Metz Torii Cosplayers Encounter and Highlights

Finally, I got the chance to share all the photos of cosplayers encounter happened at Metz Torii in Metz, France. Held last week of the month of May. Last time I have shared with you some exclusive photos inside this amazing geek convention. Indeed, what a fun and joyful event of the year.

metz torii place

But before anything else, I would like to tell you first what really happened on the road before arriving at the event. From Marche-en-Famene we started our trip instead of Brussels since we were on a weekend at my mother-in-law’s place.

We woke up early in the morning to drive more over 2 hours and a half. We brought our little baby pachimari with us the violet one from which we bought from Kairii Cosplay Shop.

Selfie with baby Pachi

selfie at metz

After a long drive, we have arrived at the parking area of the event and I took a selfie with our baby violet pachimari. I’m wearing an Overwatch back shirt with all the heads of the heroes printed with a black Overwatch hat.

My Hubby is wearing a grey hat, violet shirt with printed Widowmaker feature, a dark grey jacket, and the special edition backpack all from Overwatch, our favorite online game.

Arriving at the Entrance

at the entrance in Metz Torii

Arriving at the Parc des Expositions Centre the venue of the event. We noticed that there were tons of people queueing at the entrance, these are actually people who don’t own a ticket for the event so they have to buy it on the spot.

We were so lucky to buy our ticket in advance, we bought it online via the website of Metz Torii. We’re very excited to be in this event cause it was our first time to attend here I’ve mentioned it too in my previous post: Take a Tour at Metz Torii Geek Convention in France

My very first impression? The place was quite big and there are tons of people attending the event. You could really feel that this is a special event of the year. Without further ado, I will show you some of my cherished photos of cosplayers from Metz Torii. Hope you enjoy it!

Cosplayers encounter at Metz Torii


Let’s start with all where it all this passion started, with Overwatch cosplayers. The first encounter with these Overwatch cosplayers was in the boutique area.

It was with Genji Cosplayer, I did search for the cosplayer’s photo on Instagram hoping to find his account but unfortunately, I haven’t found any.


Genji (Oni skin)

The next Overwatch Cosplayer encounter was in the Helios Gaming Festival corner, we have met a genderbend Mccree cosplayer and another one was Mercy with her Chinese skin.


Mercy (CNY skin)

mccree overwatch cosplayer

McCree Genderbend

Next, on the list, we have Mercy with another skin which I really love. I saw her at the first hall at the “Exposition of Tsume” she was strolling and I suddenly saw her. Directly, I bolted up and ask for a photo of her, she was really kind and even smiling while I took some photos.

mercy overwatch


My Favorites

tracer metz torii

Tracer Cosplay


D.Va (CNY skin)

Lastly, I have the two cuties Overwatch cosplayers: Tracer and D.Va with her Chinese New Year Skin. They both look really adorable and perfect on her suits.

Roaming via Facebook, I found out that Overwatch cosplayers weren’t professionals. They don’t even have their own Fan Pages yet. Hopefully, they will continue their passion and eventually make this as a job.

Encounter with Casual Tracer Cosplayer
tracer first cos

Tracer (Casual)

Strolling inside the boutique’s area, I had a glimpse of this splendid cosplayer with her casual cosplay of Tracer. I asked for a photo of her and we babbled for a minute, asked me if I play Overwatch and I said “Yes” and shared with her my favorite characters to play.

She told me as well that it was her first time to do cosplay and chose to make a simple one that’s why she chose the casual Tracer outfit. I’m so glad to meet her and I complimented her for her great cosplay costume. I really wish her all the best!

Boku No Hero Cosplayers


All Might Cosplay by: DM Cosplay

The next to present to you is “The Anime” of the year, my favorite Animé series this season and the most popular Animé this year. It’s Boku No Hero Acadamia. Our first cosplayers encounter was is the Animation and Cosplay Zone where the mini stay situated. There found some of the best cosplayers in the event.

todoroki bnha

Todoroki Cosplay by: Hotaru

Allow me to share with you the story behind this photo with Ms. Hotaru. Actually, when I saw them (BNHA cosplayers) in a corner, I asked one by one for a photo. And when it was Ms. Hotaru’s turn I waited cause she was a bit busy signing a hat from a fan/supporter.

I didn’t have any idea who she was, I don’t know if she was a popular cosplayer or not. But anyways after taking photos of her Todoroki cosplay, I asked for her Instagram account and she took a photo just to serve it as a piece of paper and wrote down her IG account.

To cut the story short, when we were on the road to get back home I searched her account and saw that she has thousands of followers. She’s really kind and humble in spite of being so famous in social media.

Just a reminder: Don’t forget to follow these talented cosplayers’ Instagram accounts or Facebook fan pages.

almight normal

Yagi Toshinori (All Might normal mode)


Dabi cosplay by: Philippe Wang 

Rei Todoroki

Rei Todoroki Cosplay by: Megumi Eto Cosplay


Todoroki Cosplay by: Cyrisesevens Cosplay

Dabi cosplay


One Piece Cosplayers

onepiece group

Of all the cosplayers that I’ve met in different conventions, it’s my first time to see “SogeKing” (Usopp)  and “Charlotte Cracker” (10th son of Charlotte family). That’s why when I saw them I was super excited to take some photos.


Charlotte Cracker cosplay by: Lucas Lavaux


SogeKing Usopp cosplay by: Roronoalexis Cosplay

brook onepiece


One of the funniest “Nakama” of Luffy in One Piece. Again another first to see a Brook cosplayer! Unfortunately, I haven’t found his accounts on Instagram nor Facebook. I hope to see him again at future conventions.

Star Wars Cosplayers



Cosplayers in Group

cosplayers in group

Often times in a convention, Cosplayers prefer to attend the event with a partner(s) or in a group. Especially beginners, it will help them build their self-confidence and learn with other cosplayers around on how to pose and a lot of information that must know.

group spidy

Personally, being a photographer in an event like this is already a big task. Taking photos of groups is even harder. You must consider all of their expressions are similar or coincide if one is closing his/her eyes then you have to take another photo again.


I did have a hard time choosing the best photo I could present on the blog. Certainly, I take a bunch of photos before letting these groups go but I’m so happy to meet these incredible cosplayers.

Other Solo Cosplayers

Nonon Jakuzure cosplay by: Mayuki Cosplay


Raven cosplay by: Loveahegao


Malthael cosplay by: SnowKiss Cosplay & Props

cosplay princess

Zashiki cosplay by: Céleste Mangaka


Battlesisters (Warhammer 40k) cosplay by: Haag Andréa

Final Thoughts 

Once again I would like to thank the organizers of Metz Torii. It was definitely a successful event of the year. Thank you to all the cosplayers who attended and who patiently waited and entertain the visitors.

You guys deserve to be on the limelight! Almost all cosplayers look amazing, well, there’s always those who are beginners. I’m pretty sure they will all improve in a short span of time.

All in all, this was an amazing event! Please do support these admirable cosplayers by following their respective pages and if you’re interested to see them on their next project you better follow their accounts.

Thank you so much, everyone!

PS: If you happen to be one of the cosplayers you can get a digital copy of your photo if you wish to. Thanks!

Metz Torii Cosplayers Encounter and Highlights

Metz Torii convention

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