Nature, The Genesis of Inspirations

Nature as we all know it’s the environment that surrounds us everywhere we go, in the forestmountainslakesriversponds, water resourcesthe air the we breaththe flowers, trees, even animals, the sun the moon the stars and the earth these are all covered in the whole meaning of Nature.

Nature’s Nature


nature photo


nature 1

life of natureIf we imagine how huge gift this is that God have given to us for free, we were born and all this stuff are present.

Now all we need is to take good care of it like we take good care of our love ones and our own lives.

Nature is truly one special thing in our life that it is vital, indeed really essential.

Well a lot of people now are not putting some importance of it and even act like they don’t care at all.

Personally for me, it’s not just an essential thing but also it serves as my resource of inspirations.

It gives me strength psychologically and mentally.


lovely natureI made this post to share to you how beautiful nature is, how enormous it is.

How does it affects our lives, how does one little seed affect the whole environment.

It’s not just all about the science, ecology or other branches of biology.

However this has an effect to us human beings and we need to give back.

Like giving a return to the gifts of nature that we receive every day, every hour, every seconds of our lives while living in this world.


nature trees

nature's life

The Solitaire Blossom

solitaire flowerThis was the flower I have found somewhere in Brussels, in the middle of a group of another flowers. strange right? but it’s definitely interesting to know how does it comes and join to another group of plants.

A lot of your thinking how did that flower came into the garden? if you haven’t planted anything like that.

generally Wildflower is not the right term for them according to experts we can call them Native Species, Exotic or Introduced Species, Invasive, Naturalized, or Imported Species.

solitaire flower 1

They are truly unique compare to the flowers that are known since then.

these Native Species are proven to be rare and undefined for where it came from, but only the middleman can answer that.

Who are these middleman? they are the species who delivers pollen from one flower to another flower, sure there is a history for this matter. for that we will search more and dig more about it.


The Nature’s Middlemen


bee waxBees are Insects, but it doesn’t mean that they are useless flying insects, every insect has its own work assigned to execute in their personal environmental world like us humans we have our purpose in life.
Did you know that Bees plays a big role in pollination and for producing honey and beeswax?
Absolutely yes, they are very important that even for us humans we undeniably needed them for to have a better place, a better life, a better nature, a better health, as well as a better world.

Bees Caught in the act in Nature

bee one
beeHave you seen the movie called “The Bee Movie” you do actually think that bees do work like what the movie showed?
In the movie showed how bees truly work has as much as we knew, not mentioning that bees can talk with humans it’s totally fictions.
But the thing is they did showed how every single Bee affect humans life, how Bees are important for the Nature and for the Earth.
On the other hand here comes a huge basis of debate if Honey Producers Company should build honey making process manually by manipulating the Bees or should they harvest naturally.
bee twoReally, when things get deeper things get more complicated, obviously we can’t communicate with these middle men.
We don’t know if we hurt them or we did something wrong against them. now let me ask you, If you would meet a Bee would your kill it?
Would you hit it? You shouldn’t cause they have life too like us. Enough of Bee cause they do have their “Bee-havoir”.
About my Bees caught in the act collections, honestly it took me a while to chase them, funny though but they are very captivating.
Let’s continue giving it back all to nature, respect it, be responsible, help ourselves and our environment.
Enjoy you week and have fun!
I would love to share you my special post for a special day of my life. Yes! It’s my Birthday!
Happy Birthday to me.


Nature, The Genesis of Inspirations

Nature, The Genesis of Inspirations

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15 Responses

  1. Radif Rahman says:

    Amazing photos, can I ask you which camera you have used to take these photos? Really loved the pictures.

  2. interesting read of article very beautiful picture collection here…. 🙂

  3. Shree says:

    Beautiful flowers. Nature is best remedy for relieving stress

  4. roadaviator says:

    You photography is too good. Nice read as well. Thanks for sharing. Nature is the best.

  5. Yes, nature births Inspirations

  6. Nate Kidd says:

    These are some very nice photos of nature. They are very peaceful. Thanks for sharing

  7. My favorite phenomenon with nature is when flowers grow out of concrete. It truly shows how resilient and strong mother nature can be. Awesome shots

  8. Utminh says:

    Shoot very well. Great pictures

  9. These nature photos are beautiful, really gorgeous. I am trying to take small steps now to benefit the environment and save the planet what I can x

  10. Nice read.Amazing pictures.

  11. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Whoever did this photoshoot is seriously amazing photographer. Not only the photos, your article was great too. The one pic of road surrounded by greenery i liked the most.

    • Alexine says:

      Thank you Neeraj, they are all my photos. These are random photos that I take every spring and summer. So nice to hear that you like it.

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