Un Jour in Megara, Corinth, and Argolis

Have you ever heard of this ancient Greek historical places, if you’re a fan of Greek Mythology or Greek history? You might already have read about them, It all started with a curiosity at the beginning at it turns out to be more and more intense of the stories or myth behind this mysterious Corinth city in the country of Greece.

Have you ever questioned yourself between reality and the myth about the Goddess, Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Hector, Paris, Adonis, Apollo and many other known names?

Greek Mythology


Even if we go into details about the past and history of Greece some of this names will come out. how come people from the ancient period mentioned the goddesses and drag it till the future?

What is really the connection between this two different worlds? did Zeus really exist? did Athena herself was the Queen of the City of Athens? what if Gods really existed? what if there are still some demigods out there trying to survive themselves in this fierce world.


Well, all I can say is let’s keep it as a mystery, every world has a secret, let it be, leave it like that. who knows one day someone out there will unleash the truth behind every enigma in this world.

View on the Road


A week in Athens wasn’t really enough to tour all the corners of it, all the beautiful scenery, the people, the culture, its treasures, its ruins, its history.

It was pretty tough to have a short time in this beautiful city. its been decided that the last day would be visiting the so-called Peloponnese part of western Greece. On the road to Sparta, there were incredible, stunning, and wonderful temple/ruins to be discovered.

The sunny morning we’re heading to west Attica direction, we happen to take the nontoll roads. where you need to take the short and normal roads of the village and after we had a quick stop in Megara.

It was a fine view of Megara Gulf, the ocean was blue the other islands was clearer as I can imagine. Since I’m a fan of Greek mythology I know who is Megara but for the real city that’s existing, I haven’t heard anything special yet.

In this city apart from its outstanding picturesque seaside, the Saint Constantine, and Helen church, the rest is yet to research.

Megara Gulf

Megara Gulf

Megara Gulf 1

During our quick stop at Megara, I have at least took some magnificent photos of the Megara Gulf and its surroundings.

On the left side as you can see its the trail way and from far island view is Islands of Makronosis, Revithousa, and Salamina.

Islands View from the Gulf

gulf area

gulf area 2


Near Ancient Corinth there is a bridge connecting Corinth to Athens,ย  there were superb photos that I found online and I really wanna see it with my own eyes.

Unfortunately, we passed on the other side of the bridge which I haven’t had a good angle in the car to take a picture. it was desperate sadness not to have even one picture of it.


Meanwhile, we continued our adventure, taking up the toll-free roads to Corinth City. we actually got confused because the city Corinth and there’s also Ancient Corinth, instead, we went to Corinth.

Arriving at the place it was kinda bizarre cause the place is pretty modernized, a lot of cars, building was like same in Athens.

I recheck the address on the GPS and it was actually the right one, but Ancient added. As we tried with Ancient Corinth and there I found the real address was pretty far from where we are, it’s actually 20 minutes drive more to the Temple of Apollo.

At last, after about an hour and half of searching this place finally, we have found it. It’s normally an hour drive from Athens but since we had some circumstances causing to be more delayed than expected.

Archeological Site Of Corinth And Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo 2


In this site could be found not just only the Temple of Apollo but as well as the remains/ruins of the Corinth itself. The beauty of this ancient city hasn’t faded even once, even to the archeological parameters it has quite dramatic.

According to Greeks Temple of Apollo is one of the best examples of Doric Building in the greek world.

Getting to the inside was interesting, it was a big space in the midst of nowhere, only houses and normal buildings around. As we landed in the area, paid 6 euros for the entrance fee and get to discover the museum and its collection from the Ancient City located where you are.

Temple of Apollo


temple 2

A great way to start the day it was already pas 11:00 am and now here we are roaming, searching, discover this antic site part of the Ancient city.

The view of this temple is splendid I could say that it has the perfect 7 columns left standing after all these decades. I could imagine and feel the houses built before, the roads, the people if I close my eyes I feel like I’m in the middle of the film from Hercules or Odyssey.

Close View of the Temple

temple view

temple view 2

temple view

As they’ve said Romans were very keen of water, fountains and running water are their favorites. that’s perhaps the answer why researcher has dug out from their excavations more of vases, pots, and other things that mostly related to water.

Corinth was one of the famous city for its pottery, that explains why I saw a lot of pottery collection from different stages and designs.

The inside of the Museum


Corinthian Order Columns in Ancient Corinth


Museum 2

Corinthian Order is one of the three classical orders of Greek and Roman architecture, the others are Doric Order and Ionic Order, Corinthian was one of the most difficult of the three showing how luxurious lifestyle and the wealth of the city.

Adoring this remains might be the easiest work to do but making them will take maybe a century to meet its perfection.





Meanwhile on the farther northern part of the site was a total beauty with its pure and solitude ambiance features of remains. Corinth was once considered as the “city of luxury” because of its wealth. it’s pretty obvious as you can see the richness of the architectural foundation.

It makes me wonder how have they actually build the temples in the first place. then how did they come up with these structural ideas for their houses, roads, ports, and others? It’s largely impressive.

A view of Acrocorinth




Acrocorinth 2

The monolithic rock hilltop at the back is called Acrocorinth means “Upper Corinth” it is the Acropolis of the Ancient Corinth.

It is one of the most popular sites of the city since it has been the most impressive Acropolis/high city of mainland Greece but unfortunately, it’s my first time traveling without a lot of information from the western part of Greece.

I haven’t had the time to research and I slipped this information, even after the visit. we went to a restaurant nearby ordered some greek dishes and ask for some other sites that we might visit and the man said “You must visit Mycenae”

Though the visit has taken about an hour plus lunch, it was practically 2:00 pm. when we decided to go with no hesitations, we rather directly drive out and hence our next destination is Mycenae it is.

Symmetrical view of Mountains



Continuing our toll-free road at the time being, enormous mountains were in front of us, its symmetrical angles are surely charming, the curves, lines, and its forms were almost identical.

Lucky to have this view for another 45 minutes drive going to our next stop I’m sufficiently ready for this next adventure.

on the road


Finally arrived at this place, roads were not that difficult to follow although it was calm not a lot of vehicles around.

mostly I can see was tour buses and motorcycles from locals. the ruins and museums on the top of the hill as expected I can sense a wonderful story to be discovered here, I’m very excited.




Mycenae is an archeological site consist of the classical temple and ruins, the grave circle A, a citadel of Mycenae, and the museum located near Mikines in Greece. The lion’s gate will be the first thing you will see upon entering the main entrance of the bronze age citadel of Mycenae.

The entrance fee is 6 euros person access to Mycenae and Treasury of Atreus. but if you’re a student is free or being in a group it’ll be cheaper.

View from the Inside



Grave Circle A



As you go to the right side of the entrance you’ll find this noticeable circle form of ruins. it is called the Grave Circle A, a royal cemetery situated to the south of lion’s gate.

After climbing up you’ll see a beautiful panorama of the place with the view of the citadel, the mountains surrounding it and the ruins above all.



I have read the citadel facts about its time-consuming construction process,

The Minimum stone required: 145,215 Cu.M or 14,420 average stones (10 tons) that will actually take 2.125 days to move a 1 block of stone.

Imagine how long will it take to build a citadel like this. It’s really amazing how ancient people live their lives like this.



Walking around the area til its exit gate was exhausting, the place is very interesting. if you’re a fan of new discoveries, reading while walking, this one is perfect for you.

Of course, reading all the details of every single piece of stone that you may see is really annoying. but once you followed the story you’ll become part of it and you’ll surely never stop reading until you’ll be totally satisfied.

The Secret Door




As we go on, we bump into a cave-like passage where you can go down using the stairs. at first, it looks creepy but once you got in you’ll different it was like being with the Mycenean people working and doing their job.

I light up my phone lamp and go one until the dead-end well not really it’s just that it’s stated “no enter” so I guess that means you cannot go on anymore.

Lion Tholos Tomb



After nearly finishing the tour of the citadel, the tomb of Lion Tholos was on the way. it’s mostly known as “Beehive Tomb” it is a kind of burial structure having a false dome that resembles a beehive.


museum 1


The last highlight is the Museum, personally its more like normal for me. since I got to visit tons of Museums everywhere but I guess the Museum of Mycenae is special for its very calm and detailed.

It’s more of a place where you can relax while walking around reading some information about Greece’s history.

Treasury of Atreus trreasurey

thomb 2

But lastly, there’s one more archeological site that we must visit, its situated not too far from Mycenae.

its 5 mins drive it’s called the Tomb of Agamemnon hearing this name reminds of the “Helen of Troy” movie does it reminds you too?

If yes you know what I mean but for the sake of those who don’t have any idea from the movie Agamemnon. He the king of Mycenae or Argos the brother of Menelaus the king of Mycenaean Sparta the husband of Helen of Troy.



It’s also a Beehive/tholos tomb, one of the largest actually on the Panagitsa Hill of Mycenae. its known for its lintel stone above the doorway which weights 120 tons that makes an extreme dimension of the door.

Makes it the largest of the world and its monumental shape and grandeur it is one of the most impressive monuments.

According to some information that I’ve found, Agamemnon doesn’t have anything to do with this tomb. it was the German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann who named this place and thus the name was used ever since.

Sunset Reflection




To end the day a sweet sunset view was the last perfect piece to make it indescribable, for me this one is one of the special tour that I’ve done. I call it a Lazy Traveller’s Way of discovering other places. I’m not a professional traveller nor a professional Nomad. I am simply a human who wants to enjoy my designated limited vacations and making the best out of it.

For those who want to discover other place near Athens it would be magnificent. Just don’t forget your suitable shoes and comfortable clothes, especially light ones cause the weather is very hot.

If you’re travelling via car, better pack up your own food and drinks. It’ll be cheaper or even via bus bring a backpack with your food and drink on.

My Verdict

To summarize all of my experiences from Athens to Argolis it was 100 percent fantastic. Though there were more places we could have visited. If I managed to plan it before it started but no regrets at all.

The food, the places, the people, it was all worth it.I totally recommend you to spend a week or more and delve into the inner history of Greece.


Score : 8.8/10

Corinth, Greece

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  3. Thank you for this. I love antiquities. It must be a wonderful trip to be there.

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    Greek mythology is truly fascinating and your post depicted all so well. I enjoyed greatly.

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      Thank you very much Vanessa, that’s really wierd to know, cause knowing you, you love extreme adventures etc, you can also take a boat going to islands of Greece, they have it too, unfortunately for me 1 week wasn’t enough plus my seasickness would mortify me.

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      Thank you Gabby, Greece is just beautiful! if you’re a fan of beaches, histories, and cultural/architechtural designs this is your ideal destination.

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