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Before September ends let’s hear out another Travel Blogger to be featured on our Guest Post Blog Series who will share us about Top 5 Best places to travel in Germany. Our featured guest blogger is the Varsha’s Travel360 a family travel blog who travels mostly in India and Europe.

Places to travel in Germany

Hi, I am Varsha. I am keenly interested in world history. The cultural and heritage sites especially attract me and keep me curious and eager to visit the place. At the same time, I am a nature lover.

I like endless landscapes, mountains and seashores, waterfalls and lakes, gardens, and jungles. Every time I travel, watching the Sunrise from behind the mountains – might be the moment I am constantly looking for.

Traveling with Varsha is her photographer husband Amol and their child Aarush. Together they form the Varsha’s Travel360. On the blog we’ll learn about their adventure as family, tips, guides and recommendation where and what places to visit.

As a family, they have traveled to the different part of the world already. In France, Dubai, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, and many more.
Today let’s here their Top 5 Best Places to travel in Germany.

5. Berlin


Being a capital city of Germany, Berlin is a truly a cosmopolitan city. There is a mix of people, culture, and cuisine from all around the world and still, the city maintains its typical German charm a well.

Berlin has a bin of political importance from history. The city played important role in various landmarks in history and today, it reflects them as important sites for visitors.

Some of these historic landmarks include Berlin Cathedral, Berlin wall and museum, Checkpoint Charlie, Jews memorial, Brandenburger gate and the modern glass dome of Reichstag.

While these places are representing the unforgettable past, at the other places like Potsdamer Platz modern, tall buildings raise to the sky. Berlin Zoo is also worth visiting when you are in Berlin with kids.

A large public garden adjacent to this zoo is like green lungs of Berlin. A stroll around the garden can be refreshing in every weather.

Berlin offers one of the best public transport system, quality education, safety for the residents and good quality lifestyle at the cheaper prices as compared to other German cities. All these features attract an international crowd to the city. English is more commonly spoken like in Munich.

If you like to hang around world-class exhibits in the museums, if you want to live in the place surrounded by historic landmarks and the trendy world at the same time, if you like the busy environs, Berlin is the place for you.

4. Munich

frauenkirsche, Munich

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria in the South of Germany. It is a cosmopolitan city and hosts some reputed companies like BMW. The Technical University of Munich is top ranking in Germany and in Europe.

All these things, attract lots of international public to Munich. English is commonly understood. This is a relief factor especially when we are a foreigner in Germany.

Munich city has lots of things to do and to see. The topmost attractions include Old Town hall and surrounding area Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, Olympic stadium, English Garden and the typical German style Brewery houses. The English garden is a vast public garden right in the middle of the city. The Isar river flows through this garden.

To watch wave surfers surfing skillfully on the Isar waves is my all-time favorite time pass. A visit to the brewery house is also one of its kind. The combination of ‘Lederhosen’ and the Bavarian Beer and a local German public makes the atmosphere simply amazing. One cannot describe the place in words. It’s an experience.

Munich is a rich, costlier city with lots of greenery, numerous cycle tracks, outdoor and cultural activities. The Bavaria state of Germany has its unique dialect, traditions and it is well reflected in the lifestyle of Munich.

3. Stuttgart


Adjacent to Bavaria state is the Baden Wuerttemberg state and Stuttgart is its capital. Stuttgart is spread on hills covered with vineyards and forests and has museums, palaces, and gardens. Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch have chosen Stuttgart as their home.

Stuttgart doesn’t look flashy or trendy but also not like an old medieval city. I would say, it is a typical German city with the least outsider influence.

The important sites here include Old and New Palaces, Palace garden, koenigsplatz, Wilhelma zoo, Neckar boat trip, and the Art Gallery. My favorite most importantly in the city is the Killesberg park.

This is a large open public garden on a hilltop. There is a large play area for kids, various walking and hiking trails. Sometimes, shows and fun-fairs are arranged there.

Koenigsplatz is the meeting point of the city. It is a happening place. Lots of restaurants, cafes, branded shops, and a lively crowd is the charm of this place. Different festivals are organized in this place throughout the year. The Animated film festival, Children’s festival, and Christmas markets are my favorite ones.

Stuttgart feels little laid back city with everything nearby. The only thing is English is not commonly spoken. International public is sparse if compared to Munich or Berlin. Stuttgart makes a perfect place to get a taste of typical German lifestyle.

2. Cologne


Well, so as the name suggests, Cologne is the birthplace of ‘Eau de Cologne’. This perfume city has lot more to offer apart from this famous fragrance.
Cologne is in the North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany. It is a fourth largest city of Germany.

The city is the cultural, business and tourism hub. The old city center is the historic hub with medieval churches and houses. The important historic sites include Gothic Style Dome cathedral, Great St. Martin’s Church and the City Hall. The modern sites stand side by side to these historic structures.

Artistic museum buildings, Chocolate museum, Rheinauhafen are some of them. If you are visiting with kids, the small road train is a fun ride through the old city center covering important sites.

The important products of Cologne are perfumes, mustard sauce, and Kolsch Beer. Today also, the mustard sauce form Cologne has high demand because of its traditional production process and the quality.

Therefore, Kolsch beer is a specialty type with some herbs flavoring. Apart from these, for a surprise, one can find the finest international cuisine in Cologne.

Cologne is a bustling city with carnivals and music festivals. The cost of living is cheap as compared to other big German cities. People are friendly, helpful and joyful. I like Cologne for its unique atmosphere.

1. Hamburg


Hamburg is the largest port in Germany and second largest in Europe. From ancient time, sailors, traders are coming in the city and leaving their marks on the culture and the lifestyle. One can easily recognize the mix of cultures in Hamburg.

The popular sites in Hamburg include Speicherstadt, red-brick architectures in the old town, Epiphilharmonie and the large lake Alster. My favorite place is to around narrow lanes and canals through Speicherstadt visiting various unique museums and the miniature museum.

This miniature museum is spread on a vast area in 5 story building and is a popular place for families with kids. They have displayed to the scale miniature models of various popular cities around the world.

Watching these models actually run around for the whole day would be great. The old town area can be easily explored on foot. The area hosts Hamburg’s three of iconic and important churches, old Town Hall and numerous alleys winding around studded with cafes and shops.

Lake Alster is a large water body along the outskirts of old town. It is a popular place to hang out for locals. I like to walk further to the Botanical garden for the greenery, fresh air, and the characteristic Japanese garden and Teahouse.

Looking at Hamburg’s strategic location makes it important base to reach out North-west coastal regions of Germany and to Netherlands and Denmark. People are definitely friendly, helpful and like happy-go-lucky.

Guest Blogger


Having our guest blogger today is an honor for us. Thank you Ms. Varsha and your family for sharing us your best places to visit in Germany. Let’s follow their Blog – Varsha’s Travel360 and other social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube Channel. 

Top 5 Best Places to travel in Germany


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