Smite Neith Cosplay by Lestrange, Brazil

Happy weekend everyone! Getting back to our Cosplayer Interview Series this week. Let’s welcome a beautiful and goddess-like cosplayer from Brazil. Our second Brazilian Cosplayer in this series. Are you excited? She’s representing one her works including her Neith cosplay from Smite.

I’m sure many of you know Smite already. For the sake of those who don’t know what it is. Smite is a famous online video game! and Neith? is one of Smite’s character, an Egyptian goddess “Weaver of Faith”. 

Let me thank once again Ms. Larissa for sharing us your cosplay experience and thank you for being yourself. Keep up your lovely works, I’m sure there are a  lot more great things that will come in the near future. 

Let’s Welcome Ms. Larissa and her fascinating cosplay works! 

Smite Neith Cosplay

Smite Cosplay

Neith photo by Chaos Design Estudio

Hi! I’m Larissa dos Santos Baista a.k.a. Lestrange Cosplayer. I am from Brazil, naturally Brazilian, I live São Paulo City, I participate in several conventions in my country. small conventions, and even Comic Con Experience Brazil (CCXP)

I discovered the cosplay universe at six years ago, when I was at an event in my city, everything here made me feel strong, I decided to do my first cosplay a year later. I just wanted to bring my favorite characters to life.

First Convention and Experiences

Neith Smite

Neith photo from Lestrange Cosplayer

On my first convention I really got very nervous, some people recognize my Chun Li and it made me very happy, I knew I wanted to do it more often, my cosplay was so simple, but I was proud of it.


Neith cosplay

Neith photo from Lestrange Cosplayer

My first cosplay was Chun Li (she is my favorite), I do not know how many costumes I’ve done, there were several, because I work with it, and I do it for other people too.

I studied cutting and sewing, when I was 11, doing my first cosplay was very complicated. Truly, I had no experience with the time I was improving myself, and watching many tutorials. I was learning more and more, as well as the armors that came soon after.

I use various materials to work, foams, masses, everything that is handmade and different is part of my framework of material for work.

Unforgettable Experience

lestrange cosplay new photo

Photo from Lestrange Cosplayer

Well, I had a thriving experience going into cosplay, insults for being black was something. I’ve seen a lot during those six years, but it was not something that stopped me.

I simply hate this phase, but I managed to overcome it!

My unforgettable experience, for getting to know Yaya Han personally. a great cosplay, and my inspiration, I love her work, and her impeccable cosplays, she’s simply amazing.

Definition of Cosplayer

sobra cosplay

Sombra Cosplay by Lestrange Cosplayer

It’s all started as a joke, but now it’s my job, I love the cosplay world when people started coming to me, saying that I was a great cosplayer, and represented as well as a black cosplayer. I just started to love all this more.

I was really doing something different there, and I know I can go further, still not only black people but everyone outside the “standard” imposed by society. It’s a small position I have, but I know I can make a difference.


Wonder Woman Regime

Wonder Woman Regime photo from Lestrange Cosplayer

My biggest achievement so far is my good cosplay friends. I’ve won some contests, and I’m glad that’s why I’m invited to an event like Contest Swearing and Speaker at Jedicon.

I have a lot of friends who do cosplay, and most of my friends are cosplayers, I have fun with it, one of my friends in thicker By Boomer he is amazing, he simply cosplay for many years, and he has a job as a stylist who is enviable, I love my cosplayers friends.



Soraka photo from Lestrange Cosplayer

I intend to reach a big audience in cosplay, and as my future, I want to work with film production, I still have a long way to study, but I know I can get there.

Piece of Advice

catworman lestrange

Catwoman Cosplay by Lestrange Cosplayer

A good advice? be friendly and patient, the cosplay universe is fun but it has a lot of thorns, and you have to learn how to deal with it in the best possible way and take some things in sports.

For everything you do, do a search, have many materials on the internet, which can help a lot, ready templates and tutorials details, today we have more support, to produce a good cosplay.

Do not be ashamed to ask for help, I can have a little more experience, but I do make my mistake, to learn something new.

Open Message

Lestrange Cosplayer

Lestrange Cosplayer

I am now starting my Patreon, and I am very excited, I will soon start a print shop, and I am loving my new audience, I hope that more and more, I am very excited.

Soon I intend to participate in bigger competitions in other countries. I am more active on my Instagram, where I always put in my time the step by step of my productions and I shoot doubts of some people.

If you guys want to see my works and my new projects, and my work as a Costume Designer. You can follow my Facebook Page. 

Now I’m working with my Patreon, along with my photographer, I would like more fans to follow this beautiful project.

Be sure to follow my Instagram and YouTube Channel as well! 

Smite Neith Cosplay by Lestrange

Lestrange Cosplayer Cover

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