Maplestory Mercedes, Mashu, and Kotori Cosplay by Kiriya Yuki, Singapore

Great news geeks, we’re back for our Cosplayer Interview Series. Who are those playing online games here? It’s obvious our featured cosplayer for the day is cosplaying mostly of online games characters and not just that he is mainly known as a Crossdresser. How incredible don’t you think? Among his cosplay creations are Maplestory Mercedes, Mashu Kyrielight, and Kotori Minami of Love Live.

For those who are still in trouble of defining what is Crossplaying “cross-dress”. It is actually the manner of changing ones (cosplayer’s) gender to become the gender of the character. This is now commonly applied by mostly all cosplayers around the world. One great example is our Cosplayer today. It’s a secret actually! (the most exciting part) You’ll know it for sure.

I would like to thank again Kiriya Yuki for letting us feature you on our blog. Thank you for sharing your story as well! You will surely touch and motivate other crossplayers all over the world. More success to you!

Let’s welcome our first Singaporean featured Cosplayer! Kiriya Yuki!

Kiriya Yuki, Singapore

Maplestory MercedesMaplestory Mercedes photo by: Edwin’s Noobshit Gallery
Mashu Kyrielight photo by: Lee Hong Zhu & Leonard Yuen
Arabian Kotori photo by: Jadeite Ooi SK: Chun Boon Zhi Qin Winnie Dah Puh Suzuko Rikka

My name is Peh Xi Sheng or you can call me Kiriya Yuki. I live in Singapore and have attended lots of events in Singapore, events like Cosfest, STGCC, Gamestart, AFA, EOY and so on. I am not in any association or groups, but I do have a group of friends that I always hang out at events.

How I discovered cosplay was actually a very random moment as it is where I met up with a group of people I haven’t even met before. I meet up with them and they are all sort of into cosplay, slowly they asked if I wanted to try cosplay and they helped me to order stuff from online and help me through my first cosplay.

I didn’t know much about cosplay at that point, it was hilarious of me as I didn’t even put on makeup for the first time but I enjoyed a lot! It was at that moment where I see cosplay is a fun hobby where I get to hang out with lots of people with the same interest!

Of course, that wasn’t the point where I decided I will be a cosplayer. The moment where I decided I want to be a cosplayer is when I first queue up and meet up with guest cosplayers from overseas at a local event, it was at that moment when they say my cosplay is nice and stuff.

This is one of my biggest motivation in cosplay till now, it is to cosplay and to be able to meet up with cosplayers and photographers from overseas and make friends with them! Don’t forget about local cosplayers and photographers too, they are really awesome!!

First Convention

MapleStory MercedesMaplestory Mercedes photo by: Edwin’s Noobshit Gallery

My first convention as a cosplayer was AFA 2011, it was one of the best feelings I ever felt, the feeling where I get to know so many people and everyone is so kind to each other; helping out each other; taking care of each other stuff without asking and many more!

It wasn’t difficult for me to just wear a costume and wig and go to the convention as I mention above. It definitely did change my life! Now almost all my friends are cosplayer/photographers and we all got the same interests.

I even know how to make props and armors, but I am still learning to sew as it is really hard for me.

The most memorable convention I attended is the farthest convention I went to! It is Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur. I met up with more people in Malaysia and even have a group of friends that travel together from Singapore to Malaysia together!


Mercedes from Maple StoryMaplestory Mercedes photo by: Edwin’s Noobshit Gallery

The first costume I sewed with lots of help from a friend is Sendai Kai Ni from Kancolle! I would say I sewed 2 costumes only, one being Sendai Kai Ni and second is Maplestory Mercedes.

When I started making props, my first ever weapon I made was Alibaba’s Dijin Equip sword, it was made from PPboard as a skeleton for the blade, PVC pipe as a handle, then I wrapped the whole sword with paper meshes and finally when shape of the sword is done I will prime it with white glue before spraying it.

I tend to use materials like Eva foam, Craft foam, PPboard. I always start from Paper drafting before I even start on making and props or armors.

The first full armor I ever made was Monster Hunter Brachydios’s armor. It was a great experience, I had friends to guide me on how to get the shape while I used paper to make the shape out.

After making the whole armor with paper, I used the paper draft on a foam and cut it out according. I have then used contact glue to stick the foams together, and Velcro so I can wear and take off the armor pieces. Lastly, I sprayed a layer of black paint before I spray the main color.

Worst Experience

Mashu KyrielightMashu Kyrielight Cosplay photo/edited by: Lee Hong Zhu / Zhu Cosplay X Memes X Artworks

I don’t have any unforgettable bad experiences at conventions. Sometimes at conventions parts of my costumes will break, but that’s completely normal and helps me build it better for the next convention


Mashu Kyrielight by PehMashu Kyrielight Cosplay photo/edited by: Lee Hong Zhu / Zhu Cosplay X Memes X Artworks

As a crossdresser, I look up to HaoGe and Jun. They are both great amazing crossdresser! I hope to be able to reach their level or even better!! I get to know about HaoGe when I was scrolling on Weibo and I get to know about Jun on Facebook!

As for myself, I admire lots of cosplayers like Silver, Siutao, Ely, Shimo, Angie and many more cosplayers!

I would recommend you guys to some local cosplayers that I admire! Kai’s Cosplay and Craft and Rithe ! They are both awesome cosplayers which I look up to in making props and they make really awesome props!

Definition of Cosplayer

White day KotoriWhite day Kotori Cosplay photo by: Mong Moo/Jadeite Ooi

The best thing that happened to me is that I am able to meet all my friends!

Being a Cosplayer is the most wonderful thing that happens to me!


Arabian KotoriArabian Kotori Cosplay photo by: Jadeite Ooi SK: Chun Boon Zhi Qin Winnie Dah Puh Suzuko Rikka

Maplestory Mercedes is the proudest cosplay I have done so far. I would love to get invited to overseas conventions someday! I hope that one day more people will appreciate and love my cosplay!!

Piece of Advice

Espeon GijinkaEspeon Gijinka Cosplay photo by Collection/Jadeite Ooi (Moo Moo)

I believe almost everyone in the world has a phone and internet too. Google and YouTube is your best friend in learning to cosplay!

You can always look up online for props drafts even sewing drafts, you can even learn makeup from YouTube!

The most important stuff is to do it and have fun!

Open Message

Mercedes from Maple open message

Photos by: Edwin Lee & Dragonn Nobita Photography

I would be going to most of Singapore conventions if I am able to attend! like Cosfest, STGCC, Gamestart, AFA, and EOY.

I am planning to go to Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur this year again too if nothing goes wrong!

If you’d like to see more of my works follow my accounts on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and World Cosplay. 

kiriya_yuki cosplay photos

I am just a cosplayer, a cosplayer that enjoys both cosplay and cross-dressing.
I like drawings, I do draw from times to times. It is like I am free when I am drawing
-Kiriya Yuki

Maplestory Mercedes, Mashu, and Kotori Cosplay

Maplestory Mercedes

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