MadeInAsia (MIA) Happenings Part 2

Here I am again continuing to post some of my gathered pictures from the most awaited convention MadeInAsia, not just in the capital city Brussels but also in the whole country of Belgium. As I have posted my photos on an Instagram account (the first account) which actually a traveler’s account since I am a traveler who wants to share my travel photo through Instagram.

 MadeinAsia Happenings 


Then decided to create a new account only for this event only for my cosplays, animes, manga’s pictures, I ended up deleting my posts from my first account and linking it to the new account since it’s a travel theme the pics and contents are kinda imbalanced.

Story of My Japanese Costume for MadeInAsia

at made in asia
Personally, I didn’t go 3 days in a row at the MadeInAsia Convention, I went there for the first day with my costume/cosplay attire just for fun.
For the first time in my life, I wore a costume. At the first day of the event, I wore this Japanese high school student costume.

In the beginning I thought I wouldn’t wear anything special, just casual one with my WorldofWarcraft shirt and Overwatch jacket would be enough.

However, in the last week of February my mind came up and thought of wearing a high school uniform (Japanese style of course) so I rushed and searched for it.

Luckily a friend of mine recommended me a site where I can find cheaper costumes near Brussels.
Immediately ordered online but unfortunately, the store didn’t have any stock of it anymore, no more of this kind (feeling unlucky).
I have chosen another attire its blue, grey, white mix with a necktie but still Japanese style.

I did pair it with black transparent leggings and black shoes like most high school students do, with the hair Harley Quinn style from Suicide Squad.

Lately, after I’ve watched the movie I keep on singing the background song “Gangster”. Don’t ask if who I am pretending to because I’m not pretending to be an anime character of whatsoever (grinning) just a simple me and that’s it.

My Cosplayer Photography


I humbly present you my other photos, although I’m not professional in editing kinds of stuff.

I did my best shots to make them really look amazing I mean they are amazing in person I just added it more. (proud) Some of the cosplayers who attended did come really well and stunning as far as I have expected, their costumes were fantastic, very colorful and creative.

Going back to instagram subject I met Genji the cosplayer at MadeInAsia on the second day.

I found his account in Instagram via common likes and he posted that he’ll come over at MadeInAsia on weekends with his Genji attire. I was really excited I even send him a message that I’ll search for him just to take his pics (I’m being so confident lol)

The day came and so I have a pic of his solo and a pic of me with him as expected.

Other Stunning Cosplayers

disney princesses

alice in wonderland

disney princess

Eventually, I’ve met a lot of cosplayers around the area, took a lot of photos of them from

  • Disney Princesses to
  • Groups like Dragonball Z,
  • Zelda, Diablo,
  • One Piece, Naruto,
  • Bleach, Pokémon
  • Overwatch group and even just random cosplayers who are together.

I’ve discovered that some of the cosplayers who attended at MadeinAsia were from other countries.

They couldn’t speak French nor Flemish either I did know since I’ve approached them asking for a pic, there were some in Germany, Netherlands, and France.

joker female

I’m glad to share my simple photos of these cosplayers who really did a great job on their presentation. They gave a fantastic presence and patience during those 3 days, really a Bravo to them all.

Not to mention their kindness to pose every time people ask to take pictures.

Thanks also to MadeInAsia’s organizers who made this event happened without them I won’t have such precious pictures like this.

Overwatch Fantasy

overwatch fantasy

As for my favorite online game Overwatch, My day wouldn’t be complete without them.

To be honest, when I saw Overwatch cosplayers from long distance I get to run after and take pictures of them without hesitating. I would ask them if I can take some pics.

Coolest DVA Cosplayer

dva cosplayer

I remember on my DVA meet at the restaurant/food section of MIA she was actually doing a queue to buy food.I tap on her shoulder while mentioning her name (DvaDva) and ask her for a picture. How nice of her saying yes and posed for me (happy) I’m so grateful.

She was so cool with her perfect costume like a real DVA in the real world, won’t mention her name but she’s really friendly.

I searched her account on Instagram then added and tagged her in my pics. I asked her if she’s playing Overwatch game and she said yes she does and she plays DVA too.

What a great cosplayer, It’s good to hear when cosplayers do play or watch the characters that they are portraying. it’s very important to know who and what is your character’s role.

Gender bend Cosplayers at MadeInAsia

genderbend cosplayers

I had also an opportunity to meet this two gender bend cosplayers Junkrat and Roadhog.

They look so cool and so powerful, Junkrat was perfect her attire and attitude fits her role. She got that look of Junkrat that smile, that crazy relaxing look,

While Roadhog is a bit intimidating really creepy, he is one of the characters from Overwatch that I’m afraid of. In terms of physical look only, this Roadhog is a killer her eyes.

The way she stands she’s exceptional, I had a great time with them.

Overwatch Cosplayers

overwatch cosplayers
After walking around the perimeter I got to bump with this group of overwatch cosplayers

They were almost complete except

  • Reaper,
  • Symmetra,
  • Bastion,
  • Reinhardt,
  • Winston,
  • Sombra, and Zenyatta,
  • Zarya

They are difficult to produce in terms of costumes and costly I guess. Especially Reinhardt and Winston these giants are the hardest to create. From that group, I saw my little twin the “cancer” Mei, She’s my favorite little Chinese scientist on the game.

I can play her all day but she could not be my main I cannot leave Zarya and Zenyatta (laughing) all Z like being a Zen mode like me.

Mei and Mccree

Mei and Mccree

Let’s admit that Mei is really good character to play, from this cosplayer Mei. I’m really surprised seeing her with this other skin my favorite pink one, and holding her cutie drone she’s so amazing.

Mccree gender bend is top! she seized it staring at her face and pose it’s like “high noon” got to give a thumbs up for this pretty cowboy.

Mercy on her Valkyr skin

Mercy on her Valkyr skin

Finally the woman of the hour, the woman who saves all, the savior, the angel, the queen of life. the one who gives strength and life, the healer in the game. “Mercy”

I didn’t imagine to see her here, she is very precious very fragile. But here she is not on her normal skin but on her splendid Valkyr look she is shining like a star. I’ll give her 10 out of 10 perfect scores.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76

Sometimes in cosplay event, you cannot evade the situation were 2 or 3 cosplayers do the same cosplay role. this often happens that’s the competition, like in MadeInAsia there were 3 DVA’s, 2 Soldiers, and 2 Widowmakers.

I have to say all of them did their best Soldier76 here stands out from the other one. with his white hair although height wasn’t that match. However, with the other Soldier with grey/white hair, he lacks props with still good the way he presents himself.

Among the DVAs no need to ask who’s the best (they are all) from Widowmakers I would honestly pick the first cause we have chatted and spend a little time with her more.

Tracer and Widowmaker

Tracer and Widowmaker



Feeling so lucky that day I have all them, but a surprised at the end cause I saw Lucio alone in the corner.

I ran after him and took a pic (Yuppie!) at least I got Lucio, I have all Overwatch Cosplayers. Well not all of their pictures individually, that day was super difficult to take photos of these guys.

They are getting so much attention that I can’t even approach them for one on one picture (quite sad) but the positive side is I get to have a picture of them. Yes!

Other Favourite Cosplayers

Other Favourite Cosplayers

Other Favourite Cosplayers

Other Favourite Cosplayers

dragon ball cosplayers

My Favorite Widowmaker in MadInAsia

widowmaker cosplayer

Luckily on the first day of MadeInAsia, we’ve met this Overwatch cosplayer Widowmaker.

She was really outstanding with her violet stunning costume, her hair, makeup, props. Her body really fits widow maker role.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of her only (crying) so disappointed on me not having my camera with me on the first day.

Despite my attire I really do want to take pictures a lot, she gave us her Facebook Account and when I did search her.

I’m absolutely amazed by her videos and photos, how she does all her costumes by herself.

Cut them, painted them, sewed them and using an alternative material to make it all looks good.

All in all, that was a great and unforgettable moment for me. I have also met my online game friends. We do play together and even met online. It was our second time to see each other after a while.

Once again I would like to thank all the Cosplayers who did a wonderful job “chapeau” and for their patience and courage to be there for those 3 days in a row.

As well as the MadeInAsia event, Thanks to all the people who made this Convention possible. See you again next year!

Thank you for reading my blog, hopefully, you did enjoy it!

See you next time!

MadeInAsia (MIA) Happenings Part 2


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