Overwatch Cosplayer Tom, The Netherlands

To open the ball of Fall Season’s Cosplayer Interview Series first up will be one of my favorite Overwatch Cosplayer in MadeInAsia. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I met him as “Genji” Overwatch cosplayer at MadeInAsia convention on the second day. Found his Instagram account from common likes and we have met and I took some fantastic photos of him.

He does usually take part on Dutch cons like Abunai, Animecon Dutch comic con and in Belgium and Germany anime conventions like FACTS, Made in Asia, RolePlay Convention and Gamescom this year.

Overwatch Cosplayer Tom of Non Stop Props

A 23-year-old  from The Netherlands, a very humble guy with a big heart, a Gamer, cosplayer, and propmaker. He became famous for his career is a Cosplayer, up to now he has thousands of followers/fans/supporters.

Are you excited to know more about him? Let’s start then!

Discovering Cosplay

It was the summer of 2014, while I was just browsing the internet. I came across this tutorial video on how to make an “Iron Man helmet” out of cardboard.

Which I tried and build in about a week, realising how fun that was and the creativity it got out of me. I started searching for more of this stuff on the internet and eventually found out about cosplay.

First convention as a Cosplayer

Infinity Blade Photo by Jelle Jansegers Photography

Infinity Blade Photo by Jelle Jansegers Photography

Abunai 2014 was my first convention and I was quite nervous, because I was afraid that people would laugh at me with my cardboard iron man helmet.

But to my surprise, people were very friendly and asked me how I made it. After that I got further with this hobby.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

Infinity Blade Photo by Do you have waffles

Infinity Blade Photo by Do you have waffles

Honestly, the only sewing I have done so far is repairing some gloves that gotten lousy. I didn’t have the motive to start sewing and all.

I kinda avoided it to this point, if I need some kinda fabric for my cosplay, I had it custom ordered or just glued it on, but I really wanna learn to sew sometime soon.

What does a Cosplayer mean to you?

overwatch cosplayer

Ad Victoriam by Indo Arya Shiri Arts

Being a cosplayer is not just showing your love and interest in a character or armor, it’s also about fun and learning from the experiences.

Worst Experience

Fallout Cosplay photo by Arian Shiri Arts

Fallout Cosplay photo by Arian Shiri Arts

I don’t really have had worst experiences, what I experience mostly is when people touch my armor without asking. that annoys me sometimes.

Cosplayers you look up to

Oh yes! Waynes Workshop, Brazenbold Production, Dominique de Leon Cosplay, all people from who I have learned allot in the last 3 years and even can call them all a good friend of mine.

 Your Greatest Achievement

Cosplay helped me become more Social in life, because before I was quite shy and wasnt really a conversation starter. Now I don’t fear to walk up to people and to say “Hi”

Advise would you give to new aspiring Cosplayers


Start small and yes you will make some mistakes on the way. But mistakes are there for you to learn from and to improve from.

Where can we see you?

I mostly go to dutch cons but also try to visit more in some International cons in Germany and Belgium. Next con: Elfia Arcen 2017

Photo by D. OuderdorpIndeed Tom is a man with a few words but very significant, I know he is a very busy person but I’m really happy to know that he participated in this series. Thanks to Tom for his glorious effort, I hope he made you all inspired and continue to pursue your dreams as cosplayers.

Thank you also for the fans and supporter of Tom who are always there to support him.

Let’s continue to support him, follow his accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Overwatch Cosplayer Tom, The Netherlands

Overwatch Cosplayer Tom, The Netherlands

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    Wow, his cosplays are amazing! The detail on those armours though… Crazy! I have lots of respect for cosplayers because of the effort and hard work that goes into it. Super interesting interview, thanks for sharing!

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you for your appreciation, and me too I have a huge respect for them that’s why I wanted to inspire all other cosplayers to continue their passions and dreams.

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  10. wow! These cosplay costumes are legit insane! i cant believe the amount of effort and creativity that goes into them!

    • Alexine says:

      Thanks a lot, Sian, Yes there’s tons of work to be done to perfectly creating this cosplay costumes and that’s why I really wanted to show to all about this other side of the world that I love about.

  11. Very informative post! I love that you can actually learn from Cosplayer. I love that Tom participated in the series. So cool!

  12. A great read about cosplay costumes and the way they are created. I loved reading your post. Keep up Sian!

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  14. Wow his cosplays are amazing! The detail is so good – i’d love to be that creative!

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    Looks incredibly professional and well done! I think a cosplay done right and well looks amazing.

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    Wow. I love the complexity of the designs. That’s some real passion gone into making those. Cheers!!

  21. Gillie says:

    I am a seamstress and I admire your work. Incredibly detailed and well conceived! From what I recall cosplay fabric is usually lycra and other less cooperative fabrics. Perhaps you could barter services with a sewer looking for fabulous Armour.

  22. CultiVitae says:

    Wow. Those costumes are out of this world. I love how big he looks from the angles!

  23. Julie says:

    I really enjoyed the creativity of all the costumes here. I’m glad that you found something that helped you be more sociable.

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    People’s creativity is astonishing! I’m so impressed with the quality and the accuracy of the cosplay designs.

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    The cosplay world is so far from mine but I am always amazed by the amount of effort it takes to create those costumes! It’s a real art!

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    wow looks like they all had a ton of fun with their cosplay outfits!

  27. tookradical says:

    Yo I also love cosplaying since childhood but I can’t afford crafts and art materials for that so I can’t devote my time into that. I just learned that there are still cosplayers who are shy in nature. I’m glad his creativity and passion boosted his confidence!

    • Alexine says:

      That’s so nice to hear from you tookradical, Cosplaying is a quite difficult to keep up if you don’t have the right materials and pieces of stuff to make. unless you’ll do it on your own from scratch or order some items online. I’m so glad to hear that you love cosplay.

  28. angie says:

    thanks for sharing such an interesting post. What a great way to have adult fun.

  29. Carol says:

    He’s really talented and I’m glad you were able to talk to him about his craft, thanks for sharing!

  30. Wow! these are some of the coolest cosplayer costumes I have seen, there no doubt he has invested a lot of hard work and time in making those. Really talented guy! I just liked his page too 🙂

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you, Akshay Malhotra, no doubt about Tom’s effort of work invested. All cosplayers do give their best in their craft. I’m happy to hear that you like it.

  31. These are some impressive costumes.Looks like a great creative outlet.

  32. Cosplay has gained it popularity of recent years. My daughter is obsessed with cosplay and has been attending its convention yearly. I like to attend and just watch all the cosplay characters in play.

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you so much Hey Sharonoox, I’m sure your daughter would love to see this. Tom has also some tutorial videos that might help other cosplayers.

  33. DrKLeeBanks says:

    This looks fascinating for those interested in such events. I’ve heard a lot about cosplay – mostly on The Big Bang Theory! 🙂 It’s definitely a great way to exercise creativity and imagination.

  34. Emily Lauren says:

    How cool… I would love to someday do a cosplay! (I need healing..)

  35. Oh i always wanted to be a cosplayer! Especially animes. It will be so much fun.

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