Prague Castle, Cathedral, and its highlight

Day 2 came, and we started to get ready for a buffet breakfast of the hotel. After a while, we took the car to visit the famous Prague Castle and its vicinity outline. This time we use my phone as GPS since the “Synergie” app does work quite well in this city.

Yesterday was a great day, the visit at the center of Prague was surely a cherished moment for us. Charles Bridge is one of the adorable places to be, but we have learned our lesson next time we’ll surely go there early in the morning to avoid folks.

Day 2 in the City of Hires

Prague Castle
Ten minutes later, we arrive at the area and took a parking place which cost 40 CPK per hour. The guard asks us how long will it take for us to tour inside and we responded 2 hours, more or less. There was a security check at the entrance, officers were there to check your things and items on your bags plus scan your body using their detector.

It was pretty easy for me cause I didn’t bring that much, only one sling bag and my bag for the camera.

Prague Castle Complex

royal castle

Approaching the Palace Complex, the outlook of the Cathedral outshines the Dalibor Tower. The round tower which is actually a monumental dungeon that has a circular opening in the floor. There was also a Royal Park on the left side of the entrance place however it was closed that day due to the maintenance issue.

entrance castle


From afar I noticed 2 guards standing at the opposite sides at the entrance of the complex. Holding their guns and constantly immobile while on duty, they look stiff and extremely serious. It makes me think of London’s guards too.

There were some tourists who manage to take some photos of them with their wacky faces together with the guards. But the guards don’t move or talk at all, They will just ignore you if every you get closer to them.

guards entrance

Interior place of Prague Castle Complex

Prague Castle interior

prague complex

Visualizing the interior part of the complex, you will notice it’s a close site surrounded with buildings all over it. At first, I thought I will directly spot the castle of the Cathedral but it seems just an open place with a fountain in the middle and some huge monuments around.

Kohl’s Fountain

fountain palace


St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral is a gothic resting place of saints including Vitus, Wenceslas & Adalbert as well as the state treasury. Considered as the largest and the most important church of the country and the spiritual symbol of the state.

St. Vitus Cathedral 1

One of the most visited places in Prague, with its great allure measuring 96.5 meters (317 ft) high, front towers 82 meters (269 ft).

As we arrive at the place, people were queuing to get inside the Cathedral. I was really curious what lies inside this place. It has attracted many tourist all these years, over million visitors come to see this gothic church.

gothic cathedral



While queuing, I noticed the statues on the top, it was actually like an angel form statue with her tongue out.  I discreetly told my husband and he explained. That the purpose of it is to protect the statues from stagnant water from the rain.

So if ever it’ll rain the water drops directly, a good flow of dispersing water from the statue. It was my first time to hear about it, but yeah its true if water will stay on statues it will create molds.

interior cathedral

Interior Part

St. Vitus Cathedral interior

The interior part looks really amazing, there were too many people though I still manage to get some good spot to take photos. However, the façade of the entrance was a little deserted. I haven’t seen that

I haven’t seen that many holy statues encompassing the entrance. On the other hand, the stained glasses were fantastically outshining the Cathedral. With its luminous aura and uniqueness of vibrant colors, you could definitely say “wow”.

St. Vitus Cathedral interior 1

inside the church
Usually, I opt to take photos of stained glasses whenever I visit churches but these are just magical. Despite being in the pitfall of crowded people It didn’t stop me to explore and discover more about it.

inside the church 2

Magical Stained Glasses

stained glass


glasses 1

glasses 2

I could say this was the highlight of the Cathedral, it’s very own unique baroque style stained glasses. There were many of them actually, each part of the window has this angelic and graceful charisma.

On that day of visiting, we haven’t paid any tour or services, so the disadvantage was we weren’t able to go further in the interior part of the church.

Besides, I think it’s enough for us too, cause with the people around that day? it was suffocating.

glasses 4


glass window

glass window 2

From the information that I gathered, they still do masses in this place. Regular Catholic Mass every Sunday 8:30 am and 10:00 am (every last Sunday in the month in Latin), 17.00 (except July – September). Every Monday – Saturday at 7:00 am

If you wish to visit St. Vitus Cathedral, the admission fee is:

  • Full 140 CZK: Reduced 70 CZK: Family 200 CZK (6 – 8,70 euros)
  • Guided tours in the Czech language: 50 CZK/person/hour
  • Guided tours in other languages: 100 CZK/person/hour

With the inclusion tour of historical part  St Wenceslas Chapel and the tombstones of the Premyslid kings and princes (accessible with a valid ticket for the Prague Castle A or B circuit)

Note that 1 Euro is 23 CZK (current currency)

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague Castle 1

Prague Castle

Prague Castle Gate 3

One of the significant places found in Prague, a national cultural monument. It is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic.

The symbol of the development of the Czech state lasting for more than a thousand years. It is the seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents.

Prague Castle Gate

Prague Castle Gate 2

Since we haven’t avail any tour to access the other parts of the castle we directly go to the exit side. There were also guards guarding the exit of the Palace.

This was the one that I saw from many of the covers of the tour guide magazines. The emblematic flag of Czech and it’s the golden gate of the palace.

Did you know that Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world? that’s so amazing to here. Almost 70,000 square meters (750-meter square feet), at about 570 meters (1,870 feet) in length and an average of about 130 meters (430 feet) wide.



At the outer part of the Castle, you will see more buildings like

  • National Gallery Salm Palace
  • Sternberg Palace
  • Hradčany Square
  • Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk
  • Schwarzenberský palác
  • House at the Golden Stars
  • St. Benedict

Sternberg Palace

Hradčanské náměstí

Hradčany Square

Palais Schwarzenberg

Palais Schwarzenberg

Palais Schwarzenberg 2

A Museum with Czech baroque paintings, decorative arts & historic weapons in a Renaissance palace. Known to be one of the richest noblemen in Bohemia and later on Prague’s highest burgrave.

The walls carved out in different layers to show different color tones. The ceilings inside Schwarzenberg palace are decorated with paintings on canvas stretched over a wooden construction.

Schwarzenberský palác

Schwarzenberský palác 1

Schwarzenberský palác 3

Schwarzenberský palác 0

Hradčany Square

Hradčany Square

View of the Prague Castle

Castle View

Castle View 2

Castle View 3

Important things to Remember

The closest way to get to the Prague Castle is to walk from Malostranske Namesti (trams no. 12, 20, 22 or 23) up Nerudova street to Hradcanske square.

If you don’t walk up the hill, take tram no 22 or 23 from metro station Malostranska and get off at stop Prazsky Hrad.

Watch The Routines of Changing Guards in Prague Castle

A great timing to see how guards do change their positions, I thought they work all day but glad to know they have shifted too.

Follow our next exploration just on the other side of the Palace where you can see the marvelous view of the City.

For more information about the visit at Prague Castle, visit it’s official site. 

prague castle


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  1. Aaawww! Memory triggers for one country we’ve been as family very recently! And we’ve been done the exact same thing at the palace like you. Seems like family travel is the same like any other travel, right?

  2. Travelquartz says:

    Prague is such a fairytale location. I’m planning to go there soon. I am saving this article to plan my trip.

  3. Michael says:

    The architecture looks magnificent. I never looked at Prague as a destination to visit before. I shall have to revise that opinion.

  4. I think my favorite way into the castle is from Nerudova Street. And if you go later, you can usually miss the tourist crowds. I remember back before the security check was added, the Castle grounds were open until 11, so you could walk around at night. It was always empty and really romantic.

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    What a lovely cathedral! I love visiting cathedrals in different cities, and I always get sad when they charge… This one looks a bit like the gothic cathedral in Cologne, Germany!

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    Excellent photos. You put me back on the hill.

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