Mei Overwatch and League of Legends by Shappi Workshop, Poland

Hi guys! Let’s continue our Cosplayer Interview Series! Today would be another online game cosplay and I assure you her works are fantastic. One of Poland’s  Cosplayer Stars, she’ll be showing us one of my favorite cosplay work Mei Overwatch Cosplay. 

Her name is Shappi Workshop a very talented Polish Cosplayer. Yes! She is! In fact, she’s our first ever Polish Cosplayer featured here. I’m very much delighted to present you all her grandeur works.

She has made some immense cosplay like Kayle, Soraka, Aurelion Sol, and Azir of League of Legends. There are Nike and Bellona of Smite, Mercy of Overwatch and many more.

To begin with, we wanna thank you, Ms. Aleksandra, for sharing your beautiful story with us! We can’t wait to see your future projects! Good luck and more success!

Mei Overwatch Cosplay

Mei Overwatch

Mei Overwatch Cosplay photo by Carmen Photo – Cosplay

Hello! My name is Aleksandra and I am cosplayer from Poland. I am creating costumes since 2009 and I mainly specialize in armor, wings, and props. I love challenges in cosplay and meeting new people!

I’ve attended manga and anime conventions since I was 13 years old, this world was so colorful and crazy! Its been a while since my friends have dragged me to cosplay contest at one of those events.

I wasn’t sure if that even interesting for me at the start but when I saw those amazing armors and huge dresses I knew that it’s what I want to do for conventions!

First Convention

Mei Overwatch cosplay

Mei Overwatch Cosplay photo by Focus Felis

My first convention in cosplay was during holidays 2009. I’ve worked whole summer on my first cosplay, Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but people welcomed me so well! Cosplayers were so lovely and I fell in love with Polish Cosplay Community.

I’ve made a lot of new friends that weekend and we still support each other to this day.

Worst Experience

Kayle League of Legends

Kayle League of Legends Cosplay photo by Studio Zahora

My worst cosplay experiences are usually the ones where I overwork myself on the costume or simply wear outfit for too long when it is unbearably uncomfortable.

Cosplay armors are usually very heavy and hard to move in when you stay in them for too long roaming the convention around it might hurt you later! Bruises, cuts and swollen feet is the not cool scenario.


Azir League of Legends

Azir League of Legends Cosplay photo by Studio Zahora

Of course, I do look up to other cosplayers! There are plenty of talented cosplayers out there. My biggest inspiration when I was starting up in Poland was Kairi, very talented cosplayer! I also adore Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri, Kinpatsu, Volpin, and Kamui.

So many great people to watch and be inspired by!

Definition of Cosplayer

Merida Disney

Merida Brave Disney Cosplay photo by Tomografia – Tomasz Paprocki

I personally think cosplayers make other fans so happy. It’s the best feeling to see people who adore the series that you are cosplaying from, excited about your outfit! Especially kids.

I have the best memories cosplaying as Disney princesses. Kids love cosplayers, they see real heroes in them!


Mercy Cosplay

Mercy Overwatch with Chinese Theme photo by Yumikasa Photography

I am very proud to be a winner of a few International Cosplay Competitions such as ECG, CWM or Dreamhack.

Even though the contests are nice, I still think that my biggest achievements are to do what I love for a living and just enjoy my work as a cosplayer. I hope to keep it up in the future!

Piece of Advice

Mercy Overwatch

Mercy Overwatch Cosplay photo by Studio Zahora

Don’t give up! I know its hard to finish a project, often you feel like you should just throw it away, however, don’t stop!

Pick something easy for the first costume, learn new techniques and be patient. With time you can surely do it!

Open Message

aleksandra cosplay

Brunhilde Cosplay photo by CoolADN

Thank you so much for reading about my work! If you want to learn how to make costumes or just simply watch my vlogs, check my YouTube channel where I post various cosplay videos!i

I am constantly traveling somewhere around European Conventions so for sure you can catch me up at events around including CosExpo in the UK.

If you would like to follow my work, please consider checking out my social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

You can also become one of Aleksandra’s Patrons, visit her Patron Account and admire her exclusive creations!

Cosplay to me is a way of expressing myself, broadening my crafting skills and having fun! I’ve created over 70 costumes by now.

Your support through Patreon will allow me to dedicate more funds to bigger cosplay builds, trying new materials or bring many crazy projects to life, involving abroad photo/video shoots, traveling and more!

-Aleksandra/Shappi Workshop

Shappi Workshop

Shappi Workshop Poland

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