My Hero Academia – The Hottest Anime of the Year

You probably heard of the hottest Japanese manga series My Hero Academia “Boku no Hiro Akademia” written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It is one of the biggest and the famous Animes in the world since its debut of Anime television series in April 2016.

My Hero Academia manga series started in a manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in July 2014 released in Japanese. Later on, in the month of August 2015 English version was published.

Its manga series originally began on July 7, 2014, and as of now has 20 Volumes. On the other hand, the Anime Television series has started on April 3, 2016, and now has 63 Episodes.

Aside from the manga and anime series, it has also produced a film features an original story set after the manga’s “Final Exam” arc titled My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

The film had its world première at Anime Expo on July 5, 2018. The Japanese theatrical release began screening last August 2018,
And as well as video games first one was My Hero Academia: Battle for All. And the second one My Hero One’s Justice that will be released this month of October 2018.

What makes My Hero Academia different from the rest? 

Although there are tons of manga series that show mostly stories of heroes and their lives. Boku no Hero Academia touches a different angle showing an inverse of a real-life story that’s way too unrealistic. You could compare it to Harry Potter’s world perhaps.

In this world, were 80 percent of humans have abilities or superpowers known as “Quirks” Unlike in the real world people who possess superpowers hides from the public on the contrary in My Hero Academia world people it is normal to have superpowers.

They even encourage young people after a specific age to go to the Hero School to become a professional hero to save people at the same time being compensated.

Brief Story 

Deku (Izuku Midoriya – the main character) is a huge fan of All Might – the World’s Greatest Hero and has dreams of one day becoming a Hero like his idol. Despite being born without any powers it didn’t stop him from trying to be a hero.

Bullied by his classmates at school because of not having a quirk. After trying to save his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo from a villain despite being quirkless.

All Might saw a potential on Deku and decided to bestow upon him his own Quirk “One For All” and the story continuous.

The story follows Deku’s entrance into U.A. High School (School for Heroes), a school that cultivates the next generation of superheroes.
As Izuku and his new friends try to balance their Hero training with ordinary school duties.

They must face new challenges including the League of Villains, an evil organization established by All Might’s archenemy, All For One, to destroy all Heroes and take control of society. Deku is now on his journey to become a powerful hero and symbol of peace.

My Hero Academia Characters 

Izuku Midoriya – Quirkless but later on given a quirk by his idol and the number 1 hero
All Might – All Might is the No.1 Superhero in the world.
Katsuki Bakugou – His Quirk, or power, uses the sweat from his palms to create explosions.
Shouto Todoroki – The right side of his body controls ice inherited from his mother and the left side controls fire inherited from his father.
Ochako Uraraka – gravity-based powers.
Tsuyu Asui – Her Quirk is her certain attributes of a frog.
Eraserhead – His power, allows him to “erase” or cancel out another person’s Quirk just by looking at them.
Eijirou Kirishima – Allows him to harden any part of his body to extreme levels.
Tenya Ida – sees small jets come out of his calves, granting him the ability to run extremely fast and propel himself forward at a fast rate.
Fumikage Tokoyami – is called Dark Shadow. Dark Shadow is a sentient shadow beast that lives inside of Fumikage.
Momo Yaoyorozu – Creation and allows her to create any non-living organic item from her body.
Kyouka Jirou – Earphone Jack
Midnight – A power to exude a powerful aroma from her body which puts targets to sleep.

League of Villains Characters

We all know in every series there are two sides the good and bad sides. The villains in this anime series are the main antagonists of the series.

The creator of the alliance is All For One (most powerful villain and All Might’s arch-nemesis), with Tomura Shigaraki being the leader of the alliance in his place.

While Kurogiri acts as the second in command of the alliance. They recruited Vanguard Action Squad which comprises of elite villains: Dabi, Himiko Toga, Spinner, Twice, Mr. Compress, Muscular and others.

The mission of the League of Villains is to murder All Might.


Since the day of the official release of “Boku no Hiro Akademia” there were zillions of a positive review. People were excited about the story and Cosplay starting to pop out in every convention throughout different places in the world.

Group Cosplay

Looking on to Social media pages of this Anime, it became so popular and it has reached millions of fans/supporters. It all explains why My hero Academia became the hottest Anime this year.

Cosplayers play a big part in promoting the Anime Series. With their help people starts to recognized and curious to watch the anime. At the end from 100 persons now supporters became millions of them from all over the world.

Let’s cheer these cosplayers who avidly gives inspirations to BNHA fans and for entertaining the crowd in every convention!

The Villains

Couples Cosplay

couple todoroki  couple toga
Todoroki and Momo by The Art of Zack Tolosa & By Roxanne Kho       Dabi and Toga by Caeleom & Vess Cosplay

Most Noticeable My Hero Academia Cosplayers

Deku by Hajimemashite, Lina desu Deku by mochamage
Izuku Midoriya by Hajimemashite, Lina desu                                   Izuku Midoriya by Mochamage
photo by Niishin.cosplay                                                                           photo by Living Art Photography 

Cosplayer of My Hero Academia starting to spread to all over the world that’s why famous cosplay works are famous online as well as the cosplayers itself.

Sharing with you some of the noticeable professional and amateur cosplayers’ photos shared in the My Hero Academia Cosplayers Facebook page.

midoriya by Ka Tsuki Cos

Ka Tsuki Cos Photographer: Fernando Augusto

Todoroki Shoto

todoroki by AmyNapkins Cosplay  todoroki by Lisa J.
Shoto Todoroki by AmyNapkins Cosplay                                                                  Shoto Todoroki by Lisa J.
Photograph by Magicstarfire                                                                                         Photograph by Ryzen Xia 

Dabi (Villain)

Dabi by Dahiana Pinkiepie‎   dabi by AjiaFoxi
Dahiana Pinkiepie‎                                                                                                AjiaFoxi

All Might 

All Might by Countess Tifa  All Might by Skadi
Countess Tifa                                                                                                                       Skadi

Toga Himiko 

Toga by Evvy Chiu  Toga by Kayla Marie Noonan
Ella Mae Cosplay                                                                              Kayla Marie Noonan  Photographer: Mary Elaine Photography

Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo by Kawaii Besu Cosplay Bakugo by One Minute Cosplay
Kawaii Besu Cosplay Photographer: The Sleepy Muse                             One Minute Cosplay Photographer: Zeldario 

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo by By Roxanne Kho  Momo by JessilynCupcake Cosplay & Crafts
By Roxanne Kho Photographer:                    JessilynCupcake Cosplay  Photographer: FPS Photography

Tenya Iida
Shin-Ryuu Cosplay Photographer: Hickekri Photography

Shin-Ryuu Cosplay Photographer: Hickekri Photography

Mt. Lady
Other Characters Cosplay

Shogi by Christine's Cosplay Aizawa by Countess Tifa
Kai Chisaki by Christine’s Cosplay Photo by Lostdreamz82            Aizawa by Countess Tifa         

Public’s Voice

boku no hero by corphish2

boku no hero art by corphish2

Browsing on the Facebook Page of My Hero Academia I came up an idea of asking the public about what they think of this Anime. Why they think that it is the Best Anime and Who is/are their favorite characters.

Posting this questions on the page was totally illogical because we all know that people liked the page because they like the Anime. However, I’d love to know the public’s thought of My Hero Academia.

Here are some of the supporters answer:

Boku no Hero Academia is my Top 2 Favorite Anime of all time. I love the story flow and the wide imagination of Horikoshi-senpai regarding the different quirks of different characters.

Even though its somewhat simple and cliché in some people, I find some things about BNHA that is very unique.

My favorite characters are Midoriya and Uraraka (not because I ship them) it’s because I can really see the improvement and the character development between them.

I love how they are being determined in achieving their dreams and they will do their best just achieve it slowly but surely.


As of this moment though, it is my favorite show of the year though because it made me feel how important and heavy AFO VS OFA was. It took something wonderful and emotional in the manga and made it go plus ultra (pun intended).

I’ve watched dun and subbed to compare the roller coaster each can provide, to only be floored each time. The show restored my interest and faith in anime as a medium after years of the only cherry picking a show or two.

While not perfect for whatever reason to some, the show is in my top list of why anime is amazing.

Favorite characters: 

For my favorite character, I’m split between Lida and Todoroki for the men. I like Lida bc he is smart, kinda handsome, responsible, is made of husband material.

Then the emo icy hot boy, bc of character development, his looks and how convenient he is to hug summer or winter.

From the females is Uraraka, because she’s the best! the second would be Hatsume Mei because she’s a mad scientist).


My fave is Aizawa. I have many characters that I love there but he’s on top. From the beginning, I’ve liked him because of his style and the way he talks his mind without doubt or regret.

He doesn’t fear being judged nor people who will not agree with him. He analyses every situation to be able to talk, and when he does he surely is correct.

He’s mature but comprehensive with his students, he’s strong and kind. I see him as a model for myself and I’d like to become such of an adult like him. Also, he makes me laugh a lot!

Final Thoughts

Artwork by Kimopoleis

Artwork by Kimopoleis

A big thanks to everyone for supporting My Hero Academia and for sharing all your beautiful cosplays and artworks! Thank you to all the cosplayers and to their respective photographers.

Continue to inspire and motivate young ones who are looking up to you! Good luck and more powers!


PS: I do not own any of these photos all credits to its owners and photographers.

My Hero Academia – The Hottest Anime of the Year

Boku no Hiro Akademia 2

Boku no Hiro Akademia

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