, just don’t give up anything! Don’t give you up in your suits! EVA foam is clearly the material that I recommend to everyone for armor it’s magical!

Open Message

Wesley Cosplay Deadpool, Lothar & LokiPhotos by Shashin Studio – Clément SamsonBinou, and Thibault Demorat

I am sure to be at Metztorii in Metz in May, at Japan Expo in Paris in July, and Anim’Est in November!

Feel free to check my pages for the progress of my works and happenings on conventions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Follow me on my Snapchat as “wesley547”

Skyrim, Destiny2, and Scarecrow Cosplay by Nightmare Illusion

Skyrim Nightmare Illusion

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    Wow! These are phenomenal!! I play World of Warcraft and that is a bang on Cosplay!!

  1. May 19, 2018

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