Our Road Trip Travel to Munich Germany

The weather that day was frosty and freezing windy, we opt to go to our destination. A travel to Munich Germany via road trip, it was a great day to travel even if the climate wasn’t that clement.

From the Ardennes, southwest part of Belgium that our road trip commenced. the long road was waiting for us to soar with our simple car Toyota. She’s been a great partner for us, a lot of experience already. As my hubby says “elle tient la route” or shall I say she or the car holds its course.

“La Course” Begins

travel to Munich Germany
A different Plushie came with us, it’s another Pachimari that we have at home. For now, we have 8 Pachimaris at home and there’s 2 more lodging with our relatives. Well, they are given to them already but I think hubby still has one more Pachi in his office.

Well, we are ready to start our road trip travel to Munich Germany. it’s a short one actually from the Ardennes to Munich it will take for about 6 hours and 56 mins or let’s say 7 hours.

As usual, when we go for a road trip, we always pass to Luxembourg for a full tank, since it’s cheaper in their country than in ours. The Diesel is cheaper for sure, less than a euro.

Road Trip Travel to Munich Germany

road trip to Munich

As we were on the road, we passed in one of the cities of Germany I didn’t know exactly where we are cause we took the road on the cliff and the 4G wasn’t that good. Fortunately, it wasn’t snowing anymore and the road is more easy for us.

on the road

We started our journey a bit late that day so we expected to a arrive at Munich at night-time. It was around 5:30 pm in the afternoon and we still have an hour to drive. But it depends on the traffic on the road, hopefully, everything would turn well.

You’ll probably ask me what did I do whilst our road trip, oh well I haven’t taken a lot of photos this time. It was more of excitement seeing those “snow paysage” on the road. I did also bring my Neck Pillow with me cause I love to sleep in the car (haha yes I do)

Munich, Germany

Munnich hotel

Arriving at Munich, it was 6:30 pm and we went straight to our Hotel. Our original plan was to visit Munich the next day but you’ll see what happened next. We went to our beloved hotel to check-in and found it very easy however it was again starting to snow and it’s really freezing cold outside.

It super easy at the hotel, everything was fluid there was even a restaurant inside the hotel but we decided to walk outside and eat somewhere. You know where in an Asian Restaurant (Yes! Noodles!)

at the restaurant

A day that my partner told me about this hotel, he actually told me that there’s a Vietnamese Restaurant in the “parrage” or in the vicinity. I was super excited to eat Vietnamese food (Yes! my favorites)

It was a 2-3 minute walk from the hotel, as we entered ostensibly the persons serving doesn’t speak that much English. They speak more of Dutch and Vietnamese, in the end, we found ourselves ordering food pointing on the photos (haha) at last we have ordered.

Waiting for our food orders to come, I took a photo of us in hungry mode.

The Food

pho pho

I ordered the classic dish, the Pho a noodles soup consisting rice noodles, herbs, broth, and meat. I took the one with beef cause I decided to try another flavor, normally I order with chicken (always chicken actually).

stir fry noodles

On the other hand my “hubby ko” ordered a stir fry noodles with chicken. It’s really bizarre cause normally I’m the one who orders chicken and he orders meat. That day it’s different, he doesn’t want to eat soup but for us Asians when it rains we love to eat noodles. Isn’t that right? do you agree with me co Asians? (I know you all agree)

And how was the food? Super bon! It was delicious!


After the dinner, we decided to go back to the hotel and get some sleep for another adventure (road trip) to take. I actually thought that we would visit the city on the next day but hubby decided not to since we don’t have a lot of time.

Due to the weather, there’s so much traffic on the road since the road is full of snow. I was a bit dismay but we didn’t have a choice our arrival in Vienna on time is more important.

But in case you guys like to visit the city here are the Top 10 Things To Do In Munich.

Good Morning Munich

snow morning

As expected the weather was a bit harsh, the roads would be full or snow unless they did their job to make everything on the road in order. I was still sulking knowing that we can’t visit some city’s attractions that day.

the outside hotel

We took our magnificent breakfast, but I won’t show you some photos, for now, it’s for my next post. Watch out for it on my Hotel Review of course. For this moment just adore the white morning.

And after we did our check out and went to the city center to buy that sort of tea that my partner need to buy for his colleague. Then we directly took the highway for Vienna.

On the Road Once More

on the road

on the road to vienna

After the tea searching in the center, now its time to go for another ride. It’s another 4 hours and 30 mins ride, hopefully, it won’t take long that the time we opt to arrive.

I can see the road filled with snow all over, this will be a great day for us! Thank you for reading our adventure hope you liked it and see you in my next post in Vienna for sure!

Travel to Munich Germany

road trip to munich germany

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33 Responses

  1. your octopus made me laugh! i also travel with my froggies and munich is a place i want to visit!

  2. That Pho looks so amazing! When I saw this was a post about a trip to Munich, it’s not what I expected for the food, for sure!

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks Kyla, Pho looks and taste delicious, unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go search a German restaurant to eat something relative to this city but in the morning we did.

  3. Joan Cajic says:

    Am I the only one that got hungry after seeing the food, anyway the perks of being greedy lol. I’ve always wanted to go to Germany but haven’t had the chance yet but hopefully I do next year.

  4. Cassie says:

    Germany looks beautiful! I have always wanted to visit here. Hopefully I can make that happen in 2018. You have great pictures 🙂

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you so much Cassie, I love to visit Germany, we will go back again for a full tour. Thank you for appreciating my photos cause I put a lot of effort on them. Have a happy New Year again!

  5. You’re making me have wanderlust. I’ve always wanted to go to Germany but haven’t made it there. I do have reservations to spend a week this spring in Helen GA, a German-themed town, which will help with my love of all things Germany until I get there. When I do, I want to see everything.

    • Alexine says:

      Well Terri Beavers, I guess you should! Germany is a beautiful country no doubt of that and there’s tons of places to visit. If you love Castles they have all over the country, hopefully I could visit one.

  6. Rosey says:

    I haven’t been in the winter. I wouldn’t mind though. Any time is a good time. And YES to noodles…lol. Always. 🙂

  7. I have always wanted to go to Germany. I find it humorous that you went for Asian cuisine instead of German. I also love that little stuff animal that went with you. So cute!

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Melanie yeah, I love noodles so it was the essential part of the meal for me, it was a bit of tiring to stay on the car for more than 7 hours.

  8. Munich is my favourite city in Europe, after London. I have been there many times and your post brought back some happy memories. Nice pics.

  9. Hannah MArie says:

    Germany is one awesome place to explore. I can imagine how fun it will be to have long drives there. That huge rock formation looks massively good.

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Hannah Marie, It’s already a part of our life now to travel on the road it’s been years since we started it even before I started blogging. Glad you like the read.

  10. Kaitlynn says:

    Munich is on my bucket list! this looks like so much fun! I am surprised there is snow there but I guess it is winter haha we also have a stuffed animal that sits in our dashboard so that pic made me laugh 🙂

    • Alexine says:

      Yeah Kaitlynn its winter haha and it’s really freezing cold I swear. That plushie is called Pachimari you can check out on my other post, I often bring different ones on our travels.

  11. Laura Dove says:

    Oh how beautiful! We went at a similar time of year and had snow, I will never forget it, it’s probably the most snow we had ever seen at that time! I really want to go back!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    What a fab trip! I’ve never been to Germany, but it’s definitely on my travel bucket list. 🙂

  13. Ruth I. says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip! I love that you are fond of bringing plushie toys with your trips.

  14. I always enjoy road trips.That is a great way to see the beautiful views of any destination while traveling.This sounds like a fantastic trip to Munich.I’d love to read more blogs about Munich road trip and activities you did!

  15. Jelena says:

    Munich is on my map of cities I want to visit. But Asian food in Munich? I’d rather try their sausages and beer.

    • Alexine says:

      Hey Jelena, Yeah actually I was rooting for an Asian cuisine that night. I love soup and it was snowing so Asian food is the best to ease that 7 hours haul road trip. Haha you should see my next post about our hotel stay the breakfast that I ate (sausages and bacon)

  16. emman damian says:

    I haven’t been in Munich. I was just in Frankfurt few weeks ago. I would definitely visit it soon.

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