Sisters do Talk When it Comes to Hardship

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There’s always a significant special bond in between sisters that no one see the pile of its connection. Sisters have various powers to feel and to anticipate future determination of ones faith.

Travelling alone makes you feel tenaciously capable and responsible of yourself alone. On the other side some veins in your heart whispering that you are in the stage of being vulnerable, intermittent, and fragile in the sense of no one to lean on but yourself.

Our Story

beautiful sunset

From my recent travel in my homeland, I’ve learned a couple of things that I must engrave in my mind, things that usually only me and my very self could comprehend. I was with my family for some weeks, it was a hardship living in a different world (in Europe) trying to adapt and get used to this new culture that I’ve encountered.

During my stay, I have always tried to get in touch with my parents and with my siblings, though it was quite a challenge for us having this 7 hours time difference. But despite everything we have successfully overcome those dilemmas. Especially my homesickness, sadness, and all other factors that ruin my emotions whilst on my stay in this strange country.

But finally, after 3 years of separation, we have all reunited again for the very first time. My brother (second to me) is also working out of the country so it was tough for us to be together as one.

As one of our family activities, we went out for a trip, a very special occasion for us to celebrate our reunification. It’s a rare chance to be together (as in together). Generally, we opt to go out for a family dinner or family mass but this time it’s time for a seashore trip. 

And there the commencement of my soul-searching in a stunning resort back in Zamboanga City  I did discover various characteristics involving my family.



Meanwhile, in the depths of the seaside, I had an opportunity to talk heart to heart with my one and only sister that I haven’t seen for these past 3 years. She did have a bundle of a mess, some crunches of struggles, and a strife of her own I wanna comfort her and be a sister that I could.

Now, I have truly understood how it feels to be helpless. Sometimes when hearing these problems from my family, it’s hard to help them with my physical support. Financial would be like acceptable but being there to help them physically is truly one of the hardest.

My sister isn’t that open with me, I assure you it’s normal to be independent as a teenager but on the long run, you have to consider to open up with your problems to your parents and siblings (sisters). Well, it’s difficult but you have to get those magnitude courage to do it. It’s one of your challenge as a teenager!

Moving forward after our enduring conversation, she conceded me her inner profound love of crochet and shared me her creations.

What is Crochet


A new-found hobby that evolved into a small business that she wanna venture in. She named it Crochet by Miss A full of experiments of artistic talent that she possesses with a couple of personal touch of her own mark.

Offers a large variety of crochet collections with the client’s personal preferences indeed, plus It’s so affordable that everyone could buy it.

For those who are unfamiliar Crochet is made of yarns or thread or strand that are interlocking in loops to make a fabric. You can make any forms as you like as long as you have a pattern and surely a crochet hook.

crochet yarns

I’ll give you some chunks of ideas about her articrafts through the photos that I will show you. (I’m the one who took the photo, feeling like a photographer haha) let’s see it I’ll show you some.

I’m very proud of her as a sister she’ll remain my one and only best ever sister in the world. I’ve known it even from the very start with the incredible and outstanding talent that she has the whole world must see it.

crochet sister



This is only the beginning of her career as an artist! I’m pretty sure she’ll be successful in this field. Crochet is not a very known activity in the Philippines, Tricot is mostly known that resembles crochet.

Crochet Collections

Crochet collection

After a year of making her way to the Crochet world. My sister has finally found a perfect name for her Crochet goodies. She named it Crochet Collections, she has now established her Instagram page and her crochet blog.

She’s making more and more crochet stuff, they are all beautifully and heartily done. I might even say that all her works are made professionally. 

crochet stuffs

Her Instagram page Crochet Collections also supports other crochet pages. She repost crochet works from other artists, she’s all doing this to support other artists like her so their works and help struggling crafters to be recognized by the world from reposting their creations can be shared with the whole world.

Her page has more than 2,400 followers now! So follow her!

Crochet Collection has also officially opened it Etsy Shop, you can find different crochet patterns for a cheap price. It’s name Basket of Collecions 

During my visit this year 2018, I have receive a bunch of Crochet goodies from my sister’s shop. You can see it here:

I have received Pachimari in crochet, bag, head beanie, cup plate, crochet scarf, and bikini in crochet as well.

Crochet Collections has now a wide range of crochet patterns, it is open for orders as per request, you can customize your own stuff toy, what it is named it and Crochet collections will make it for you.

Here are some Crochet Creations

A group of Med students who majored Radiation Technology visited on my booth last Feb. Then I gave them my calling card. 2 days after, they asked me if I could make a key chain for them with a Radiation symbol. – Crochet Collections

“Please vote for PROJECT: NO TO WAR TOYS of Angie @Crochet.Collections” and send to
*If and only if* you want this project to be a winner of YARN4LESS PROJECT CONTEST making something for a group.

Sisters Giveaway

crochet giveaway

Happy Easter! Happy Summer! Giveaway will end on 9th of April. And the winner will be randomly selected and announced on 10th of April.

Open to the Philippines only. If you are outside PH you can still join (anywhere in the world), the P300,00 winning cash will serve as a fee to ship the goodies.


If you’d like to order Crochet Creations, you can order via my sister’s Facebook Page, Etsy Shop, and Instagram Page. Feel free to send a message or email us!

spring collection

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49 Responses

  1. I like the handmade decorations 😉

  2. That’s nice, check out my sis’s page you’ll be happy to see all the hand made collections 😉

  3. Lovely photos of the lovely Crochet.

  4. Aila Fae Alonzo says:

    Hala, ang cute ng mga crochet!! 💛💛💛

  5. Marta says:

    Hi! 🙂 I’m @amigurumicroche3d from intagram o/
    I really enjoyed reading this article ^^
    I loved the radiation’s keychains and I wish you both the best!
    Keep in touch with your family, because they’ll be always by your side without hesitation and cheering for you
    #ohana 😉 (I think you know the reference haha)


  6. Annejane angelica says:

    I love the handmade decorations it looks nice.

  7. Mary Rogem Fernandez says:

    This is really beautiful !!

  8. anna liza amores says:

    I love all the creations of crochet collections. They’re so lovely and beautiful. I want to try those toys and bonnets for my baby. Hope to have one too.

    IG: annalizaamores.29

  9. Dana De Leon says:

    Aww what a nice story of how you support each other. I super love crochets and I’m so happy that I got to know you. My aunt is making crochets before but I kept all the things she gives to me that’s why I really love items made in crochet. All support to you and your sister shop. 😊❤ ig: dane_therese

  10. Your handmade decorations looks amazing!

  11. Eunice Lalaine E. Reyes says:

    Loving your products. Awesome!

  12. RODALIZ C. Dela Cruz says:

    I was really amazed to both of you.. I want to learn more about crochet 💙💙💙 full support 👋👋👋 more power and God bless you and your family 😇 Instagram account- honeyrodaliz

  13. I really do love crochet so much ever since my grandmother taught me how to do it, sadly I lost the crochet hook that my father gave me. All I had ever done with crochet is a wallet haha I plan to buy my own crochet supplies when I got time since she’s in the Philippines its not a joke, I hope when the time comes I can finally learn how to crochet cute toys like yours because I so love stuff toys omg 💞💞💞💖💖💖💗💗💕💕 btw I also taught my sister and my cousins how to do that right after I came home from my grama’s house and it became our bonding time even for a short period of time back then hahaha

    • Alexine says:

      That’s so nice to hear from you Angel, thanks for your sweet comment. I hope you’ll do crochet again, I would love to see your works who know maybe you have a bright future for it. Anyways Good luck for all and God bless you and your family!

      • Angel says:

        thankyou so much din pooo, God bless din po sayo and your fam and sana lumago pa po yung business niyo and more power and ideas for crochet pa po 💗💕💕

  14. roxette algarate says:

    3yrs, tagal rin po nun ah. hmm touching story po 😊 ako po, di rin po ako makapag open eh, sa parents ang hirap po kasi di naman po kasi sila open, ang nega po nila mashado lalo na po papa ko, papa pa lang sasabihin init agad ulo wews lol. may kapatid po ako kaso puro lalaki, eh lam niyo naman po madalas pag lalaki di po o ang hirap makasundo, kelangan ko ng big sissy 🙁 kaya yun puro tropa po ako, puro po sila babae tas iniisip nila na kesyo B.I daw pero ang totoo hindi, sila yung nakakaintindi, at nagpapasaya po sakin. iiyak na po ba ko? charot lol 😂 nyways gusto ko din po yan matutunan, ang galing at ang cute cute po 😍❤ mas mahirap po ata yan kesa sa pag cross stitch 😅

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks Roxette, Ganyan talaga ang life. My sisterly advice for you try to strong and open your problems to your parents and siblings. They can always help you in many ways. Friends are also great to share with your problems.
      Hopefully you can start learning Crochet it’s very interesting to learn kahit ako gusto ko ring matuto. God bless you and your family!

  15. Jen JenDG says:

    Awww so cute creations! I hope I could learn to do crochets soon! Hehe You guys are so generous to do a giveaway. I would love to join here’s my IG: jenjhenjenzkie1023_ More power guys!! Sending love!! ❣️

  16. crochet is a very beautiful form of art. Would love to learn how to do it

  17. Angelica says:

    Hi. I’m @agentgelahad on ig. Even without the bonus part, magcocomment po ako dito. Ang effortful at skillful nyo po. Naexperience ko narin kasi gumawa ng crochet but hanggang small blanket lang nagagawa ko. Kaya I look up to you po. Products are so cute and adorable they obviously made with love.

  18. missyhearty says:

    wow! what a wonderful creations, ilove the bag and the beanie

  19. iyah102010 says:

    Hi! I am iyah102010 on IG. I could really relate on this since I have two older sisters. Thank you for sharing your story and your cute creations. I would love to learn how to crochet too!! More power to you and your shop! God bless ❣️

    • Alexine says:

      Hi Iyah, thanks! I would suggest to my sister to do an online crochet tutorials for those who want to learn. It would be really fun! God bless to you as well.

  20. Yvette Nazareno says:

    Wow! I am very proud about your product and business! Nakakainspire po. We were planning to start a business too!😊 Plus the crochets are so pretty! Kudos!❤

  21. Cathryn Marzan says:

    Love it. Wishing I have your skill in doing crochet.

  22. mikoblz says:

    Togetherness is very important ingredient to a family life and communication is the key.I really love crochet collection i hope i can learn to do it someday. Goodluck! Tight hugs! God bless! =)

  23. Vell says:

    This is so amazing. I have always loved crochet items, back when i was younger i always tried to do crochet but i was never talented like you. Your works are amazing. I love your work especially toys for my kids.. i wish there was more for boys dolls though like fire fighter or police crochet dolls for them. I had a sister before, she died and i never got to experience but long to have a girl best friend that will always be there with you throughout your lifetime. I pray for the success of your business becuase it has been molded from love. Thank you.
    By the way i also joined your giveaway. Im blessed mother of 2.. two boys who i wish would have a bond so strong as they will forever be intwined by blood. 😊

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you so much Vell, we’ll definitely work on that part. We’ll try to make some stuff for male kids as well. Thanks for that suggestion. Good luck to you and God bless you family!

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