Toga My Hero Acadamia, Nico and Akagi Cosplay by Candy San, Philippines

Our next featured cosplayer is from the Philippines, I’m so proud to present you her cosplay works. She has one of the best Himiko Toga Cosplay from My Hero Academia anime series. She’s also cosplaying other characters like Nico Yazawa of Love Live, Akagi of Kancolle,  Aqua of  Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo, Layla of Mobile Legends Bang Bang and a lot more.

We would like to thank again Ms. Candy San for trusting us and letting her story be shared to inspire other cosplayers around the world. For sure that all you’re hard work and dedication will lead you to success!

Candy San, Philippines

Candy San CosplayPhotos by Geo Bendanillo Photo, Robin & Lito

Good Day! everyone. My name is Candy San/Candy San Cosplay I am cosplayer From Cavite Philippines. I started cosplaying since 2013 and for the meantime I stop cosplaying in three years, 2014, 2015, 2016. Because of my job career after 3 years I also started to continue again my cosplay journey in the year of 2017.

My first debut is at Cosplay Carnival 2017 as Emilia (Re Zero) then many more events followed. Like Cosplay Matsuri 2017 as (Rory mercury from GATE), Okun Fest 2017 (Layla from Mobile legends) TOYCON 2017 (Nico Yazawa From love live), ACX 2017 (Akagi from Kantai collection), The Best of Anime 2017. (as Aqua from Konosuba) , Cosplay Mania 2017 the biggest event in the Philippines as Alisa Ameilia Inilichina from God eater burst 2 also this year;

I also attend OTAKU EXPO 2018 (Ruby Kurosawa LLSS) and COSPLAY CARNIVAL 2018 (as Himiko Toga from Boku no hero academia). And more many events soon.

Also, I have cosplay associations and groups I belong Cavite Cosplay Revolution Group, Cosworld PH, Sol Invictus, A-muse ph, New Generation and newest member of cosplay media group Arcadymac.

Cosplay Discovery & Conventions

Toga, my hero acadamiaHimiko Toga of My Hero Acadamia photo by Robin Abiscia Batuigas

I discovered cosplay when I was 16 years old in high school. In the beginning, I only watched anime, so I don’t really know what Cosplay is that time. Then I noticed Cosplay because of my brother.

Sometimes my brother joined me to Con and I was so amazed when I see a lot of cosplayers and after that, I was inspired to cosplay too like others. And also I think cosplaying is not easy.

My memorable cosplay when I did Layla from Mobile Legends Bang Bang there’s so many Fans of Layla.  A lot of photographers and con-goers appreciated my Layla Cosplay there’s so crowded at the time I’m quite curbing in the heat and light of the place.

Costume/Gear/Props/Armor Making

Himiko Toga photo by Geo Bendanillo PhotoHimiko Toga of My Hero Acadamia photo by Geo Bendanillo Photo

I didn’t sew my costume but I can craft weapons my first build weapon on my own is my Rory Mercury (AXE HALBERD) It so difficult for me because it’s my first time to make my own props. I spent a lot of time and days for these without rest.

I also have a tailor and personal craftsman (Duo’s Armory) so legit and accurate. I love all of his work.
These are the recent cosplays that I love:

  • Emilia – Re-Zero
  • Rory Mercury – Gate
  • Akagi Aircraft Carrier – KANTAI COLLECTION
  • Aqua – KONOSUBA
  • Maica Sakuranomiya – BLEND S
  • Alisa Ameilia Inilichina – GOD EATER
  • Mitsuha Miyamizu – KIMI NO NAWA

Worst Experience

nico yazawa cosplayNico Yazawa of  Love Live photo by Lito

When my props broke during an event I felt really disgusted what happened


Nico Yazawa of  Love Live photo by Lito

My role model cosplayer is Aza Miyuko I was inspired by her cosplay so much. I truly love her cosplay! She cosplays both Male or Female characters and they are so accurate!

Definition of Cosplayer

Akagi CosplayAkagi of Kancolle photo by Geo Bendanillo Photo

Being cosplayer is not easy, lots of time and long preparation are needed When you’re cosplay you must need to know the character you cosplayed. The attitude, the expression, and the looks I love cosplay because it makes me happy I have a lot of friends at cosplay community than normal life.

Greatest Achievement

Akagi of Kancolle photo by Geo Bendanillo PhotoAkagi of Kancolle photo by Geo Bendanillo Photo

As a cosplayer, my best award is that I can make people happy and appreciate my cosplay works!

Piece of Advice

Alisa ameilla god eater cosplayAlisa Ameilla of God Eater photo from Candy San

Dream big never give up go and go until you succeed. Keep it up until your brilliant as you!

Open Message

Candy San CosplayPhotos from Candy San Page

You can see me at different events /cons at SMX Convention in Mall of Asia Philippines. There’s also Cosplay Mania this coming September to October.

Check out my Facebook Page and Instagram account for more updates on my cosplay plans.

Toga My Hero Acadamia, Nico and Akagi Cosplay by Candy San, Philippines

Toga My Hero Acadamia, Nico and Akagi Cosplay by Candy San, Philippines

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