From Prague’s Old Town down to the New Town

The tour in the Prague Castle is yet to unfold before to tackle about Prague’s Old Town I still have some spectacular outlook of the city to unveil. Wandering around the complex I have to say it was exciting and jolly at the same time. I got to sneak on the Starbucks place where you can actually take some outstanding photos of the surroundings.

The Highlands

Prague's Old Town

I got to sneak on the Starbucks place where you can actually take some outstanding photos of the surroundings. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to explore further cause my partner was halting me to advance more. He told me not to go since I won’t buy any products from Starbucks place.

I didn’t insist but I still got some photos of me (proud of my treason)

Photos from the Starbuck’s Place



higlands prague

Christmas Market

christmas Market

christmas Market 1

christmas Market 3

Looking at the lower side of the gate, We saw this “Christmas Market” place. Where there is a various booth selling fresh traditional Prague cuisine, souvenirs, and artisanal products.

It was past noon, so my partner had a crunch craving time, he eventually bought something to eat from one of the booths in the area.

Meanwhile, I am taking photos around, trying to find the right spot and right angle for good outcome.

christmas Market 2

Souvenir and Artisanal Shops

christmas Market 4

artisanal shops

souvenir shops

The City’s View

City's View

City's View 1

City's View 2

city's scenery

This scenery reminds me of my travel in Lourdes a month ago, the only difference is that you don’t see any mountains behind those roofs.

It was truly an experience to keep. The spectacular sight of the houses and the buildings especially the roofs makes it all like in a magical world.

Prague's Old Town

Prague's town

Reading from the history of Prague city, it was indicated that there was a division era between Prague’s Old Town and New Town. It’s a bit peculiar to know that this city was left due to its medieval settlement.

If you will see the City’s map you’ll eventually notice that there’s always this semi-circular moat and wall drawn on the map. Which means that those places that are outside of that wall are considered the Old Town.

Prague’s old town are:

  • Old New Synagogue
  • Old Town Square
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Charles Bridge
  • Bethlehem Chapel
  • The Powder Tower
  • The Estates Theatre
  • Convent of Agnes
  • Rudolfinum
  • Lego Museum
  • Clementinum and other more.

All other places around already change into The New Town.

Prague’s New Town

Prague's Old Town

The Dancing House

New town

The Dancing House

Arriving at the New Town’s place, I can clearly see and feel the difference. It’s more like a modern and very up to date buildings around.

We tried to get a parking using our GPS, we searched the nearest one and parked there.

The adventure commences and started to walk heading to that famous dancing house. I’ve seen it many times from a friends photos. I even thought that it is in Rotterdam but surprisingly you can find it in Prague.

Dancing House and its Gallery

dancing house in the bank

Prague Dancing House, an original building inspired by two dancers famous duo of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The National Nederlands building, known as the “Dancing House” or sometimes “Fred and Ginger”, is one of the most significant landmarks of the city.

The dancing house gallery

The Dancing house showcases the Gallery, Where it is dedicated to exhibiting the works of prominent Czech and international artists, as well as hosting various thematic exhibitions. You will also find a shop selling books and office buildings designed by the famous Frank Gehry and Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunic, has quickly become one of the signature structures of Prague.

You will also find a shop selling books and office buildings designed by the famous Frank Gehry and Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunic.

the gallery

Prague Old Town

Prague's old town

Inside the Museum

Reviewing this prestigious landmark, it was looking outrageous. Its crystal-like luminous shapes with its constructivist architectural style are just the finest.

The building has 9 floors and the rooms in it are asymmetrical, Inside the hall, you’ll see a shop and an entrance corridor to get access to the lifts. However, there is a control system which let you pass through only if you have a ticket to access.

We entered on the right side, directly in the shops where actually connects into the gallery portion. The gallery has normally an entrance admission fee. But in our case, we just walk through on the store part and slipped through the other side.

I thought the receptionist would stop us, but surprisingly he didn’t so we just continue looking and strolling at the gallery’s exhibition.

gallery exhibition

Prague's Old Town

Prague's New town

A Great tip for those who want to visit this place, visit the souvenir shop and you can a free access to the last part of the gallery’s exhibition. Free tour and information, who doesn’t want that?

Coffee Break

coffee break

3:30 pm in the afternoon, time to get a “pause café” It was gradually raining outside after our quick tour in dancing house. So we decided to take a coffee break, I had the moment to call to my parents to greet my Dad advance happy birthday.

Our initial plan for that day is to visit the other side of the city, starting with

  • Church of Our Lady of the Snows
  • Svatováclavské Place
  • Statue of Saint Wenceslas
  • St. Ludmila’s Church

We don’t have much time left and the weather is not on our side either, after half an hour waiting for the rain to slow down. We packed our things and begin to walk ignoring the heavy drops, I came to realize that my camera needs to be protected so here I am with my phone’s photo-taking mode again.

The Opera

The Opera

Mariline Monroe

We stumbled into this place called Opera, a metro station and at the same time an Opera House on the other side. The statue of Marilyn Monroe caught my attention. It was made of yarns/threads,  I thought it was exceptional, making a big statue made of something unusual.

other places

The church of Our Lady of the Snows

The church of Our Lady of the Snows

One of the famous churches in Prague has one of the highest vaults with 34 meters (112 ft). History says

Virgin Mary has appeared in a Roman merchant’s dream and told him to build a temple on the place where snow will lie the following morning.

The merchant was confused, since it was in the middle of hot summer. Still, as he woke up in the morning, he found the Esquilinum hill covered in snow.

Following the request, he had the Church of St Maria Maggiore built on the site. The famous altar of Our Lady of the Snows carries a painting which relates to the legend.

Church of Our Lady of the Snow

To access the church you can get into it through Jungmann square, Wenceslas square and Mustek metro station of line B.

As we arrive at the place, there was a mass ongoing, unfortunately, you cannot interfere or enter when there’s a mass. We continued to the Svatováclavské Trhy a market where you can eat and drink Prague’s famous traditional food.

Svatováclavské Trhy

Svatováclavské trhy

Svatováclavské trhy food

There were new buildings (shopping malls) around. While wandering, we entered a shop and bought something (his birthday gift for me).

Came back to the Svatováclavské place and bought a 250g portion of that meat that you see. Yes! that one. I paid almost 7 euros for a quarter of this meat accompanied with bread and sauces (mustard and ketchup).

Svatováclavské trhy 2

Wenceslas Square and Statue of Saint Wenceslas

 Wenceslas Square

 Wenceslas Square 2

The statue that you’re seeing is St. Wenceslas, a loved Czech King propagating Christianity in the country. In the square, you will find plenty of infrastructures, offices, shops, food stands, and a lot of people all over the place.

It has been called as the Prague’s place where nobody ever sleeps.

 place where nobody ever sleeps

nobody ever sleeps

At the back of the square is Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc memorial but for the moment they are doing some constructions on the site, sad to see that there were tons of equipment visible around the space.

After a long walk from Wenceslas Square, our last destination will be the St. Ludmila’s Church. 5:00 pm on my clock and yet another kilometer to walk. We were courageous indeed.

St. Ludmila’s Church

St. Ludmila's Church

One of those neo-Gothic basilicas with features two 60m-high towers with 2 bell towers and the tall gable with portal above the main entrance with sculptures.

The Church of St. Ludmila was built in honor of St. Ludmila of Bohemia.

tall bells

tall bells 2

A melancholy situation came again, the Basilica is close, so upset to know. I would love to see its treasure inside. anyway, there’s next time. We’ll absolutely visit this one on our next visit in this city.

Ludmila church

Prague's Old Town


Prague is doubtlessly one of the most visited cities in Europe, It’s charm and city’s beautiful places to visit are one of its precious gem that tourists would want to come back anytime. We have visited the portion of Prague which wasn’t that much popular and those famous ones as well.

How Cheap is Prague?

It is beyond any doubt cheap, well cheaper than usual European countries. I’m comparing cities like Berlin vs Prague, or France vs Prague or even Barcelona.

Nonetheless in the city center is a bit more expensive than normal. (tourists price) of course, but still cheap.


You’ll be jolted with the cities availability of public transportation. The New Town is well served by all three Metro lines and many tram lines.

Tips on How to visit places using Metro

Metro Line A (green):

  • Můstek and Muzeum in (Wenceslas Square)

Line B (yellow):

  • Florenc (Praha 8 area, Prague City Museum),
  • Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square),
  • Můstek (lower Wenceslas Square),
  • Národní třída (close to National Avenue, National Theater),
  • Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square, Palackého Square, close to the Dancing House and the university area)

Line C (red):

  • Florenc (Praha 8 area, Prague City Museum),
  • Hlavní nádraží (Main railway station, on the border with Vinohrady),
  • Muzeum (upper Wenceslas Square), and
  • I. P. Pavlova (on border with Vinohrady).
Prague Airport Transfers (One way)
  • MINIBUS (5-8 people) 1100czk/ £40/ €43/ $51 per person
  • MINI COACH (9-12 people) 1750czk/ £63.50/ €68/ $81 per person
  • Group (13+ people) 150czk/ £5.75/ €6/ $7 per person
  • TAXI (1-4 people) 650czk/ £23.50/ €25/ $30 per person


Tips for those traveling alone, try to avoid getting a taxi from the airport, it will cost your pocket. The tariff for 1-5 persons is 650czk/ £23.50/ €25/ $30 per taxi one way. If you are traveling with 2-3 persons then it’s worth taking.

Where to Stay

You can visit Prague’s 5 Best Party Hostels. Experience the amazing experience and meet like-minded travelers.

Overall Experience

I would say I did enjoy my vacation/tour/birthday bash/travel blogging experience although Prague didn’t have that magical effect on me, I’m still looking forward to visiting this city to explore more and perhaps with a sunny weather.


Watch our for my Review of our Hotel stay in the City of Hires.

Don’t forget to visit the Official Site of Prague for more information. Get more information about Prague Travel Tips When Visiting Prague For The first time.

Prague's Old Town

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