Rogue Dofus & Wakfu Serie Cosplay Louiza, Belgium

Another day to celebrate with our featured cosplayer of the day, she’s from nearby somewhere in Brussels, Belgium. One of those rising stars in Belgian cosplay world. We’ll be discovering more about her cosplay life and works especially her Rogue Cosplay original concept from Wakfu Serie.

It’s a French TV series, very known throughout France, Belgium and other French-speaking countries. Later It published an MMPORG game Wakfu and Dofus which has the character (Rogue) in Female and Male version.

Her name is Louiza a very talented girl who loves to show her passion and devotion to cosplay. Her works are impressive, unique and have different allure.

I would like to personally thank again Ms. Louiza for participating in our Cosplayer Interview Series, for being so open sharing with us your experience and your useful tips and guides for newbies.

Let’s Welcome and Admire her works!

Rogue Dofus & Wakfu Serie by Lou Suzu

Dofus Wakfu Serie

photo, edited and costume by Lou Suzu

Hi, I’m Louiza, I’m 20 years old and I live in Brussels. I’m a Belgian cosplayer for 5 years now and occasionally a photographer. I made the cosplay of everything I like (Comics, manga, movies, cartoon, etc) and my favorite part is when I have to do my props!

Cosplay Discovery

I discovered cosplay on the Internet when I was 9 and I didn’t realize that we can do it in Europe too. I was in admiration but I never thought about do it. 5 years after, I went to my first convention and when I saw all the cosplayers I told myself “I want to do the same, it’s amazing”! And 6 months after I was wearing my first cosplay.

First Convention


Rogue and Comte Harebourg photo by Kaicom

My first convention as a cosplayer was amazing, I talked to a lot of people and cosplayer and I took a lot of pictures, I was really happy because I was with people who like the same things as me.


My first sewed costume was Taiga Aisaka Angel version from Toradora! I did it with stuff that I already had in my house. It wasn’t difficult to make because I didn’t want to make it perfect it was just for fun.

I’ve made around 60 costumes, and I have 2 favorite costumes: Ventus from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Bellona from Smite. Ventus because the costume is super clean and one of my Keyblades is my favorite props ever! Bellona was my first complete armor and it was a big challenge for me.

Definition of Cosplayer

I love cosplay because for me cosplay brings a character to life and it’s the best way to pay tribute to a video game, movie, manga,… It helps me a lot to have some self-confidence about me and my abilities.

Unforgettable Experience

My unforgettable experience is when I was in rush for a costume and everything goes very wrong and I was painting my props and it wasn’t the right color and I started to cry because I’ve had enough. This costume was a dream and I was totally disgusted. I promise myself to never do this again.



Ventus photo by P&S Photography Cosplay

I admire a lot of cosplayers! A lot of them are my friends now (I can’t believe that haha) and it’s why I love cosplay community. But I have a lot of cosplayers that I admire a lot:

  • Floksy Locksy’s Cosplays, she’s super talented and she was my inspiration when I made my Pyrrha costume.
  • Li Kovacs is such an amazing cosplayer, I’m a big fan of Nintendo and every cosplay of her brings the character to live!
  • Shoko and Jérôme were my first inspiration when I began to cosplay because I really like armors and they do it perfectly in addition to that they are super nice.
  • Jessica Nigri, why? Because she does it without the fuss and we can see that she enjoys a lot!
  • Kamui is the perfect cosplayer for me because she’s passionate, super talented and she doesn’t hesitate to share bits of advice and tutorials about the process of making props.


My big achievement is that I was able to represent my country 2 times (Polymanga Global Easter 2017 and European Cosplay Gathering 2017 group with Amu-chii). It was a big dream and I cried a lot when my name announced.

I hope that everyone will be able to live that because it’s an incredible adventure!

Piece of Advice

Choose a project that will motivate you to exceed your limits. Search a lot of technic on Internet (it’s your BFF now).
Take your time! And finally ENJOY AND BE PROUD!

Making and wearing cosplay is an amazing hobby, you really have to enjoy your time and be proud of what you do!

Future Conventions

  • Toulouse Game Show 02-03 December 2017
  • Made in Asia 17-18 March 2018
  • Polymanga 31/03 – 03 April 2018
  • FACTS spring 07-08 April 2018
  • Japan Expo 05-08 July 2018

Open Message 

Lou Suzu

I also have a YouTube Channel where I share a lot of things (in French) tutorials about the making of pops/gears/armors/costumes etc., and I have a STORENVY when you can order prints, blueprints, and props!

Thanks a lot for reading this, it’s an honor to be featured here!

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Deviantart.


Tutorial by Lou Suzu

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