Shinesty Apparel Christmas Collection – The Best Christmas Gift

Finally, after the long-drawn year of 2020, we are down to its concluding month, December. Thanks to Shinesty, our search for the best Christmas gift is now resolved.

Reminiscing, I bet that you all agree that this is a hurdle year for us all. At the same time, we also had a lot of opportunities to enjoy our days of confinement in our household.

However, let’s move forward and continue our lives. Holiday Season has begun, and we shall give this moment for us to enjoy in our little way.

Shinesty pin


Shinesty, as I have known as a very competitive apparel brand that offers and shows their clients the fun way of dressing and living. I remember the first time I discovered Shinesty. The first thing that enchanted my curious mind was the humorous yet mysterious clothing styles of their products.

Reading the brand’s mission makes it more radically clear that they have a unique way of manifesting to fashion.

We created Shinesty for one reason and one reason only:
To bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen. Stay Weird & Shine On 

For me, this means that Shinesty wants us to experience and appreciate an eerie but significantly outstanding fashion characteristic.

Hence, Fashion doesn’t only signify beautifully design, elegantly sewed, or instilled with creative ideas. Fashion can also mean a joyful way of acknowledging the weird, hilarious, unique, or rare style.

Shinesty the Best Seller Brand

Browsing some of Shinesty’s videos online, you can also spot one of its renowned videos from the famous MTV2. Shinesty is featured in this reality TV show highlighting its apogee achieving over 5 million sales in one year. That was impressive!

Watching the video above, you’ll certainly see how this company started (Jens and Chris) based in Colorado. How these former college buddies thought of the idea of making their brand. It was an outrageous move to grab online attraction.

Starting with their crazy Christmas suits, Hog Hammock Boxers, and Jeados. Currently, they have covered a bunch of sorts of Boxers, Suits, Sunglasses, Tops, Bottoms, Pajamas, Accessories, and many more.

Shinesty’s fabulous designers are skillful to come up with creative and audacious designs!

Matching Pajamas

The Caribou Lous Shinesty

Shinesty has also explored different categories to expose their unmatched designs one of their genius ideas is the matching family Pajamas.

We’re not talking normal Pajamas but merry and Christmas motif Pajamas that are super delicate and stretchy. It’s very cozy and comfortable to wear.

The very great advantage of these matching pajamas is that you can also get one for the whole family to have matching attire.

Looking close at my Caribou Lous Pajamas, you can point out those deers, yes! You can see a deer couple mating. How cute right? It’s barely unknown until you’ll glance at it thoroughly.

The Caribou Lous

Wearing the unique Christmas motif pajamas was so cool. I find it very convenient. I was about to decorate our home with Christmas light and there I found myself admiring the quality of these pair of pajamas.

Made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex (a lightweight, synthetic fiber that is used to make stretchable clothing)

It has a Henley-style neckline with button closure. The buttons at sides for snack pocket creation and enjoyment. There’s also a chest pocket and a remote pocket on the upper left sleeve.

A Hidden pocket is visible in the sleeve cuff for hiding any small objects or other things.

Shinesty top pajamas

Finally, you can complete your matching look by getting one (Men’s Navy Mating Deer Christmas Pajama Top) for your male partner.

Shinesty offers The Caribou Lous Ball Hammocks or The Threat Level Midnights | Black Ball Hammock Pouch Underwear to complete your Christmas Pyjamas look.

Shinesty Christmas Dress

The Red Ryder

Moving on to our next featured item, I’m going to share with you a pretty and elegant dress called the Red Ryder, a Knit Print Christmas Wrap Dress.
My first impression when opening this dress was an immense captivating one. I love its aesthetic, especially the tone of color. There’s a mix of density and distinct style of Christmas.

Gazing at its Christmas knit print, it imparts the essence of the holidays. Red, green, and jolly all over. It also has an adjustable wrap on it, which is ideal for any party during the holidays.

Shinesty has provided an excellent design for this dress. As soon as you see it, you’ll remember Christmas!

The dress looks comfortable, and it is, I promise! The dress is 100% mid-weight polyester crepe (a thin fabric, though not necessarily sheer and has a slightly nubby texture) 

The Red Ryder

According to its description, it is inspired by the classic DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) wrap dress, classic fitted style. Designed by Allie T. in Boulder, Co. It has an Elastic cuff in the sleeve that is easily adjustable. 

As I fitted the Red Ryder, the size was a perfect fit for my petite stature. The only dilemma was my height, the dress was supposed to be above the knee, but in my case, it’s not.

I paired it with my long dark fall boots, which complemented the color of the dress.

Talking about quality, I would say it’s pretty perfect! I love the neckline styles, pine needles knit print, and its red and green pattern.

Lastly, to match and complete your couple’s attire, you can get the Men’s Red Ryder | Knit Print Christmas Suit. You can also match it with The Nutcrack-Him | Nutcracker Christmas Ball Hammock Pouch Underwear. 

Other products that you can check from the Christmas Collection are Sweaters, Dresses, Suits (Men’s), Couple’s match attire, Boxers, Stocking Stuffers, and many more.

Visit Shinesty

For other special occasions, you can check out Shinesty’s Valentine’s Collection, St. Patrick’s, Mardi Gras, and a lot more.

I strongly recommend you to checkout Shinesty and be astonished by this amazing brand that stands in its own way to celebrate fashion. I’m certain that’s you’ll find your perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones this holiday season.

Merry Christmas! And as Shinesty says: Be Free, Be Wild, and Shine On!

Disclaimer: This article(s) is sponsored by Shinesty. We may be compensated in a form of a paid post, discounted or free products or services.

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