Sitges the Mediterranean coastal town of Spain

Sitges, a city that has become more and more popular for its fantastic seaside outlook. It has been very progressive when it comes to its tourists visits, recognized as one of the most charming towns and prestige of the Catalan coast.

Belongs to the autonomous community of Catalonia 35 kilometers away from its province of Barcelona, Spain.

Sitges, The Mini Ibiza


Like Barcelona, Sitges is a seaside small town with population of more than 28,000 people. It’s official languages? Catalan and Spanish. The city has blessed of an excellent beaches which attract an immense quantity of tourists around the world.

It has been the target place of more than 400 conferences and business meetings, with an impressive record of 1 million tourist visits per year. Did you know that Sitges has 5,000 hotels available in the city? and 3,000 of them are 4 to 5 star hotels.

the mini ibiza

Now you’re surely curious how come this city became “mini Ibiza” because of its 17 beaches, nightspots and let’s not forget its Film Festival and Carnival. Gay and lesbians travelers loves are the loyal visitors of this place today.

What to see

mini ibiza

Bunch of interesting sites that you should surely not miss. One highly recommended to do is Ride La Fragata, then climb to the church Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla. Wander in the Raco de la Calma, visit museums like Museu Romàntic Can Llopis, Maricel, Cau Ferrat Museum and Fundació Stämpfli.

There are  17 beaches situated at the coastline of Sitges, you can start with Les Botigues at the beginning of the coast. Next is Castelldefels, three are after the coast of Garraf.

Six other beaches honored recently with the ISO 14001 certification for high quality diplomas and blue flags awarded by the European Union.


Almost all beaches have indicating the state of the sea. There are three main nudist beaches in Sitges. Platja dels Balmins and Platja d’Aiguadolç on the eastern side.

The third nudist beach is Playa del Muerto. on the western side which is more populated by the gay community.

La Punta

la punta

Church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla, better known as “La Punta”. The unique scene of this church has become one of the most recognized icons of the city. An authentic coastal stamped at the end of the promenade and on top of the bastion. It is certainly the image that symbolizes Sitges.

The stairs going to the church filled with local vendors who sell handmade souvenirs. It has the most peculiar structure as a church because of the two tower bells, other one has a big clock usually serves for the people to give time.


Built in the seventeenth century, is a charming Baroque style and the interior retains several renaissance and baroque altars and an organ of 1690. Despite the beauty of its architecture, the church would not be the same where it not for its great setting. Located on a small hill overlooking the beach and the town.

You can visit the church everyday, inside the church are interesting altarpieces and a highlight is the Baroque pains in 1702 and the Baroque organ in 1697.

Terrace Glimpse


Wander the exterior part of the church you will see a huge place where you have a beautiful view of the beach. On the other side is the glimpse of the city.


You will also noticed the famous statue of the mermaid next to the stairs which leads to the church’s place. At a first glance of this photo you’ll surely think of another statue that resembles it. Yes that one from Copenhagen but No! no! We are in Sitges.


The view of the coastline is pretty vivid as well, since its Autumn season small boats are on their break. However if you visit in Summer it’s an ideal season to visit. The beach will be bountiful with boats all over.

Museu de Maricel


If you walk further from the right side of the church you’ll arrive at this wonderful side is the Maricel. The Maricel set several blocks arranged on either side of the street fennel and joined by a bridge.

There are two main groups known as Maricel de Mar and Maricel de Terra, and they built with elements from different periods and artistic styles. Maricel de Mar built on the rocks.

maricel 2

The tower overlooking the fortress is a remarkable element. It battlements of gateway arch, ogee window and the image of the Archangel Michael. Maricel Earth formed by a set of buildings of irregular shape that located between the street Fonollar, St. John and the Descent.

In this sector include the Rincon de la Calma, the gateway and capitals.

El Raco de la Calma

el ramba

la camba

You may already have seen these photos before, why? cause this place has been very famous. A bunch of films featured this specific place, the ambiguous color and style of the buildings attracts many tourists indeed.


The Food

Spice Garden Sitges

Photo by Spice Garden


is Sitges’ most typical dish that features a dressing made from toasted almonds, toasted hazel nuts, bread, ripe tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, oil, salt and ñora. (The ñora is a type of sun-dried sweet pepper, burgundy/purple in colour, about the size of a garlic glove, popular along the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

A meal that three days before had gathered together a selected group of Catalan artists and intellectuals, including Santiago Rusiñol, Miquel Utrillo and Gaietà Buigas. The name “xató” comes from an expression pronounced years before by Canudas, a member of the Rusiñol’s group.

There are many more foods that you must try when you visit Sitges, there is Arròs à la Sitgetana, Sitges Malvasia and Tapas.

Events and Festivities

The city is known for its International Film Festival, The Carnival between the months of February and March, according to the liturgical calendar. The Gay Pride, Classic Car Rally Barcelona-Sitges, The International Tango Festival, and popular folk character.

But no less attractive highlights La Festa Major de Sant Bartomeu, the Festa Major de Santa Tecla, El Corpus, La Nit de Foc, Mare de Deu del Carme, and The Verema.

Activities for children include the Christmas Fun Park, the 3 Kings procession of Epiphany, the Junior Carnival with elaborate floats and costumes, the junior parades during the fiesta Mayor and fiesta of Santa Tecla.

Sitges has Talent competition, the junior triathlon and family workshops organized by Museus de Sitges.


Getting to Sitges


By Train, the easiest way to get to Sitges via Spanish Railways (RENFE “Rodalies de Catalunya”) (R2) from Barcelona costs €3.60 (4 Zones on the Barcelona suburban railway services), and takes around 35 minutes.

Direct trains leave from Passeig de Gràcia or Sants stations – from Plaça de Catalunya a change required at Barcelona-Sants. There are four trains an hour – two fast trains and two stopping trains. From Plaça de Catalunya there is night buses (Mon-Bus) when normal bus service stops at about 10:30 PM.

Via Airplane, the nearest airport will be Barcelona/El Prat de Llobregat(BCN) airport (Sitges is accessible by train, changing at El Prat de Llobregat). Reus/Tarragona(REU) airport is an alternative,for regional flights (Sitges is accessible by train changing at either Sant Vicenç de Calders or Vilanova i la Geltrú).Gerona/Gerona(GRO) airport is over 125 km in Costa Brava.

By Car, probably the fastest but with the toll you’ll definitely find it expensive. either way you can take via the C-31 (a local road which winds its way around the cliff faces) or the C-32 with a toll motorway. The C-32 recommended for speed and safety, however it costs around €5, while the C-31 is free.

For Hotel Deals and other information Don’t forget to visit the official site of the city.
Special thanks to spicegardensitges

Sitges the Mediterranean Coastal Town of Spain

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  1. First of all, your photos are absolutely stunning! I have been to Portugal but haven’t made it to Spain just yet, looks like I need to make sure I get to Sitges if I do take a trip to Spain. Looks like a perfect paradise <3

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Julia Elizabeth, thanks a lot of passing by. Sitges is a magical city, if you want to take a rest from the loaded tourist in Barcelona? you can defenitely come here and relax. Even just looking at the beach for the whole day its superb.

  2. We love to travel so I will make sure that Sitges, Spain gets added to the list. We have been to Madrid, Avail and Segovia and loved them all. The Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla looks so beautiful your pictures are amazing.

  3. Mane says:

    Very nice place! Hope I can visit one day! You’ve captured the lovely scene and picturesque view. 🙂

  4. Sarin Christine says:

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I want to visit so bad! Thank you for sharing your travels.

  5. Selam Ahmed says:

    your pictures make me feel like i’m there already, definitely adding Spain, Catalonia specifically, to my bucket list. Im just a bit curious, was the political turmoil a problem?

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you so much Selam, I always try my best to get an absolute perfect photo, well there’s no perfect photo anyway. Anyways about that political problem let’s just say “communication” between two sides didn’t meet. Let’s hope for the best of this country.

  6. Praise Azeh says:

    I love Spain. Will really like to be there someday. I’m perplexed. Extraordinarily beautiful. I love Spain. Hope to be there one day.

  7. Melissa says:

    Beautiful! I lived in Spain one summer during university and loved it. Such a beautiful country.

  8. There is so much to see and do there! Love the beach & architecture! Food looks delicious – I’m ready to book a trip👍🏼. Thanks so much for the inspiration 😍

  9. Courtney Blacher says:

    I would love to visit Spain soon! Actually, it’s in my bucket list for next year! I’m really glad that you had fun and enjoyed it.

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Courtney, Spain is a must visit country, Sitges might be underrated by tourists but it is one of a kind city. You’ll surely have fun in here!

  10. Vasundhra says:

    Wow! 5000 hotels in the city! Sitges looks like such a beautiful place, I would love to visit it someday. These pictures are absolutely stunning.

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    Wow, such a lovely experience. Your photos are amazing.

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