Music a fragment of My life’s Inspiration

Definition of Music? this word may vary on cultural, social, religious, and significance to each person who defines it.  However, generally speaking, Music is an art, composed of rhythm, melody, and harmony which can have a range of dynamics and its different styles.

Music Everyday


Music is like a rainbow, you have different colors which those colors represent the various range types of music. From traditional rock music to world pop, you would be surprised to know how many types of genre of music are there.

Music Genres includes

  • The Alternative, Anime, Blues, Children’s Music, Classical Comedy, Commercial, Country,
  • Dance, Disney, Easy Listening, Electronic, Enka, French Pop, German Folk, German Pop,
  • Fitness & Workout, Hip-Hop/Rap, Holiday, Indie Pop, Industrial, Inspirational – Christian & Gospel, Instrumental,
  • J-Pop, Jazz, K-Pop, Karaoke, Kayokyoku, Latin, New Age, Opera, Pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Rock,
  • The soundtrack, Spoken Word, Tex-Mex / Tejano, Vocal, and World.

On the other hand, Personally, my interpretation of Music is much more precise. It’s an inspiration, more of an essential part for me, It has been a piece of my spiritual, intellectual and psychological space.

My Music

My discovery

At the age of 10, I didn’t have any idea that I could expand my knowledge about music. I was a simple girl who loves to play, preferably outdoor activities with my buddies.

Never in the world, I did know about my hidden talent that yet to unleash. It was at the end of my elementary days, almost graduation day, I saw one of my classmate singing in front of the crowd. I started singing along and surprisingly I discovered that I can actually sing.

Watching a classmate of mine, singing every single program in our small town’s festival, it made me dream of perhaps one day I will also sing in front of hundreds and thousands of people around me.

My First Music Inspiration

Music inspiration

It was on the school campus of my high school days that I shared my passion with a classmate. We were complete strangers at that moment, yet I easily express my passion for music.

She asked me to sing one of my favorite songs, indeed a sung a “Filipino song” from a famous singer in the Philippines named Regine Velasquez. I still vividly remember the song, it was “Pangako”.

From then on a lot of my classmates requested me to sing in front of the class. Changes came in my life when my family needed to move to another bigger city for my mom’s job opportunity. I and my siblings then transferred to another school.

In my third year, I started to show again what I am capable in terms of music, especially in singing. I’ve started to join singing competition commencing with duet and later solo. Which I bagged the first prize for the first time of my life.

How did I learn to play Guitar


The fourth year in high school, some of my classmates brought their guitars in the classroom. Everyone was curious and girls started to try to play the guitar.

I was also curious, tried to play and ask one of owner to show me how to play the guitar. The moment I learned the basic chords I constantly wanted to play more. Luckily my brother has a guitar at home and I began to practice and learn more complicated chords.

My First Guitar Challenge

“Royals by Lourde” my very own version, way back March 2015

Most Memorable Experience

It was in my college days, wherein I have participated a bunch of singing competition (duet class). To represent our class, on my third year, I have joined the duet category singing competition and sang “I want to spend my lifetime loving you” which led us to the 2nd place in the overall division of our college school.

I thought my adventure would stop there, but opportunity knocked on my door. One of my best friends told me that the girl who will represent our college school for the last School Competition (all colleges department) wouldn’t be able to compete. So the College Mentor is searching another girl to replace her.

She recommended me to present myself and sing a piece of a song in front of Mr. Mentor. It was nerve-wracking being in front of a Music Professor and singing to him alone. I tried to control myself and started singing my piece, my favorite, and easy one, a piece which made me win the first place way back in high school.

“Only Exception” version back in July 2015

The Result

My brief presentation has finished, nervous standing, he finally announced that he would want me to replace the assigned singer. I was filled with joy and happiness, finally, after dreaming of singing on the stage facing thousands of people will come true.

The day of the biggest school singing competition came and I was wearing a yellow traditional Philippine dress. Our song chosen was a Filipino old traditional song, a very difficult one to sing for duets “Maalaala Mo Kaya”

Spooked and intimidated, my heart was pounding like a drum roll. Seeing those audiences on their chairs watching other participants performance. It was our turn to sing, once I step on the stage, my mind was clear like a blank space however when the music started to play, I became like one with my partner and with the song.

The Chase of the Singer’s Spirit

Back to December version

Migrating to another country makes me feel a like a newborn child since I don’t speak the language nor their culture. It was definitely a struggle for me, but my music spirit is always inside of me ready to come out.

Going to language school made me learn so much, knowing and appreciating other strangers like me who are having difficulties of adjusting in the country consoles my heart.

“Thousand Years” interpreted by yours truly

I have a great chance to spill out my talent and sang the song “Je l’aime à Mourir” on our last time to be together during the culmination day of the school.

From then on I still pursue my passion maybe not in a professional way, but I still keep that in my mind that maybe there’s another door that would open for my talent.

Emotional version of “The One That Got Away”

Recent Quest

My adoration over several singers and artists has come to its superlative state where I wanted to interpret more of their songs with my own personal touch. I have interpreted songs from Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Christina Perri, Lourde, James Arthur, and much more. 

The bizarre thing with me is, often times I have this tendency of “stuck in a hole” mode wherein  I can only think one particular song that replays back and forth on my ear. It won’t ever stop until I make a record of myself singing that song.

“Say You Won’t Let Go”

Original Composition

I would like to end this simple post with my original composition along with guitar chords arranged, hopefully, It’ll make your day cheerful.

The Song inspired by the person that I am living with, the person who holds my heart, the person who makes me think of him every day of my life.

As the song says ” you’re those roses in my heart that shining, those raindrops hiding in my eyes” Here it is! Enjoy!

Every day of my life” by Alexine


Want more videos? Visit and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you can ask your song choice.

I’ll be happy to cover one for you!

My Music


my music

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12 Responses

  1. Travelquartz says:

    Lordes Royale is one of my favorite song. We all connect with so much similarities. I made my family listen to this cover you have sung. They asked whose the singer and I proudly shared about you. So much talent you have. Wow. 👍👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Whoa… nice song! Talented people is so suprising now days. keep it up! see you next post 😁

  3. Helene says:

    Love your original song! You have a great voice:) So nice to have music in your life to take your mind off things when life gets stressful, isn’t it? I love singing too, but I’m not nearly as talented as you are! Plus I tried to learn guitar and failed miserably haha!

  4. Aditi says:

    Wowiieee.. this is so beautiful. Nice to meet this side of you. You have a sweet voice. Keep it up! Cheers!! 🙂

  5. Music is like a rainbow indeed. Thank you for sharing lovely xx

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