Luxembourg City LuxCon 2018 Event

LuxCon 2018 is one of the Grand events for geeks, science fiction, anime, manga, fantasy fans and lovers. This convention has inspired a lot of members in the Luxembourg City to be involved in this event.

Not just for geeks but its open to all ages including children of course. Their mission is to let people (like-minded ones) meet each other in a convention important as this.

This year’s LuxCon has become more exciting to all participants especially to cosplayers. After extensive preparation of their costumes and gears, they can finally show it to the public.

LuxCon 2018

LuxCon 2018 Luxembourg City

The Organizers of LuxCon (Science Fiction & Fantasy Society) have made a wonderful result of their plans. Though this is our first time to visit LuxCon this year, personally, I’m impressed how organized this event is.

Unlike other conventions that you know, LuxCon existed for 20 years already in Luxembourg City. Its previous name was ‘Magic Association Luxembourg’ later changed into LuxCon. What’s so special about it? it doesn’t only let you meet new people with the same interest like you but as well as to let you experience a lot of activities and even authors, cosplayers, and artists encounter.

Luxcon 2018

You will also see some cool discussion rooms of Clubs and Societies with interesting activities to learn like: how to craft foam armor, live-roleplaying, see action as we learn how to use the newly constructed light sabers, get to know some members of the Collectors Club present their hobbies and discuss adult collectibles vs. toys, and many more.

This year LuxCon 2018 is held in Luxembourg City at Forum Campus Geesseknäppchen. With the maximize usage of the place until 2nd floor, this convention is fully equipped to entertain their visitors.

Booths & Stalls (Ground Floor)


At the ground floor area, you will see a bunch of vendors selling some great anime, manga, sci-fi items, collectibles, etc, Perhaps for some visitors this the highlight of their visit to every convention.

The best way to start or to end your visit is to make sure to buy your favorite or collectibles (limited edition) items in here. How about you? How do you normally start your visit in a convention?


Some of you would probably buy at the end of your visit, but for those who love to get their collections complete they’ll surely begin with purchasing all those lacking items that they need to have.

vendors area


The moment you enter the building, you’ll see the information area where you can buy your tickets (if you don’t have one yet). Then you’ll get to the vendors, artists, and authors area where they exposed and sell their creations.

ground floor

The ground floor consists of Vendors, Authors, and Artists Area. Then you have the main stage, kids corner, fan zone, bar, and the information desk.

Authors & Artists Area 

authors & artists

For those who love art, painting, books, and other creations you can find them all on the first floor and in the second floor too. Artists like sketching, drawing, paintings, art creations, etc., you can find them all here.

Authors of books, manga, anime, short stories, and many more are also present in LuxCon.  The author of “Alice et le Jeune Pompier Skippy” (Alice and the young firefighter Skippy) was also present.

Among other artists that you’ll see are Laurent Genefort, Delia Sherman, Jens Schumacher, Ellen Kushner, Stina Leicht, Dirk Van Den Boom and many more.


artists luxembourg city

There are some more admirable artists on the second floor. There you’ll see this guy who paints his own statuettes/figurines to its finest result. You have to meet him his very friendly and approachable.

Moving on to this great creator of this scientific productions, you’ll get to see some incredible discovery on how they use different items to create a new evolve product.

Arts & Paintings


arts & paintings

Visiting both ground floor, 1st floor, and 2nd floor was truly an epic for me as an art lover. At the ground floor with for unique wall art was the coolest one ever. My partner and I even thought of buying one.

wall art

There were few paintings/arts that were intended to present at the auction at the main stage. Those were gigantesque items and impressive in terms of technique style and designs.

Star Wars Fanatic

Phoenix James

If you’re a hardcore fan of Star Wars you are lucky cause you’ll be able to meet here in Luxembourg city one of the casts of the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Mr. Phoenix James as one of the Stormtrooper.

You’ll get to see him answering some questions from the main stage interview or get an autograph and photos with him.

star wars fans

starwars club

On the other hand, there’s also a booth for Star Wars Club. There you’ll see the whole team preparing their costumes for the event. You might bump into them around the area by later in the afternoon escorting Darth Vader.

Right in front of this booth are the collectible items that you’ll see for Star Wars movie fanatics especially light sabers and many more.

Clubs, Societies, & Video Games

Harry Potter Fan

For those aspiring wizards and sorcerers, your chance is here to be part of the Harry Potter Fan Club. Everything you need to know about Harry Potter movie, all activities and games, souvenirs, and collectibles you found your place.

jeu de society

board games

If board games are your thing then you’ll find a perfect place here. LuxCon has a huge area for people who love different board games. As long as your open to new games and willing to learn the rules of the game then you’re in.

You can choose which one would you like to try to and there’s someone who will instruct you how the game goes.

video games

video games

For Arcade and Video games lovers you have your place here as well. Found on the 2nd floor of the building, you will absolutely be excited to play your favorite video game with your friends or people who are around you.



Unexpectedly, Crochet booth was also present in LuxCon. For all cons that I have visited this is the first time to see crochet booth ever. Since my sister who works at Crochet Collections does crochet I started to become a fan of it too.


The crocheter herself was there to show us how she creates her items. There are so many products that she has made including those of Angry Birds, The Simpsons Family, Pokémon, Totoro, Hello Kitty, Nemo and many more.

There were also items like a headband, socks, key chains, wallet, phone case, etc. made all in crochet.

Oni’s Workshop, Costumes, Props & More

Oni Cosplay, Kelly

As you already know Oni Cosplay, Kelly was already featured on the blog and now she and her team are present in Luxembourg city LuxCon 2018. She and her mom are running their booth presenting some of their creations especially the famous “Barbarian” costume.

oni's workshop

It was our first time to meet Oni Cosplay in person, she’s always been a big name in the Cosplay industry of Luxembourg city and its country. She has represented her country in several competitions including the huge event of Gamescom and won many awards.

oni's mom

Today she came here with her mom in LuxCon not to be a cosplayer but as a coach and owner of her own workshop. She conducts a variety of cosplay making lessons including the ways of using “worbla” a specific foam to create cosplay costumes and many more.

As for cosplay costume making, Kelly reveals that her mom does the sewing part and she does the gears and pieces of equipment and other accessories.

If you want to learn more about how to make your own cosplay costumes visit Oni’s Workshop or Oni Cosplay page for more information about lesson schedules and prices.

Cosplayers at LuxCon 2018

cosplayer luxcon


There are countless impressive cosplayers that you’ll meet at LuxCon 2018. First on the line would be the most awaited group of Star Wars Darth Vader accompanied by his troops.

The featured guest cosplayer in this event is the InuNeko Cosplay, unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance to take some photos of them. However, you can visit their page and see some of their wonderful cosplay works!

Bulma Cosplay

wow cosplay

mercy overwatch

We also get to see some remarkable cosplay works like from Dragon Ball Z, World of Warcraft, Naruto, Overwatch, Star Wars and many more. On our way back to the parking we bump into cosplayers heading to the event.

Alexstrasza cosplayer

My favorite one was the Alexstrasza cosplayer with her enticing red hair and costume. It was just fantastic! Visit Okoée Cosplay page and see more of her lovely works!

Other Cosplayers

Overall, it was a great event. LuxCon’s Cosplay competition is held on the second day of the event. Unfortunately we weren’t there to witness all other cosplayers but in the end, it was a fun and memorable one.

I would like to thank again Oni Cosplay for letting us feature her works again and LuxCon 2018 organizers for the job well done! check out their official page and follow their accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Luxembourg City LuxCon 2018 Event

Luxembourg City LuxCon 2018 Event

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