One Day Itinerary en Provence France – Finding the perfect Lavender Fields

Have you ever heard of Provence France? It is one of the most attractive and popular regions in the south of France. The Provence is ideal for summer to early autumn vacations for its sunny weather, colorful countryside, wine, food, and especially it’s lavender fields.  

The Provence France region covers a large domain in the country, from the Mediterranean Sea up to the French Alps. Its main attractions involve the city of Avignon and the wide variety of picturesque villages. 

en Provence France

The Provence department includes Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, a mountainous northern part that attracts around 34 million tourists. Alpes-Maritimes, mostly known for the French Riviera. Bouches-du-Rhône, known for its rural landscape of the Alpilles, the picturesque village of Cassis. 

Hautes-Alpes, part of the French Alps, considered the highest region in Europe. Var, for its seaside resorts and famous Romanesque and medieval architecture. Lastly, Vaucluse specifically noted for the Luberon and scenic villages. 

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Bienvenue en Provence France

Bienvenue en Provence France

For our family vacation, we went to Southern France (en Provence). It was an 8-hour road trip, from Belgium to Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon. A commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France. We rented a residential house for the whole family for a vacation.

It was my first-time vacation with the whole family and first to visit en Provence as well. On our first day, since we arrived late in the afternoon, we’ve decided to rest and called it a day. However, on our next day, we went out to visit the environs (vicinity) of Provence.

My plans for this short vacation was to visit some of the gorgeous spots of Provence and as well as to try some delicious regional cuisine. Some of the dishes that I’d love to try are Daube, or Provençal beef stew, cooked in wine. Pissaladière, Escabeche, another popular seafood dish, and a lot more.

On the road to Exploration

On the road to Exploration

Starting on the next day, we were en route (on the way) to see a sneak peek of the picturesque view of the roads from Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon, Jonquerettes, Le Thor, L’Isle-Sur-la-Sorgue, Lagnes, and many more.

The next day was very sunny and charming. The sun is up and the sky is perfect as the blue sky in movies. The Provence road seems narrow and but very neat and beautiful. Of course, with the rich landscape of nature, you’ll definitely fall in love. So let’s start our one-day itinerary in Provence France.

One Day Itinerary en Provence France

Lavender Museum (Musée de la Lavande)

Lavender Museum

Let’s begin the day with a quick visit to the closest Lavender Museum (Musée de la Lavande) in Coustellet. Located 30 minutes’ drive from where we stayed, it was our first destination.

Reading some of the pamphlets given by the concierge of our rented place, Musée de la Lavande caught my eye. I’ve decided to visit that place to see some lavender fields and as well as to get to know more about lavender.

The Lavender Museum was founded by Lincelé Family in 1991. By inviting visitors to discover the true lavender of Provence, Fine Lavender.

Lavender Field of the Museum

Lavande Museum

Visiting the Museum would take you to the immense collection of lavender stills from the 16th century to the present day.

Don’t ever miss to visit the projection room with documentaries filmed at the Chateau du Bois at the base of Mont-Ventoux. On planting, harvesting and the distillation of fine lavender from Haute Provence.

The museum shop is also offering a particular line of natural cosmetics (high-quality ‘Chateau du Bois’ line features AOC essential oil of fine lavender).

Lavande Musée

The tour is available in 11 foreign languages (French, English, Italian, German, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, and Japanese) free of charge on the audio-guides, giving a helping hand to those foreign visitors who’re interested in Lavender.

Travel Tip:
Lavender Museum does have a smalle lavender field in front of the museum and its backyard as well. It’s not a long one, but very charming and beautiful. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a much longer and bigger field, then you should keep searching around the area.

Landscape view on the road

Enjoy some of the most beautiful and breathtaking views on the road (Coustellet, to Gordes, Joucas, Lioux, and Sault)

My favorite and unexpected view was when we arrive at the highest part of the road was Lioux. With an imposing and magnificent cliff (Falaise de la Madeleine) of grey limestone is a completely separate formation from the red ochre cliffs of Roussillon.

Lavender Fields in Monieux, France

Lavender Fields in Sault

Indeed, Musée de la Lavande (Lavender Museum) has a prominent lavender field to offer. But I’m still searching for a bigger and longer field. Asking the receptionist at the museum, where can we find beautiful fields en Provence France.

They told us to go further north, in Sault. We opt to search for the perfect lavender field in that area.

Driving from Lavender Museum to Sault would normally take about 45minutes to an hour. While discovering and enjoying the magnificent view of roads in Provence France, we had a short stop every time a see a lavender field.

First Lavender Field in Sault Provence France

Our first picture-perfect lavender field was finally spotted in Monieux. It was in a lovely violet color well bloomed lavender flowers.

Generally, the best time to see the lavender field in full bloom is between July and August. But it really depends on the time the plantation. As we were in the Avignon part, lavenders weren’t that well flowered yet.

Lavender Field #2 in Monieux

Lavender Field #2 in Sault

Lavender Field #2 situated a few meters away from the first lavender field that we saw in Monieux.

The commune of Monieux is located on the plateau of the Mounts of Vaucluse, near to the commune of Sault. It shelters on its territory part of the classified sites “Reserve of Biosphere” of the Ventoux Mount.

We parked the car on the side of the driveway and quickly took some photos of this captivating field. This time I was captivated by its radiant blue-violet color, very attractive and impulsive when it comes to its blueness and purpleness.

Sault Provence France

The only negative side of the 2nd field? The lavender flowers weren’t totally blossomed yet. It’s a bit sad, but that’s the reality. I would really love to see it well blossomed in its fullest.

What do you think about the 2nd lavender field? Is it êrfect enough for your taste?

Lavender Fields View from Sault, Provence France

As we go on further to reach Sault, we stopped by in this small quaint area. There, we saw some of the biggest spectacular lavender fields we’ve ever seen in Provence France. Starting from Ferme Buan, La Broussière, down to Le Moulin Fournon and La Serène. All of these areas have their own pride in lavender fields.

I would never forget this place, check it out on the itinerary list cause it might just help you see the most beautiful fields of Provence.



Continuing the road, we passed through Sault. And now, we’re on the road to Aurel. Finally, we’re entering the way to Montbrun-lex-Bains and, a luminous panoramic view welcomed us.

Montbrun-lex-Bains is the land of aromatic plants and herbs, located between Reilhanette and Barret-de-Lioure. It is a well-known commune, for its spa treatments for respiratory disease and other medical disorders. The village is also very popular with cyclists, with cycle tracks leading to Mont Ventoux.

Montbrun-Les-Bains Provence France

Accordingly, Montbrun-Les-Bains is classed among the 100 most beautiful villages in France. This village is spared the summer heatwaves. Thanks to its elevated height while the surrounding relief protects it from the strong Mistral wind.

Every year in Ferrassières, (a village situated 8km from Montbrun) The Lavender festival takes place on the first Sunday in July. You will also find linden, thyme, rosemary, savory, clary sage for perfumes, and the common sage (used in pharmacology and cooking), marjoram, tarragon, and oregano.

Aulan Castle (Château d’Aulan)

Aulan castle (Château d'Aulan)

Château d’Aulan is built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Toulourenc valley. The Aulan castle whose first traces date back to the twelfth century belonged to the Mevouillon barons.

Isabeau de L’Espine (heiress of the fief of Aulan) married François-Marie Suarez and bring the castle in dowry. The castle has been completely redesigned in a Viollet-Le-Duc style in the second half of the nineteenth century by Marquis Arthur Suarez d’Aulan.

Castle in Provence France

Château d’Aulan is the only private Baronnies residence opened to visitors. The guided tour takes 45 minutes. You will discover through living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, many objects related to the Second Empire and the family history.

Today it is still owned by their descendants, the Suarez of Aulan and a place for a family gathering.

Arriving at Château d’Aulan was the most difficult part of all the road trips that we have experience. The path to the castle was so narrow and raw, which makes us very nervous passing through it.

At last, we reached Aulan castle, and it was fantastic! The view from the outside was unquestionably historical. I could absolutely feel the intensity of the story behind this castle. I would really recommend you to visit it.

Travel tips:
If you’re going to Aulan Castle, don’t forget to bring a small car with you. A large or bigger car would be a struggle to go there. Guided tours available in English and French. Admission fee: Adult: 7.50 € and Child: 2.50 €.

The Secret Spring

The Secret Spring

Deciding to go home after our visit to Aulan Castle, we floundered into something very surprising. We found a secret spring hidden just near the bridge to Aulan Castle.

Even though we didn’t have space where to park the car for a moment. We still dared to parked it for some minutes, just to take photos of the spring. People call it the Toulourenc River. A mountain stream and flows just behind the Ventoux into a natural trough of the same name, the Toulourenc Valley.

Toulourenc Spring Provence France

The Toulourenc can be accessed via Entrechaux or from Malaucène by following the minor road that passes close to Beaumont-du-Ventoux to reach the hamlet of Vaux. Between the hamlet of Vaux and Saint-Léger-du-Ventoux, you will find gorges you can explore on foot.

The Perfect Lavender Field

Lavender Fields Provence

Moving on to the next stop, after visiting around the Provence France northern Azur part. We have finally find the perfect Lavender Field settled in the farm areas of Paillautrier, Montbrun-Les-Bains.

Paillautrier, Montbrun-Les-Bains. France

It was 10 minutes drive away from Chateau Aulan and not too far to the Montbrun-Les-Bains village. The thing that makes it more special is that the field is about 100 meters long and a solitary tree, pricked in the middle of the field.

I strongly recommend this place for you to visit, if you are looking for that splendid and unique lavender field picturesque view, you should come to visit this side of Montbrun-Les-Bains.

Photography wise, I’ve discovered that it makes more magical feels when there’s sunlight. I took some photos, with and without sunlight, and it turns out that the effect of sunlight is better.

Resources: Avignon et Provence 

One Day Itinerary en Provence France

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  1. Henson Bee says:

    Excellent journey. I thought France only famous because of Grape field, but Lavender is a really big area. Lucky me to visit this blog so I know how beautiful other parts of France not Only Paris.

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Henson Bee, vineyards are very famous in France indeed, but lavenders are different they are all more in the Southern part of France. Hopefully, you can visit there one day, you’ll surely enjoy!

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    Wow, the photos are stunning. This looks like an amazing destination!

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    I haven’t really been to any lavender fields. All I can think of is they must SMELL awesome!!

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    • Alexine says:

      Thanks Diminique, lavender fields are really gorgeous, they looks stunning in photos especially. Time wasn’t that much either, we had more road trips than staying for the visit. But in the end it was fun!

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    It is one of my dreams to travel to Provence and experience the lavender fields. Just looking at your photos I can imagine how amazing it must be to be there in person.

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    wow, just wow. So beautiful!

  11. I would definitely love to visit these lavender fields. Specially when it is France, no doubt it will be in my bucket list for 2020.

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