Saint Seiya Cosplayer Maurizio, Italy

Another cosplayer to welcome our week, going to another side of the Anime Series. our participant is a Saint Seiya Cosplayer, from the Southern Europe, Italy.

An Italian cosplayer, propmaker, and cosmaker, he is mostly known as Maurizio Akira in the Cosplay World. One of the popular cosplayer on his generation. I’m happy to welcome adding our male cosplayers in our series. One of the coolest guys in you’ll meet.

He is pretty active on cosplaying several Anime characters from Dragon Ball Z, One Man Punch, Full Metal Alchemist, Final Fantasy and much more.

I could say he is the most hard-working cosplayer, if you’ll see his works all those armors/props/gears made by him.

Let’s hear his story about his Cosplay life!

Saint Seiya Cosplayer Maurizio Akira

Saint Seiya Cosplayer

Aiolia de Leo by Lacrima

Cosplay Discovery

I discovered the cosplay by accident, I’ve always loved the world of anime, manga, and movies and I decided to try. For me it was a challenge, to get into the game and try it. It was April 2015.

Since that day I have not stopped making cosplay, but I always realize more.

First Convention

My first convention was Lecce Cosplay and Games 2015. I had a lot of fun even though I did not know anyone, but I just started to make friends. Fantastic experience!


My first cosplay was Spiderman, I changed the mask, the soles, the lenses. Then I started to make the first armor, to learn how to work the different materials and at the moment I did about 25 cosplay, almost all armor.

I do not have a favorite cosplay, I realize them all with the same passion, so they’re all on the same level. But with some, I feel more comfortable, like Edward Elric, Mu, Aiolia, Skyrim.

Definition of Cosplayer

Edward Elric

Edward Elric by Roberto Racana

To be a cosplayer for me has a very important meaning, it is true that you must have fun, but I try to pay tribute to the character by interpreting it in the best way so that it can give a nice feeling to those who look at me.

Memories and feelings of happiness. While cosplay for me is a form of art, create and build from scratch, putting anime and heart as well as a vent valve from everyday life.

I can say that I love to do cosplay, I love to be a cosplayer and I think that humility and simplicity in this world must never fail, as in any other world.

Worst Experience

I’ve never had a bad experience during the cosplay, I’ve always been fine with everyone, maybe I could wear an armor in July, this one is never more.


I do not try to imitate any cosplayer, I have a personal style, I try to transmute an anime into life, as it might be in life. I think every cosplayer should have a style of his own, but look at others helps to grow.

Personally, I find myself having a beautiful relationship with everyone, appreciate my style and I am always available to help anyone.


Une publication partagée par Maurizio Akira (@maurizio.akira) le

In a short time, I won several competitions, I won 5 times the best male cosplay, 1 time best prop, 1 time best cosmaker, I have done several times the sworn and guest and for the future I already have news.

All the winning prizes are important but perhaps the biggest one was winning the 2016 Romics and climbing the stage with Go Nagai.

Piece of Advice

My advice to all those who want to start or have just started cosplay is to take it as a hobby, to make friends, to meet people and to cultivate a wonderful passion, to escape from everyday life and to live it with simplicity and harmony.

My cosplay concept is to use everything that is a waste, of low value, spending little but trying to get the most out of it.


You can see me to Romics, and Lucca comics and games among the most important conventions.


Maurizio Akira

Maurizio Akira Cosplay

Thank you very much again, Maurizio, for the wonderful share of your Cosplay life. Your works are so impressive, looking at those photos you posted on Instagram? just WOW can’t imagine how many works will it takes for one guy to do it.

I was surprise to see your Attack on Titan with those gears (being a fan) and Dragon Ball Z Trunks cosplay, you just made him alive.

In regards to your piece of Advice, that’s so inspiring to tell other cosplayers to recycle and make the greatest out of it. Some people aren’t aware of how Cosplay costumes/props/gears cost.

My one enormous hope is that hopefully one day there will be a general sponsor for all Cosplayers!

Thank you again! “Grazie!”

We’ll be here at your back hoping for your success!

Don’t forget to visit and follow Maurizio on his Cosplay Adventures in his FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM


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9 Responses

  1. Helene says:

    He is definitely a very hardworking cosplayer! Respect for making all those incredible costumes by hand!:) So much dedication! Even to keep in shape for costumes where he displays more skin… I don’t know whether I could do it:)

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Helene, that’s right you can really see he is a hard working cosplayer. A lot of respect to him. If you like to check his account there’s tons more of his works, you’ll surely love it.

  2. Aditi says:

    This looks like a cosplayer with a difference. Can’t get over the costume and props. I like his philosophy of little is more. There is no need to spend too much to get the best results. Cheers!!

  3. Tyra says:

    So he saves and reuses things to make his cosplay and props? If so that’s bloody awesome! Nice of you to share a male cosplayer, it’s crazy to see how much work he put into his costumes. Especially in the 4th image. Wow!

  4. Travelquartz says:

    Maurizio is very confident and cool cosplayer. It was good to knw about him. It really wonder how they make the costumes and props so flawless.

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