Malta Guide – Visiting the Blue Grotto and Les Alentours

Visiting one of the undisputed countries Malta you would probably look into its best sites to go. Well, our Malta guide today is about visiting one of the sea caverns in Malta the Blue Grotto and its surrounding area. 

You might be asking yourself what’s the meaning of “Les Alentours”? (French word) which means the surrounding of one’s place.

Blue Grotto

malta guide blue grotto

The southern coast of Malta is one of the most visited places after people discovered its exquisite beauty of sea caves. One of them is the Blue Grotto situated in the west of Wied iz-Zurrieq facing the little-deserted islet of Filfla.

Blue Grotto or Grotta Azzurra in English has attracted hundred thousands of tourist every year according to its statistics and it’s still growing every year.

The magic of visiting Blue Grotto is when the sunlight reflection gets into the proper cave departments which gives phosphorescent colors to the crystal clear water. That’s why there are hundreds of people queueing just to visit this wonder of natures spot.

If you want to have a successful visit you’ll have to make sure to read some tips about Malta guide on how to visit this place. Hopefully, you’ll find this Malta guide easy to follow and have a wonderful day at the Blue Grotto.

Getting to the Blue Grotto

Tower at Boat Ramp

To get to the Blue Grotto you must go first to this harbor village Wied iz-Zurrieq. From there you’ll get a boat the will bring you to the Grotto. There’s are two possible ways to get to this village either you’ll take a bus or bringing a car.

One obvious clue to know that you already arrive at your destination is when you see this huge Sciuta Tower which means you have to step out from the bus or stop your car.

malta guide

If you have the car pull it over at the parking lot, there’s normally a person who’s guarding the place so no worries. However, still be vigilant and don’t leave your important belongings visible on your car.

Boat tours to the Blue Grotto run frequently but depending on weather of course. Head down to the boatyard close to the embarkation area over to the kiosk and there you can buy your ticket.

Boat Trips

Boat Tours

Malta Boat tours are open Summertime: 09.00 to 17.00 and Winter time: 09.00 to 15.30
Blue Grotto Malta boat trip prices: Adults €8.00 whilst children €4.00

Things you should know when taking the Blue Grotto Boat Tours

First things first, you have to know that the duration of the trip is around 20 minutes. Malta Blue grotto boat is the same Maltese boat used for fishing. So don’t expect that you’ll get into a big boat. For safety reasons, all passengers are obliged to wear a life jacket.

Tourists disembarking the boat after a trip to the caves a small jetty is provided for the embarkation of the boats. During the hot summer months, a canopy is provided for awaiting persons.

Note that you might encounter a queue when there are large groups of tourists. Be there early morning to around midday during the summer months, especially on clear, sunny days.

Swimming around the area is usually allowed (off private boats), and most locals actually moor in the area for the day. Swimming into the more popular tour caves is risky, and would be best avoided.

How to visit the Blue Grotto without Boat tours

no boat trips

Giving you all the information about the Boat Tours to the Blue Grotto are all facts from another Bloggers experience. Now, it’s time to share my experience that didn’t go out well since due to the weather reasons Boat Trips were canceled.

My hubby and I drove to Wied iz-Zurrieq to visit the Blue Grotto. Hoping for boat trips to be available with no tickets bought in advance. Arriving at the area, it was sunny with a pinkish sky and the sun was still bright.

scary waves

We were devastated to know that we cannot visit the Blue Grotto due to the intensity of the waves. But our determination didn’t stop there, we ask for some information from the locals to where we can see this Blue Grotto without taking the boat.

After receiving some information, we’ve decided to take a look first of the views at Sciuta Tower.

Breathtaking Views

breathtaking view 2

The waves were angry and violent, but it didn’t pull me back to go 2 meters down below just to take this amazing photo. It was a feeling of fulfillment to overcome the fear despite the danger that I might stumble in.

beautiful view

We drive to another place just to see some of the best views of this village. Arriving at a cliff, we park the car on a narrow rough road surrounded by other cars. I didn’t let that opportunity be wasted and took some of the breathtaking photos I’ve ever had.

beautiful view 3

I’m sure some of these views are familiar with you. These were probably featured in the Season 1 of Game of Thrones series. I’m sure that these might be some the places where they filmed some of its scenes.

Blue Grotto’s Stunning View

Blue Grotto

Finally, after the long search, we found this bus stop “Panorama” where you can see the Blue Wall and Grotto Viewpoint. From here, the view of Blue Grotto is just indescribable! It was sublime!



Quick tip: the place is high and you can get a perfect shot, however, the barriers are a bit high for small people like me. I did have a hard time taking photos.

Picturesque Views

view point wall

view point

The moment you’ll get to the Panorama (Bus Stop) you’ll see such a wonderful view adjacent to the Blue Grotto itself. If you aim to get a perfect selfie here, better use a selfie stick to get the wide view of the viewpoint.

Getting to Blue Grotto Trips Departure Wharf by Bus

departure place

Taking public transportation in Malta would be the best option if you’re in a budget. It’s cheap and easy, however, you should consider the time duration and the Bus schedules. Here are some of the most popular routes to Blue Grotto.

Valletta Terminus to Blue Grotto – Route 74
Time duration 30 minutes, Stop at Panorama bus stop and 2 min walk, down the hill to Blue Grotto.

From St. Julian’s, Paceville, Sliema, and Gzira – Routes 13, 14, 15 and 16
Route 13 – Every 10 minutes, Route 14 – Every 20 minutes
Route 15 – Every 30 minutes, and Route 16 – Every 20 minutes.
Stop at Valletta bus terminus then catch route 74

From Bugibba to Blue Grotto – Route 186
Travel time: 30 minutes, Stop in Rabat, bus stop Rabat 2. Then Catch route 201 from bus stop Rabat 2 to Blue Grotto

From Cirkewwa (Gozo ferry)/Mellieħa – Route X1 or Route 41, 42, 49 or 250
Travel time: approx. 90 to 120 minutes. If you’re getting the X1, this will take you to the Malta International Airport first. Stop there, then catch the bus 201 to the Blue Grotto.
If you’re catching the Routes 41,42,49 or 250 you will arrive in Valletta first, then catch Route 74 to Blue Grotto.

Airport to Blue Grotto – Route 201
Travel time: 60 minutes. Stop at Grotto bus stop

For more information visit Malta’s official site. 

Thank you, and I hope that my Malta Guide to Blue Grotto helps you for your future visit to Malta.

Malta Guide – Blue Grotto and Les Alentours

Malta Guide - Blue Grotto

Malta Guide - Blue Grotto and Les Alentours

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