Rogue X-Men Revolution Asli, Turkey

Another cosplayer to discover today, perhaps you’d ask how did I found a cosplayer from a rare country like Turkey. I’ve found Ms. Asli in one of her social media photo shares and straightly I admire her adorable Rogue X-men cosplay work. I invited to take part of our cosplay interview series and I’m lucky that she did agree.

I was myself surprise to know that some awesome cosplayers out in Turkey, If you’re curious if cosplayers around the world? Yes!! All over!

She’s known as Ashwee Cosplay from Istanbul, I’m pretty sure you’ll be astounded to see her works. They are all superlative! She does have hundreds of cosplay works  that are phenomenal.

Thank you again, Ms. Asli for giving us the opportunity to know about your cosplay life. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Let’s welcome this magnificent and beautiful person Ashwee Cosplay!

Rogue X-Men Revolution Cosplay

Hey there everyone! It’s Asli or Ashwee Cosplay. I’m a cosplayer from Turkey and I love it. I’m a pro fangirl. I started cosplaying in 2012 and have done it ever since. I’m a TV show freak, any TV show you ask I’ve probably seen it or at least have some knowledge about it.

I live in Istanbul, Turkey, currently studying performing arts and I say that I love the Cosplay Community here in Turkey and am grateful to everyone who helped me to come this far.

It was when I was 17 when I discovered Cosplay by a friend. I felt like it was what I meant to be, all I was looking for in a hobby came to me with a package. It was Spellfair which was in 2013. Even though my costume was terrible people were nice a welcoming to me. I still see some of the friends I made there.


The first costume I made was KittyCat Katarina. After that, I never made a costume from scratch because I don’t have the time, unfortunately. I usually find the costume pieces that look like the one I’m trying to make and then I deform it according to the costume.

And if I have the time I love doing crafts with styrofoam, EVA foam, and worbla.

Unforgettable Experience

Black Canary

Black Canary by Berk Tarakcioglu

When I did my Black Cat cosplay, I drew the mast wrong and it looked like I have a unibrow. It was really impressive. As for my Achievements, the greatest one was to become a jury this year in CNR Games Weeks cosplay competition.

It meant a lot after doing cosplay all these years.

Definition of Cosplayer

Cosplay is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done because you get to be a costume designer, performer, tailor, crafter, even an electronic engineer and 3rd designer at one point. It helps you learn many different things at the same time.

As for my admiration, I look up to my friend Miray. She is a really talented designer and cosplayer. I hope one day I’ll be as good as she is.

Piece of Advice

suicide squad harley quinn

Harley Quinn by Egesunun Atolyesi Art and Ege Tezcan

Don’t stop trying and if it stresses you out try to say this is the best I can do now and move on.

Open Message

Une publication partagée par Ashwee Cosplay (@ashweecosplay) le

I’m trying to go to as many events as I go in Turkey and I’m planning to go to a comic conventions in Europe this year if possible.

You can follow my Instagram and Facebook profile to learn where will I be next. Don’t forget to check out my Deviantart account as well.

Watch Asli on her video make up tutorial with her friends here:

Asli cosplay pinterest

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