Portugal, Unforgettable Week (Cascais, Sintra, and Peniche)

Day 3 in this beautiful country, We’ve decided to roam around some places Portugal. Indeed there’s so many things to do and places to discover in this country. We drove to Cascais City for about less than an hour only to see this marvelous creation of nature.

The Famous Hell’s Mouth, Cascais Portugal

caiscais portugal

Portugal, Who would not fall in love with this fantastic cliff scenery also known as Boca Do Inferno. It’s actually not to far from the city it is found nearby seaside area just 5 minutes drive and you can even park your car on the opposite side of the road.

There’s also a restaurant where you can eat and relax and have a nice view at the same time. you can really stay there if you wanted some more time to enjoy more of this incredible seaside view.

Cascais, Portugal

They have said that this Mouth form of rocks is the result of erosion of weak parts of rocks mostly in the middle area, but for me, this is just another Gods wonderful creation.

I didn’t do anything once we arrived at the place I’m so overwhelmed and just non stop taking photos all over.

Road to Castle of the Moors and Pena National Palace

Road to Penang Palace
Our next stop normally are The Castle of the Moors and Pena National Palace but unfortunately, it turned out to be a big dilemma to us causing to postponed the tour and just go eat lunch instead.

The road going to those two most popular tourist spots are really complicated, it has spiral roads from the start to the end. I was in trouble cause I have this problem with my head aching because of the spiral roads.

Penang, Forest Portugal

When we where on the top suddenly it became foggy all of a sudden and started raining hard a never-ending rain, we waited for almost 20 minutes.

However the weather didn’t change so it was the time to change plans, my stomach was calling and searching for food. So we went to this restaurant near the Palace of Sintra, even after lunch the weather wasn’t favorable

Cape Roca, Sintra

Cabo di Roca

A 20 minutes drive away from Sintra is the west coast of Portugal where you can see eventually the wildest waves on earth.

It’s known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and there the famous Cabo da Roca or Cape Roca specifically in Cascais-Sintra Natural Park. Surprisingly it was all of a sudden sunny like summer, the weather was completely different from the other side.

Cabo di Roca Portugal

Here as you can see in the photo the big difference from the foggy one of Sintra, arriving at this place is like heaven. I was imagining I get to see the western coast and huge turn of the table cause it was a really breathtaking place.

The Splendid View of Portugal

View of Cabo di Roca

me at cabo di roca

Here are some of my tips when travelling by car

  • Bring water with you and food like Fruits, Crackers or Biscuits
  • Bring your phone charger or camera’s charger if you forget to charge it at the hotel.
  • Bringing umbrella is a must
  • Always bring extra cash or credit cards for the Toll fee (you never know) and of course
  • Bring a map of the city where you going, it’s important to have a soft or hard copy
  • Having your GPS or smartphone with GPS application it’s really important. Gas Station detection is very important to turned on, so anytime you might be almost out of gas you can directly check your GPS.

Cabo Carvoeiro Peniche, Portugal

Cape of Coal Portugal

Last stop is another seaside feature that is popular as Cape of Coal, I recommend this one this is really a must to visit you will regret it.

A little far from the last place it took us an hour to drive till here nevertheless all our efforts was all worth it cause this place is heaven. It was a great timing with the sun setting down for couples, it will surely be special.

Cabo peniche

I’m sure your girlfriend or wife will surely be amazed or this might be the perfect place to propose a marriage I’m sure the girl will say a big YES. So, guys, this is really recommended for you.

The Ambiguous Sunset

Sunset in Portugal

After this long visit, we directly go back to our hotel to rest well for another busy day tomorrow.

Don’t forget to follow our next adventure heading to the different sides of Portugal’s Gems in the Southern Part.

Portugal, Unforgettable Week (Cascais, Sintra, and Peniche)

unforgettable week in portugal 2

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