Prague Food Tour by the Geeks

Visiting Prague is not just everything about visiting the famous landmarks, monuments, places, and another tour to do. There’s another depth of its cuisine yet to divulge. That’s why we did our Prague Food Tour to discover the city’s cuisine.

It’s often known for its incredible history, its famous beer, its majestic spires, and its wonderful bridges. With the influence of its neighboring countries like Germany, Austria, Poland, and Hungary.

According to my research often Czech people love to eat homemade food and not the ones from restaurants. Food may vary of course from which side of the city your restaurant chosen located.

Prague food tour

Desserts display in Choco-Story Muzeum čokolády

Prague Food Tour

As for our first day of Prague food tour, I have mentioned that we entered (not visited) in various museums including Choco-Story Muzeum čokolády. A petite museum located near the Old Town Square offers Belgo-Czech chocolate as well as candy making.

Often they do demonstrations of rock candy making and hand out free samples to onlookers. We didn’t pay for the museum but for the food that we ordered in the Café just next to it.


Caramel and Lemon Tartlet

Tartlet and Mouse

Tartlet and Mousse Display

The Café/Chocolate shop offers Chocolates, Ice cream, souvenirs and other desserts. It was my idea to go search some Ice cream to eat. There were different sorts of chocolates, even exist in an exotic and erotic form but I didn’t take a photo of it. I was truly craving for ice cream that time.

Beers, Macaroons,

Choco Spoons, Macaroons and Beers

The shop has Belgian Beers displayed like Paljas and Brugge, with some Macaroons, and different flavors of Choco Spoons like coffee, coconut, chili, mint, rum and much more.

Ice Cream

Ice cream

Different flavors of Ice Cream

Finally, I saw my perfect corner (ice creams) amazed with the range of flavors that the shop has. I was at the moment confused on what will I choose as flavor while he chooses salted caramel.

I was planning to buy 2 scoops  (Vanilla and Chili) in a cup,  and Yes! I did stick on my planned and bought 2 balls, it was really heavy though I thought I couldn’t finish it.

Vanilla and Chili

Vanilla and Chili Flavor

The Chili flavor is really good, it was my first time to have a chili ice cream, it is spicy though. Kinda weird as flavor but I still did love it.  The price was a bit expensive than usual, almost 2 euros per scoop, If you happen to come here just try one scoop it’s enough.

Trdelník or Chimney Cake

Trdelník – Chimney Cake

Chimney Cake on the making

While wandering around the Old Town place, I noticed some people were holding this bizarre ice cream cone with chocolate sauce around. I indeed curious to see what was it, and suddenly on our way to Charles Bridge, we bump into stores selling Trdelník.

This typical Czech Pastry is actually originated for Transylvanian and Slovakian. Can also be found in Central and Eastern Europe in countries such as Hungary, Austria, and Romania.

Chimney Cake

Chimney Cake 2

I know you are curious to know what is this rolled bread made of rolled yeast dough wrapped around a wooden or metal stick and roasted over an open flame until golden brown and crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside.

The hot dough is then brushed with butter and rolled around in a cinnamon-sugar and nut mixture. I have personally witnessed it particular process and I was pretty astounded by how is it similar to cooking “Bannacue” Philippine style.

Although this is only one of Prague’s common street food, the pastry indeed incredible. You can find this everywhere in the city, stalls in the open squares, and markets. 

Trdelník on fire

Trdelník on fire

rolled around in a cinnamon-sugar and nut mixture

rolled around in a cinnamon-sugar and nut mixture

Chimney bread

Ready to serve

Prices are from 60 CZK per piece, you can also add some ice cream in it or cream and Nutella or just simply the bread itself.

Fresh Fried Potato Chips

Fried Potato Chips

Fried Potato Chips, Street food

Fried Potato Chips 2

Apparently, potato chips are one of the city’s common street foods, It is simply dip fried potatoes and place into cone formed paper, sprinkled with special Czech salt. It also exists in another pattern (Potato chips on a stick).

It wasn’t that much expensive, only 2 euros more or less, for two persons it was already sufficient.

Different Halusky


Halusky with Cream

Halusky with cabbage

Halusky with Cabbage

As we wet to the “Christmas Market” in Prague Castle complex, There were various types of classic Czech cuisine all over the stalls. Wandering in the streets with this view makes you droll for its ample attractive smell.

You may not recognize these dishes but as long as you’re craving for food you would possibly try any of it. The dish that is mainly served called Halusky, it’s basically made of noodles, potatoes, cheese, and sausages.

Halusky 2


halusky 3

There are few dishes which are pretty similar with what Europeans usually cook in their household. This is the pasta with cream and meat.

Don’t forget that these food are pretty heavy, mixed with cheese + sausages+ meat+ cream. Incredible full of calories (energy to burn)

Těstoviny (Pasta)

Other Dishes

Pasta with Cream and Meat

long pasta

Long pasta with sausages

Long pasta with sausages



Klobása (sausage)

grilling sausages

Grilling Sausages

When you say sausages, you’d think of Germany as they have the best sausages in the world. But surprisingly Prague awe me for its savorous and exquisite taste of sausages.

Honestly, one of the best! Don’t miss the chance to taste Prague’s Klobása or else you will regret it.

Klobása 2

Grilled Meat

grilled meat

Meat on the grill

Apart from reading a couple of stories about Czech people being “gourmand” I didn’t actually certain if they are, however watching this food on the stalls they are selling, its affirmative!.

grilled meat 2

Sunka (Prague Ham)

Prague Sunka


A stewed and mildly beechwood-smoked boneless ham, you can also find it, especially in Markets. But be aware that you cannot buy it in a smaller portion, it’s pretty expensive too. I ordered a piece of slice of Sunka in Svatovaclavké and the seller weigh the meat. 

At that moment I froze and shocked how big was the portion is, I gently ask if there’s any possibility of buying just a small one. The man says “No, this is the least”


250 grams of sunka

250g sunka

I also ask my partner if he wants to eat the ham with me, gladly he said yes! so I paid for it. 7-8 euros for 250 grams of Sunka. And we ate that generous huge portion of ham happily, I added mustard and ketchup sauce and voilà my early dinner is ready.

Knedlíky (Dumplings)


Chicken with dumplings and sauerkraut

Knedlíky or dumplings is mostly known for accompanying the meal, replaces (potatoes or pasta). It a steamed and slice bread like, at first when you see it you will probably think it’s not a kind of potato but it isn’t.

A combination of wheat flour and dices made of stale bread or rolls.


Our experience in one of the restaurants in Hošťálkova, It was a café bar/restaurant that we cited in the vicinity. The receptionist of the Hotel instructed me that there’s a traditional Czech restaurant must visit. 

The moment we entered inside, the woman came with the list of the menu (in Czech) we didn’t understand even a piece of word. I call the guy (waiter) to help me explain what the restaurant offers.

Finally, we ended up getting Dumplings with sauerkraut and chicken. I did love the sauce, however, the sauerkraut has a weird taste.  Paying 15 euros for 2 including drinks is worth it.

What a great Prague food tour for us, I hope you like our Prague Food Tour especially made by us the geeks!

Other Czech Cuisine to try

Koleno (roast pork knee)

Svíčková na Smetana (with dumplings, whipped cream, and cranberries)

Vepřo-knedlo-zelo (roast pork vepřová with bread dumplings knedlíky)

Tatarák (fresh, minced raw beef mixed with egg yolk, diced onion, mustard, salt, pepper, and paprika)

Ovocné knedlíky (fresh fruit dumplings, generally filled with seasonal strawberries, apricots, plums, or plum jam.)

And a lot more.

Prague Food Tour

prague food tour

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  1. Travelquartz says:

    Awesome Awesome food blog post- got me hungry. I have a sweet tooth too so the desserts got my attention the most. Enjoyed reading it 🙂 Just when it was not all done I read that potato chips are the favorite street food there. Gotta pack my bags and go to Prague right now 😀

  2. Thanks for this wonderful website

  3. Milka Wibowo says:

    I regret it so much I bumped into this blog post because now I’m going crazy wanting to eat all of those!
    But thank you for sharing this it so nice to see what kind of food does one country has!

  4. Hannah says:

    I miss Prague! I remember discovering chimney cake for the first time when I was there! Such sweet memory!

  5. Tyra says:

    Whhyyyyyy did you do this to me?! I love travel food guides because food is the top reason I go anywhere lol. That chili ice cream sounds amazing. Have you ever had cilantro lime icecream? Prague seems like my place to be. Carbs on carbs on carbs and sausages. Yup. Prague definitely skyrocked up my list, thanks to you😋😋

  6. Aditi says:

    I LOVE food, so I had to love this post <3 All those grills, desserts and dumplings look delish. I haven't tried chimney cakes although they resemble cream-filled rolls of India and Malaysia. Cheers!!

  7. Helene Choo says:

    Yum, all the food looks so good! Not sure I would’ve gone with Chilli flavoured ice cream, but brave of you to do it!:P Can’t beat a good cone of fries… I think I’d gain a lot of weight if I went to Prague, but I’d be tempted to try all your suggestions! Thanks for the awesome list:D

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Helene Choo, the chili ice cream is super delicious, I can slightly feel my tongue was grilled but it was overwhelming to taste for the first time

  8. Michael says:

    The food in Prague looks scrumptious and your pictures make them come to life. I would love to try some Trdelník.

  9. Heraa Farooq says:

    OMG so much yummy food. I want to try the chimney cake and loved all the desserts. They are bringing water to my mouth.

  10. Candace says:

    I’ve visited Prague 3 times and each time we’ve had sincerely delicious food

  11. Jack Jaleby says:

    Ohh very nice !! mouth watering dishes and it pictured well.

  12. I am a big time foodie and for sure I am planning my next trip to Prague 🙂 Loved all the food options but Chilli flavoured ice cream is something new for me. I am wondering if something like this is available in India as well.

  13. Ok – yum! I love the ice cream variety and I am hooked on trying that Chili Ice cream. That sounds like that alone would make the trip to Prague worth it.

  14. Ashley Cook says:

    Yummy yummy yummy! Awesome pictures showcasing your eating adventure.The deserts are so pretty! Which was your favorite?

  15. Laura says:

    You captured the essence of those foods wonderfully! I feel like I could almost smell the food! This looks like such a great trip and so many tasty foods to enjoy!

  16. raye says:

    all of these yummies made me hungry! the pasta and sausages and certainly the ham look delicious!

  17. Aine says:

    I love the Czaech Republic, but wasn’t that keen on Prague I have to admit but I know lots of people who do so might be worth another visit

  18. Linda Kurniadi says:

    These foods look so delicious and tasty it made me hungry. The pastries and pasta are so yummy.

  19. Karlyn Cruz says:

    I seriously am jealous and all of this just made my mouth water! lol! I can’t believe that chimney cake! Wow! And all the meat that’s beautifully cooked! You really are so lucky!

  20. My goodness. The foods looks yummy. And that place, aw, will make your eyes fill that tummy of mine. Such a great food tour. Thanks for sharing.

  21. All that extra stuffs didn’t start appearing on trdelniks until a few years ago. Before it was just the cinnamon roll. The stands just selling that original style still tend to have the best ones. The stands that are selling the new delux styles

  22. Nidhi Thawal says:

    I so wish to visit Prague one day! You make it feel so realistic. I visualize it instantly before my eyes!

  23. Jyoti says:

    Love your food photography and descriptions! The chimney cake looks delicious. It brings back memories of our Prague and our road trip of the region. Thanks for compiling ❤️

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