Sailor Moon Cosplayer Cee, Philippines

Those old days remind me of my childhood, loving this super cute anime called Sailor Moon, I guess everybody knows it. If not you should really check it out. Our next entry of “Cosplay Interview Series” is a Sailor Moon Cosplayer from my homeland, The Philippines.

Her name is Cee, from the Southern Region part of the country. Yes! your right she came from the same city as I did. Cee is a pretty busy person. She’s a photographer, gamer, event coordinator, ball joint doll hobbyist and all-around fan girl. Wow that’s a lot of work indeed!

Cosplaying and blogging is her passion since 2011 and recently became the head coordinator of Ambox Events Zampen of the City.

Let’s hear out her story of life in the Cosplay World!

Sailor Moon Cosplayer YourstrulyCee

Sailor Moon Cosplayer

Sailor Moon by Cee

Cosplay Discovery

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon by Cee

Cosplay has been one of my alma mater’s school activity and my first brush with cosplaying was with the club’s promotional activity.

It peaked my interest but I did not really try it out until a year after. I was inspired by a Manila-based cosplay blogger Jin Joson to just try out cosplaying.

First Convention

Super Sonico

Super Sonico by Cee

I was one of the contestants during the first official otaku event in Zamboanga, OtakuFest 2011.

It was pretty fun as I was able to meet some of my online otaku friends and cosplay enthusiasts. I wrote about it on my blog


Super Sonico 2

Super Sonico by Cee

I first tried sewing a haori for my Kenshin Himura cosplay although I wasn’t really able to complete that cosplay. can’t particularly count how many costumes I have made but I am pretty sure it was under 10 complete cosplays.

I mostly make the accessories and props and today, I only sewed clothes for my dolls to cosplay.

Definition of Cosplayer

A cosplayer is a hobbyist who, like a painter who expresses his emotions on his artworks, expresses his/her emotions in a form of dressing up and acting as a fictional character.

Cosplaying actually helped me in dealing with my shyness and improved my social and communication skills as it became some sort of booster when I go to events and talk to newfound friends.

As time goes by, even though I am not in a costume or wig, I can now talk to people without hesitation and able to make acquaintance with other cosplayers.

Worst Experience

Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima by Cee

I cannot think of a particularly bad experience while cosplaying. Maybe if I am to pinpoint undesirable things that happen during I cosplay.

I would choose the moment when my costume, props or makeup crumbles while I am in character, especially when I am competing!


Currently, I look up to Jin Joson – a popular cosplay blogger and Ying Tze, a Malaysian cosplayer. She sews all of her costumes and plays games on her free time.


I was pretty active in competing a few years back but now I dedicate most of my cosplay time in organizing events for the Zamboanga Cosplay community.

  • 2nd Place – COMICON 2016 (ADZU FIESTA)
  • Best in Non-scary Costume,
  • O-Bon in October 2011
  • Best in Character Portrayal – Crimsolympics Cosplay Competition – WMSU Palaro 2012
  • 2nd Place – Christmas Cosplay Competition

Piece of Advice

Super Sonico 0

Super Sonico by Cee

My advice is to be nice, cosplay your favorite character and watch a lot of online tutorials and techniques. It would be better if you will start with your favorite character in a simple costume.

That way it will give you an idea of what it feels like to wear wigs, costumes, makeup, etc. Because it isn’t always the same when you’re in your ‘normal’ mode.

And finally, have fun while doing it because if you aren’t enjoying the hobby, then maybe you’re not doing it right.


Disney's Cinderella

Disney’s Cinderella by Cee

I will be on the next World Cosplay Summit Zamboanga Peninsula Qualifiers, running around, bringing a cardboard megaphone and looking frantic. See you there!




What a wonderful story that you shared with us Ms. Cee. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to feature you. I’m really happy to see that out the city has started to evolve more in the Anime and Cosplay side.

That the “Kabataan” (young generations) must understand and open about cosplay. Way back those years when I was there I didn’t get the chance to see those cosplayers performing.

I would really love to see them and witness the cosplayer competition in Zamboanga City. Thank you again even if It was a bit retarding in terms of the posting.

Hope to see you again in you in a convention as a Sailor Moon Cosplayer. I’ll be glad to take some photos of you. More powers! and More success!

Don’t forget to follow Ms. Cee’s accounts on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and subscribe to her YOUTUBE channel. If you like to know more about her visit her blog YourstrulyCee



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8 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh my word, I love the Sailor Moon costume. Our daughters were addicted to Sailor Moon everything when they were young and there were a few years that they dressed up like this for Halloween and for make believe.

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you so much Lisa, when I was young I was really addicted to watch Sailor Moon. Glad to hear that your daughters love it as well. I’m sure they’ll love to see this one.

  2. Lucy says:

    These costumes are amazing! The bright colours are straight out of a fairy tale. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tissy says:

    Interesting I never heard of cosplay. I enjoyed learning.

  4. Wow, costumes looks great 🙂 So colorfull…

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