Overwatch Hero Tracer by Alina, Russia

Good Monday everyone, it’s time for another fantastic cosplayer from around the globe to feature. Today another Overwatch hero that I would love to show to all of you. Her cosplay skills are pretty far impressive, you could see it directly through her work, the profoundness of her passion.

Our cosplayer today is from Russia, a country who has built a vital reputation for notable cosplayers. She is Alina or known as Linalia, she has hundreds of cosplay works (remarkable ones).

I have personally chosen her Overwatch hero cosplay work cause Tracer is one of those characters that I adore and rancor in the online game. Tracer’s great power? she can turn back time like a time machine.

I would like to thank Ms. Alina again for giving us this chance to know her more and to share with every overwatch supporters and gamers.

Come and let’s get to know Linalia’s cosplay journey! 

Overwatch Hero Tracer Cosplay

Overwatch Hero

Tracer photo by Nita

Hello! My name is Alina Lodunova, my nickname – Linalia. I live in Russia, Far East, Khabarovsk and I love my hometown so much! I am an artist and it helps me a lot in cosplay. My hobbies are cosplay (of course), sport and cooking. Also I like take part in fashion photo shoots, not only cosplay.

I started to be a cosplayer at 14 years old. From an early age I love Anime and Japanese culture, and once on Internet, I found a forum where anime-lovers « live », and also the first cosplayers of our city.

So there I know more about cosplay and decided to join. It was very interesting to start, especially when you are one of the pioneers of your city.

Tracer Overwatch

Tracer photo by Nita

My first convention was ALEXA 2009 in my hometown (Khabarovsk city). It was a small event with a few people, but it was very pleasant to communicate with like-minded people. I had no friends at school with similar interests, so the event made me happy and I found friends.

I remember how many people have photographed me. It was strange for me because earlier I did not like to be photographed because I look bad in the photos. But not at this time! (haha)

My first GOOD cosplay (for those years) was Luca from anime Vampire Knight and also I made Gothic Lolita dress (but knowing all the rules of Lolita fashion now, the costume looks funny).

A little later were my first photo shoots as a cosplayer. Photographer was my friend Diodio.


My first costume – Luca from Vampire Knight. This dress sewed by the professional seamstress. All my other costumes made by myself. All, from sewing part to crafts. Sometimes my friends or parents help me, or I can order some details from other people when I can’t do everything by myself on time for the event.

I have more than 60 costumes. Most sold. I love ALL my costumes, they all have part of me. I’ll show you some that I’ve worked on for a long time: Witch King (LOTR), Tracer (Overwatch), Euphemia (Code Geass), Elsa (Frozen), Unicorn (Pet Shop of Horrors), Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere).

Also, I make armor, wigs, and cosplay for sale. You can also buy one at my Etsy store. Welcome !

Unforgettable Experience

Tracer photo by Nita

Tracer photo by Nita

Unforgettable experience? Oh, that’s a difficult question. Usually, everything is well. Sometimes something breaks during the event, but it’s not scary, friends help me fix it.

Sometimes people in my cosbands fail and need to I need to solve the problem with other people’s costumes. Maybe I’m lucky and I did not have any horrible experiences.

Definition of Cosplayer

For me, cosplay is a hobby that changed my life. I have friends who share my interests, I started traveling to different cities and countries, I learned many things, such as sewing, craft, make-up, hair styling and other.

I was very close (in myself), but now I’m in contact with many people and organizing cosplay events, get together many people in big cosplayer bands. Also, I started to do sports, because I want to have a good body for cosplay and my health improved, I do sports regularly!

Almost all my friends are somehow connected with cosplay. So my best friends are wonderful and help me at all! We often make cosplay projects together. I look up to Enot on the right and Grange Air on the left.

with Grange Air   with Enot

In 2012 I’m invited to Japan to take part the  Anime-Song Cosplay Battle The World. Cosplayers from 7 countries of the world participated there. The Russian team of 3 people (curator, cosplayer (me), vocalist) won the Grand Prix! It was an unforgettable experience and an incredible journey!

I met the world-class cosplayers and saw Japan. My old dream fulfilled! And we were able to show that Russian Cosplay is one of the coolest in the world!

Piece of Advice

Don’t be afraid to try! And don’t worry if you can’t do anything good for the first time. Use the Internet! Now there are a lot of tutorials about craft, makeup, and wig-styling. When I started, it was nothing, and it’s a pity.

Open Message

euphemia and suzaku by katelovesummer

Euphemia and Suzaku photo by Kate love Summer

From the grandiose. Next big convention will be in Vladivostok city on Russia, the Far East on May. Also in summer, I plan to visit Japan (it’s a secret haha).

You can follow me for future updates on my Facebook, VK, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, World Cosplay Account and Etsy (my online store).

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well.

Overwatch Hero

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