Noctis FFXV Cosplay by Kaz de Lioncourt, Malaysia

Hello everyone, hello March month! welcoming to this beautiful month joining our Cosplay Interview Series. This day, our cosplayer comes from an Asian country, one of my neighboring countries Malaysia. You’ll see more of her Noctis FFXV (Final Fantasy 15) cosplay works.

She is known as Kaz de Lioncourt, the first time I saw her cosplay works I could say that it was perfect! her genderbend cosplay looks the same as the real Noctis Lucis Caelum! You will also discover her other works including other characters like Kousetsu Samonji of Touken Ranbu, Iason Mink of Ai no Kusabi and many more.

Once again, I have to say “Thank You” to you Kaz for taking part in our Cosplay Series. Thanks for letting us know you more and your experience in the cosplay world.

Are you all excited? Let’s welcome our Noctis FFXV Cosplayer!

Noctis FFXV Cosplay

I’m Kaz de Lioncourt and I’m a 30-year-old cosplayer from Sabah, Malaysia. I’ve been into this cosplay hobby for 7 years. 

I started to have interest in cosplay when I saw people posted their cosplay photos and cosplay gathering photos in Deviantart site when I was 20. Looking at them having fun in cosplay made me the urge to give it a try to have fun being my favorite fictional character.

First Convention and Experiences

Noct 2

Noctis by Sugar & Tea Photography

My first convention as a cosplayer was Hobby Fusion in the year 2014. I was very happy that I managed to attend a cosplay convention and got to meet new people who have the same interest as me.

My bad experience was going to a convention in half-way done makeup and rushing to complete costumes in a very last-minute. I’ve learned my lesson and I try to avoid rushing in making costumes.

Therefore, time management is very crucial. If I unable to complete my costume in time for the convention, I decided to switch to another character.


noctis ffxv

Noctis by Sugar & Tea Photography

My first sewed costume was a silk blue frock coat of Lestat de Lioncourt. I was very new in sewing so my aunt was the one who taught me how to sew and draw patterns.

The outcome wasn’t really good as I was just a beginner but I never give up and keep on learning and improve myself.

I have sewn 11 costumes which are Lestat de Lioncourt, Genjo Sanzo, Claude Faustus, Kazutaka Muraki, Nanjo Koji, Genesis Rhapsodos, Sephiroth, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Dante, Kousetsu Samonji, and Iason Mink.

Some of the costumes made from normal casual clothes and modified into costumes which help me in time and cost saving, such as Prompto Argentum and Charlie Chaplin.

Sewing is never easy for me but due to love and passion, I take my time to complete my costumes. Sometimes I take at least 3 months to complete a costume. I usually do my costumes when I feel like it and have free time as cosplay is a hobby for me to pass my time.

My favorite costume is Noctis Lucis Caelum and Prompto Argentum because they are comfortable to wear and I usually wear those for attending a charity event for easier mobility.

As for props/gear/armor, I usually use EVA foams, latex glue, acrylic paint or spray paint to make them.


Noct 1

Noctis by Sugar & Tea Photography

I usually look up to cosplayers who motivates me and give positive support that “Everybody can Cosplay” especially Misa on Wheels. Her courage is admirable and she has the will to cosplay despite her medical condition.

I can see that she has strong love and passion in cosplay.

The second cosplayer that I look up is Alyson Tabbitha. I admire her Final Fantasy and Lestat de Lioncourt cosplay so much and she makes up skills, too.

Definition of Cosplayer


Noctis by Sugar & Tea Photography

Cosplayer means a person who passionate and love to be the favourite fictional character and this hobby is everyone can do it regardless of their body size, skin color, gender, race..etc.

The best thing about being a cosplayer is we could be any favorite fictional characters. That’s the way we show our love towards the fictional characters.

I love to cosplay because it’s a ticket to escape from reality for a while!

I’m a working adult so I have my stress from work and cosplay helps me to de-stress, taught me how to have fun and I learned how to balance between work and hobby. And of course, I love being my favorite characters.


Photo by Sugar & Tea Photography

Noctis Photo by Sugar & Tea Photography

My achievement in Cosplay competition:

  • Wavenue 2015: 2nd Place
  • Otafuse Solo 2015: 3rd Place
  • Otafuse Duo 2015: 1st Place
  • Mini HobbyCon 2015: 2nd Place
  • HobbyCon 2016: Best Character
  • Walk for Autism 2017: Best Character

What I want to achieved as a cosplayer is: to be able to have fun or YOLO all the way and make my dreams come true for being able to cosplay as my favorite characters.

Piece of Advice

Cosplay is for everybody regardless of body size, skin color, race, gender, age..etc. If you love and passionate about the character, just do it. Nothing else matters.

If you would like to improve in cosplay, there are 3 P’s: Practice, Patience, and Passionate. This 3 P’s helps you to improve in cosplay.

And also don’t forget to have fun and YOLO.

Open Message

Noctis Photo by Sugar & Tea Photography

Noctis Photo by Sugar & Tea Photography

I would like to say thank you for liking my cosplay photos especially my recent Noctis FFXV at Galdin Quay photos. I really appreciate it. And also I would like to say thanks to Sugar & Tea Photography for doing a good job.

If you love the characters, never hesitate to cosplay. Cosplay for yourself to make you happy. Have fun with cosplay ladies & gentlemen!

You can see me at my hometown’s local events. I’ll be attending HobbyCon in my hometown at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

You can follow my Facebook Page but it’s more on Memes. If you are interested in Memes or laughing-stock, you can check it out. Follow my Instagram and my Amino Cosplay as Kaz de Lioncourt account as well. 

Noctis FFXV (Final Fantasy XV)

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