Shishuo Dash Cam Front and Rear Review – Best Road Trippers Companion

Shishuo Dash Cam or dashboard camera is a 4 Inch Big Screen Display Vehicle Driving Recording Camera mounted on the dashboard of your car to record sounds, images, and the happenings during the period of ones driving.

Shishuo Dash Cam

Obviously, these kinds of feature-rich cameras are widely used all around the world by regular drivers, driving instructors, taxi and bus drivers, and so on. However today we’ll be going to tackle more of its usage and utility for travelers.

This accessory is not just ideal for drivers in general but as well as travelers specifically, road trippers. This can help road trippers to record every detail that takes place on the road and can be easily coupled with different onboard technology, such as recorders and GPS devices.

In short, this is a very helpful tool for vloggers/bloggers who records every detail of their adventure on the road while traveling.

Unboxing Shishuo Dash Cam Front and Rear

Unboxing Shishuo Dash Cam

Receiving the package sent by Shishuo before the day of my departure to another country. I didn’t have the time to test it right away instead I thoroughly check what’s inside the box and its use.

The Shishuo Dash Cam box weighs 1.05 pounds not that heavy at all. Usually, cameras tend to weight heavier than we think but this one would be great I thought.


The Shishuo Dash Cam Box contains the Front and Rear Camera, Car Charger, Adjustable Mount, User Manual, and a free 16GB Micro SD Card.

user manual

Quick tip: Don’t forget to read the user manual to know important information about the Shishuo Dash Cam. It is delicate to read the manual first before installing any parts of the camera to your car.

dash cam test

After opening the box, insert the Micro SD Card and see if your dash cam works. It is normal if the moment you turn on the camera it will surely indicate “low battery” cause it is not plugged in the car.

Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t take photos, the purpose of this product is to take videos not photos. If you think that there’s something wrong with the product or any other questions regarding the product don’t hesitate to contact the customer service of Shishuo. They will surely help you out.



Model:                                    X400
Display:                                 4 inch HD IPS screen
Front Lens:                           170°Wide Angle
Photo resolution:              1~8M
Video resolution:               1920*1080P @ 30 fps / 1280*720P @ 30 fps
G-Sensor:                              Built-in
External memory:             Micro TF/SD card up to 32GB (16GB Micro SD Card included)
Microphone/speaker:      YES
Interface:                               USB
Battery:                                  3.7V polymer lithium battery
Power Supply:                     Cigarette lighter socket 

Features of Shishuo Dash Cam

Shishuo Dash Cam

Reviewing all the excellent capacity and features of this accessory, it’s most valuable feature will be its wide viewing angle which means it covers ups to 170 degrees wide-angle view. It automatically overwritten old files to new ones when the memory storage is full.

Its famous G-Sensor built-in three-axis is a highly sensitive sensor can detect any collision, hard brake, big turn, or other sudden acceleration changes.

Features of Shishuo Dash Cam

Speaking of Collision, when the car is on Parking Mode and the G-sensor been triggered by a collision, moving or vibrating of the vehicle, the camera will then record a 10-15 second video clip. This clip will be automatically saved and locked later.

Adding up its Motion Detection feature which can detect any movement within 3 meters in front of the camera and will trigger the recording automatically.

other features

Other features are Emergency Video Lock Button where you can always manually save and lock current video by pressing the lock button.

LED Compensation helps you to capture better views at night. And WDR a feature that provides balance lighting exposure for a better image in over brightness and dim lighting situations.

Installing Front and Rear Cameras

Installing Front and Rear Cameras

Installing Front and Rear Cameras in your car would be a clutter things to do but bear in mind that you have a user manual to get your reference on.
Arranging and hiding those wires and cables are the most stressful however if you are patient enough you’ll get the utmost result of your expectations.

cable installation

Between the two cameras, the rear camera would be the challenging part. since it has the longest wire/cable to hide in a specific place in your car use the designated tape included on the Shishuo dash cam box to fix the rear cam wire.

installing in the car

Front and Rear Cameras Photos

Front and Rear Cameras

Front and Rear Cameras 1

You can see the clear photos result of the front and rear cameras. As you can see the rear camera is very convenient and at the same time profitable. No need to stress out when backing or rolling back your car cause you have the rear camera to depend on.

Shishuo Dash Cam Front and Rear Test on the Road

I made two different videos. First one recorded via a phone and the other one recorded via the dashboard camera. You will definitely see a different sensor ability and the wide-angle view of the Shishuo Dash cam than the phone.

The Shishuo Dash Cam is pretty much working as expected. I did experiment the options in the dash cam screen which was using the High-Quality mode instead of the normal mode and you’ll see the difference on the second video.

Looking at the video quality overall is excellent, not really bad for a cheap dash cam. The most outstanding feature would be its sensor. I was surprised when checking out the recorded video from the dash cam that it didn’t have the that extra movement when the car was about to stop or driving on a rocky road.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts

I conclude that Shishuo Dash Cam is the best companion for travelers especially road trippers. Considering its pros and cons this tool can be a huge help to those who are fond of road trips.

If you like to record your entire road trip adventure with a dash cam that not that expensive but price and quality worth it then SHISHUO Dash Cam is perfect for you.

Considering its other pros: Dash Cams can provide video evidence in the event of a road accident. When parked, Dash Cams can capture video and picture evidence if vandalism is detected and send it to the owner.

Reminder that Dashcams are popular in many parts of Asia, Europe particularly the United Kingdom, France, and Russia. However, in Austria, they are forbidden. Check your country’s destination before using the dash cam to prevent heavy fines.

I’ll give it a 10/10 

Looking for a perfect gift to your avid road tripper friend or for yourself?
Buy your SHISHUO Dash Cam or SHISHUO Dash Cam Front and Rear on AMAZON
And get a free 16GB Micro SD Card 

Shishuo Dash Cam Front and Rear Review

Best Road Trippers Companion

Best Road Trippers Companion


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